iOS 13.2.3 – Follow Up

iOS 13.2.3 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 point 2 point 3 has been out for a few days or longer than a few days at
this point and I’ve been using it primarily on my iPhone XS Max and also
my wife’s iPhone X so I’m going to talk about my experience in this video then
we’ll talk about your experience and then we’ll talk about your experience
based off the YouTube community poll and then read some of the comments that you
left as well there were over 15,000 of you that
actually replied to the poll so I really appreciate that now the first thing is
this particular version has less bugs than the previous one according to my
wife anyway she’s been using it primarily on her main phone and she said
she’s having less bugs with things crashing and things like that however
she did say that her GroupMe app was crashing regularly so it keeps crashing
not a ton of people use it but it is crashing on her regularly she hasn’t had
any other issues with other apps as well the other thing she mentioned too is in
her Mail app when you fled something you can pick a color so when you flag
something in mail you can pick red or green or orange
they keep reverting back to red so they don’t stay on the color that she
selected so that’s just something odd that’s going on there now overall
performance is quite good most people are saying that it’s very smooth and I’m
seeing the same thing there’s really no slowdowns or anything like that and apps
and things are loading nice and fast and most people are really not having issues
with performance in fact the one issue that I see the most is battery and most
people say that battery is just ok or not great so on my wife’s iPhone X
we’ll go into settings and if we go back we’ll go down to battery now this phone
has 90 percent battery health so this is 2 years old a little over 2 years old at
this point but this will give you an idea of how it’s been and on her better
days 4 hours and 43 minutes of screen on time 13 minutes of screen off time and
that’s with about 20 percent battery life left or something around that most
of the time though she’s only getting about 4 to 5 hours of screen on time so
it’s not great battery life but it’s okay everything else is pretty much fine
just the battery life seems to be the biggest concern and based off the
YouTube community Paul many of you said the exact same thing in fact over a
hundred times actually 199 times battery was mentioned as mostly not great so
probably only 25 percent of you said that it was great so most people are
having issues with battery life again most people are saying good performance
and it’s smooth and then some people are saying they’re having LTE connection
issues again so their signal may not be as strong or it’s just not working and
they have to go into airplane mode and turn it back off to get it to work I
thought they’d fix that but it seems like they haven’t right now and then
finally something I saw over and over again in your comments is that whatsapp
is crashing again so it’s crashing regularly people are saying that seems
to be pretty common and it keeps crashing for most people so what I did
is I went through all the comments and things and let me put some stats here on
the left and these are all the different times different things were mentioned as
far as battery and RAM management in mail and app crashes and Heat and LTE a
lot of people are saying that they’re having heat issues as well but out of
the 400 comments or so only 23 are saying heat issues so it’s not really
that many in the grand scheme of things now let me put some other stats here for
all of you that commented here are all the different devices that you’re using
here on the left and these are all just all the different devices that you let
me know that you’re using within the comments now let’s take a look at the
youtube community poll now if you haven’t noticed already my voice may
sound a little bit different and that’s because unfortunately I caught the flu
and so I wanted to keep you informed and and let you know about everything here
with all the stuff going on with thirteen point two point three but I may
not read as many comments as I normally do maybe I’ll read 10 to 20 instead of
many more now 15,000 of you have voted on this by this time so that’s pretty
incredible 406 comments 53 percent of you said it was great five percent said
it was terrible 19 percent said okay but some bugs 9 percent said I’m using iOS
thirteen point three betas and it’s funny because people keep saying
number is growing but 14% of you are using Android so I appreciate you
actually voting here even though this is all about iOS now let’s take a look at
some of the comments overall performance is good but battery is draining fast as
compared to previous versions when it was still iOS thirteen point one point
two on my iPhone 11 pro max I don’t have any problems yet but maybe I’m just a
normal user and I will see other feedback iPhone 11 pro max battery life
has gone up an hour easily less stutter and very clean performance mail fetching
bug is fixed so no complaints here I’m using an iPhone X it runs great on my
iPhone XR I get amazing battery life although what’s really annoying is when
I receive screenshots through iMessage they are really blurry I’ve heard this a
few different times from different people and I haven’t really experienced
that but this goes back to iOS 13 early betas so I’m not sure what that is but
some people are seeing it performance is ok but the battery health has suddenly
dropped over 2% in my iPhone 7 plus so I feel unhappy please solve the pending
issues so al Kapil could please take us seriously about what I have struggled
the battery health gets remesh every time you update your phone so it it’s
already down there it just wasn’t calculating for it yet everything is
fine here on XS Max and an iPad pro 12 point 9 2018 I love your videos keep it
up thank you the update is ok but I have a problem with the cellular it stopped
working I’d love to know what device that is though performance is good but
battery is terrible on my iPhone 8 + iMessage crash 2 or 3 times I haven’t
seen the iMessage crash too often though it’s great but I am still bothered by
the fact that when my air pods are plugged in my phone screen is turned off
and I skip a song the screen turns on even if I change volume the same thing
happens it’s a waste of battery life when I do that do it from the buttons of
the earphones because all the time I switch them and my phone is in my pocket
the screen will turn on for no reason can you make a video on how to downgrade
I already have you can downgrade I did one on how to downgrade to iOS 12 if you
find that video it’s the exact same steps just for the previous version of
iOS 13 I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max having battery drainage email issues
other minor bugs it’s a headache all this going to many updates but Apple
need to step up to come up with better
updates not just keeping with small updates that are not really worth it at
all and it looks like they’re going to be refining that process so hopefully
we’ll see some changes with that battery life just got worse eight plus works
great on my XR seems to work fine on my 11 no battery issues or any issues so
far everything seems to be running smoothly on my iPhone X battery seems
very good 86% health RAM management is very good and I’m very happy with this
update I’ll read a couple more on my iPad air 3 it’s been fine on thirteen
point two point three but with some minor bugs I’m keeping my iPhone 7 plus
on thirteen point one point two because of reports of terrible battery life on
newer versions there’s something with the iPhone 7 series where they just keep
having bad battery life in weird bugs so hopefully they can fix that soon great I
am using XR had an issue with my wallpaper it dims to dark mode even when
I’m on normal mode but after this update everything looks fine on my wallpaper so
far doing great on this update should wait for 13 volt for iOS 13.3 iPhone X
fresh install slow response email app freezes better better battery is better
than before iPhone 7 battery drain is worse than
13.2 so you’ll see most of the complaints are with battery life
everything else seems to be mostly smooth with occasional app crashes but
let me know if you found anything else in the comments below and if you’d like
to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description
as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you
enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is
Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 13.2.3 – Follow Up

  1. Is the 3 finger gesture still shows up here? Thanks in advance.

  2. My iPhone 11 Pro Max is already at 97% battery capacity :((((

  3. it's terrible

  4. The sender of the screen shot might have low quality picture mode turned on in message settings

  5. Weird battery drain overnight and with no use, battery got worst on this update

  6. Love your videos. Thanks for taking the time to update all your followers.
    I’ve noticed increase battery drain on both my XR and iPad Air 2 with this update.
    Take care of yourself and get some rest.

  7. Siri changed so badly and working so bad compared with iOS 12 and I hate this iOS so much for so many similar issues !!!!!


  9. Emails take a long time load up. When i reopen my email, it must download and repopulate my emails every single time. iPhone 6S plus.

  10. iPhone XS Max has been doing great on speed, RAM management, and battery

    Edit: My AirPods Pro I got yesterday have been acting up and it’s very frustrating, not sure if this is the AirPods fault or my iPhone’s fault, but noise cancellation will stop working or only work on one ear even though that’s not supposed to be possible, the AirPods will also refuse to connect to my phone, and other similar issues. Very frustrating as these are a day old and for $250, should not have any problems.

  11. Battery 🔋 seems to be going down 10% faster I’m sure it has

  12. Battery drains way to fast on iPad Pro 2nd generation and the pic in pic mode stops working

  13. I’m having a iMessage bugs and also image blurry when receiving from iMessage

  14. On my Iphone 7 plus, when I’m on Bluetooth headset (plantronic). While typing a message or when I receive whatapp the volume bar shows up and hides so annoying the worst part is the volume bar is automatically moves to full. Wonder if I can record and share it

  15. Battery still drains after the update BUT, apps in general are steadier. I am starting to think it is due to the deteriorated battery (Xs bought on December 2018 and battery health is at 91%).

  16. My battery life is terrible. App updates having issues there to 🙁

  17. Still bad battery, still Mail sometimes refuses to open… otherwise speed is ok (iPhone 11 pro).

  18. I can fully agree on that battery thing! Worst battery life of all iOS versions I had. Running an iPhone 8 and now it’s missing at least -1 hour on screen on time and even standby got worse. Usually I lost 2-3% over night, now 5-10% – thought this would change after the OS settling itself, but nope. I was pretty happy with battery life with all versions before 13.2.x

  19. OMG still has a bug

  20. Im just chilling with my 13.1.3 on my 11 pro lol i came back to iphone after 5 years and it has been a disappointment so far.

  21. There’s an issue in notification as the volume of playing video or YouTube or the voice calls gets low as there is any notification and remains small untill we don’t press the volume up button. does anyone has this problem ?

  22. Good review as usual
    You know best thing in apple store they fail to replace my battery so for my best luck they replace all device for me and give new one hahaha

  23. This is the best channel.
    Both because it's good, but also because it doesn't begin with "WHAT'S UP GUYS?" 🙂

  24. Love the wallpaper choice in video! I, along with your wife, have iPhone X and have 98% battery and find this beta to be strong, not great, with battery. 6 hrs screen on time with 20% battery left, on Saturday.

  25. That’s weird my GroupMe is fine. And what’s the battery a x at that stage of life is supposed to get? That phone didn’t really have a good battery life to begin with.

  26. poor LTE & wifi connection. disconnects from time to time. i am dismayed buying the iphone 11 considering this is my 1st iphone 😔😔😫

  27. In my iPhone 7 there are calling issues 😭😭😭 I can’t hear on my end that is ringing! But when someone’s calling me it is okay.

  28. Two days charging my phone from 0% to 100% and my battery health go down from 97% to 90% on SE what to say … 🙁

  29. For apple ,Battery drain issue is the last option to solve ,for them getting a stable iOS version this year is a big challenge 😂😂😂

  30. Anyone else watch the entire video just for the Outro music?

  31. Battery not good as before after update

  32. Metro pcs lte is slow change to 4g get better data service.

  33. 4G only 1 bar🥵

  34. Hey..So I have an iPhone 11 it’s been almost 2 months since I got it..this morning I went to check the battery health and it’s at 99% from 100…I know it’s only 1% but should it be something to be concerned about since it’s only 2 months old? Does that mean it will start to drain faster now?…

  35. Hard battery draining on my girfriend’s iPhone 7! My XR is fine for now.

  36. Spotlight search still doesn’t work for me. Very frustrating. What good is a fast processor when the software doesn’t work 🤷🏻‍♂️

  37. I have a question; if you put a elastic finger holder on the back of your phone, can you still be able to wireless charge your phone?

  38. Thanks

  39. Great video! Hopefully IOS 13.3 will be here soon

  40. Vibration is not working on general mode or silent mode as well as sound gets low when u get any notification while watching any video or hearing any music on the latest ios 13.2.3

  41. i have great battery life and everything seems smooth iphone x and iphone 8

  42. youtube hasn’t showed me your polls lately but i have an iphone x and battery drain is my main issue. i’m getting around 1 1/2 hour less of battery and it’s really annoying. I will probably stay on the public release once it comes out as betas seemed to be only small updates

  43. LTE issues still not fixed on my iphone 11

  44. LTE has been an issue with my 8+ Turning on airplane mode makes a big difference.

  45. You will be surprise what Apple puts in their softwares these days. I think Apple puts stuff in their softwares to mess up the battery/phone on purpose to make you go back to them and spend more money. I hardly ever update my phone. It’s seems like the more updates come out, the more problems your going to have with your phone. That’s just my opinion though.

  46. You will be surprise what Apple puts in their softwares these days. I think Apple puts stuff in their softwares to mess up the battery/phone on purpose to make you go back to them and spend more money. I hardly ever update my phone. It’s seems like the more updates come out, the more problems your going to have with your phone. That’s just my opinion though. My best advice is to never update your software.

  47. hey i am at 13.2.3 and battery life is good on mine goes near 3 days ps i am an average user with no gaming like 3 hrs sot a day , device 11 pro max

  48. iPhone 8 256GB here. I really want my iOS12 back, mostly because of the battery issue with iOS13xx. PS. Battery health is 88%.

  49. How to rollback from 13.2.3 to 12.4 since Apple not signing to older version it would be nice to make a video about it. Almost everyone searching for it.

  50. My iPad Pro 9.7 the battery is poor. I get around 6hrs screen on time before it gets down to 10-15%…

  51. My iPad Pro 9.7 the battery is poor. I get around 6hrs screen on time before it gets down to 10-15%…

  52. I have an iPhone 11 and my battery life is worse for sure. I’m having to charge my phone after at around 6 hours some days.

  53. Thank so much, for up date videos. 7plus here. I’ve done none of the iOS 13 updates, don’t intended to. My battery at 75% can’t afford take a chance and have battery issues. Sorry just don’t trust Apple

  54. One more thing, friend just bought IPhone Pro max, paid 1249.00 did iOS 13 up dates and now having serious battery drain. Problems. Who wants to pay 1249.00 and have issues we are supposed to trust Apple updates. This is going to hurt Apple big time.

  55. Where did the bubble go where you can see when you’re trying to copy and paste something when your finger is still in the way.

  56. The battery on my iPhone XR 13.2.3 IOS is not good as compared to previous versions.

  57. I have the iPhone 11 and when I power it off it takes super long and when I turn it on and takes awhile to open apps but after 5 mins everything works good

  58. Thanks for the video. 100 percent not updating

  59. Stil cant open pdf files anymore nor have option to save to books on ipad ios. Latest vers installed. Whats the go Aaron?.

  60. So please I looked at video before updating. I will be staying as I am. XR. Hope you feel better soon

  61. I have to charge my battery 3 times a DAYYY, This update is the worst.

  62. Ok, everyone. Use wired headphones and let me know if when you change volume or pause or play music it turns your screen on. Also when the next song comes it does the same. Isn't anyone pissed of this happening? I feel like Apple does this on purpose because in iOS 13.1 it was eliminated and reintroduced again in iOS 13.2. This sucks because while listening to music my screen will turn on for no purpose when the next song comes or if I adust the volume the same. Please like this so it can be noticed.

  63. The newest update seems to have made the problem worse. Now my battery drains like crazy even if I turn the phone completely off. I tried that last night and it went from 100% to 30% while I was asleep. I only turned it off because when I leave it on it’s been draining to 1% overnight. Not to mention that yesterday I set the phone down for 3 minutes to go to the bathroom and it went from 99% to 74%. 🤦‍♀️

  64. I think I am alone here who still using IOS 12.

  65. I have connectivity issues from day one of buying the iPhone 11 Pro Max when it comes to opening emails or sometimes regular browsing. Even when I got the iPhone XS Max it was the same issue but worse. Apple sells us super expensive products that do not function right at least 30% or more times. Very disappointed and this might be the last time I buy an iPhone. I am currently on iOS 13.2.2

  66. My YouTube

  67. Gotta Love when Alec Baldwin talk tech

  68. 60% of the reason i watch these videos is bc of his voice lmao

  69. I’m scared to update. Seems every update drains the battery more and more! I’m still on 13.1.2 and the battery has been better than 13. Lasts me a typical day (8am – 11pm) not so many major uses. I might have to wait— coming from an iPhone 8+ user 😳

  70. My iPhone x is heating up from watching youtube for hours snapchat is crashing also battery is draining a little faster apple need to get there shit together already WTH

  71. Not sure if others are having similar issues but it seems the auto correct/predictive text features have regressed with each update and with my device upgrade. I went from the 8Plus to 11ProMax and yes, I realize machine learning takes time but suggested words often make no sense and text replacements are odd words that are totally irrelevant. Am I doing something wrong? By honest admission, I’m not a techie like most of your subs. Suggestions welcomed.

  72. iOS 13.2.2 messed up Portrait mode on the 11 pro Max. Slowed it down so much and so I'm hoping this fixes that issue

  73. I updates to 13.2.3, it gave voice recognition to my homepod, but on the other hand it’s killing my iphone 7plus battery just like that, and it heats up the phone, even when i turn off the wifi and bluetooth, seems like every update on older ios devices now is to fuck them up so that you can get rid of it and get the latest one, so if your reading this and you have not updated yet, do not update or you will be forced to walk around with a portable charger every time you get out of the house.
    (Sorry for my french)

  74. I have iPhone 8+; after the update, I had to hard reset several times to get the wifi working.

  75. Bugs on my iPx 13.2.3
    – Personal hotspot not working from control center
    – Download safari not working properly
    – Mail Email delete auto on paste email
    – Airdrop have to turn of database to be enable to work
    So many bugs just like ios 11

  76. I have a question, should I keep “Require Attention For Face ID” on or off? Not sure if it’s really needed, trying to save battery since these last few updates have been so shit.

  77. From what the comments have been, I think I’ll pass on this update-wait for the next one.

  78. I voted that I use Android because I recently went back to Android from an iPhone SE, all due to iOS 13 being such a disaster. I still use an iPhone 8+ as a company issued phone that has iOS 13.2.3 in it, and the mail app still has the "no sender, no subject" bug. I cannot uninstall the app and reinstall due to being locked out of such options, so I'm stuck with that, but as for my personal phone I will be an android user from now on.

  79. iPhone X 13.2.3 jailbroken with Checkra1n

  80. I'm planning to buy iphone 6s is that okay???

  81. USSD doesn’t work in my country.

  82. Music is freezing

  83. I’m having issues with mail app on my iPhone XS Max I go to delete mail from the bin and it’s not deleting for some reason but apart from that issue with mail iOS 13.3.2 is been great 👍

  84. Is deep fusion and 13.2.3 worth the update if the battery life isn’t going to be as good as it now? I’m on 13.1.3 and get 2 days of stand by with 11-12 hours of screen time

  85. I have the regular iPhone X in silver currently using version 13.2.3 with 88% battery life and I get 13+ hours. On my good days I get 18+ hours of screen time and I’m almost always on it.

  86. Hotspot does not turn-on very quickly on iPhone 7. I noticed this ever since iOS 13 came out. Am I the only one having this issue??

  87. Still experiencing the automatic volume increase and also sometimes driving mode activate itself, I can't send SMS and I can't on personal hotspot, experiencing this problem of volume increase and on standby every 15 seconds on my iPhone 6s

  88. I cant hear anything during the calls. Anyone experienced it?

  89. Hi Aaron, I’m having trouble on clearing Ram on my iPhone XS Max. I’m enabling assistive touch and getting the shut down screen but when I press the on screen home button I automatically get taken to the passcode screen.

  90. Instagram app keeps crashing after I updated I did reset of the settings and even deleted the app and re added it and still crashes thought I would let you know what other apps it’s affecting.

  91. My battery health went down from 100% to just 94% less than a week after updating to 13.2.3.

  92. Dude my battery Health was at 98% 6 days ago now it’s at 94% and I barley use it what the hell that doesn’t make sense at all it shouldn’t be drain that fast it’s a iPhone 8 Plus

  93. how can I edit photos on mark up and pick colors pigment from the photo (not chose from option already there) .. anyone have any idea? it's been there before or never been?

  94. I’ve been having many WiFi problems with 13.2.3 and I hate it

  95. always an issue with a damn update 🤨

  96. My iPhone 11 Pro Max battery life is terrible even with 2.58 minutes screen on time battery level is at 59% from 100 where it used to be around 85% with same usage before this update

  97. Anyone have a noticeably warm and yellow tint on their iPhone 11? Is it a hardware issue ?

  98. Landscape mode still not working? iphone 11 here!

  99. I have surrendered to Apple. And bought a Xs. With about 2 hours of battery life on a one year old iPhone 8, when using the mail app, the phone is no longer usable. The Xs has come with 12.something and not a f..k will up be upgrading to 13.

  100. 13.2.3 worst some time cant charge need to reboot the phone

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