iOS 13.2 Beta 1 – Follow up

iOS 13.2 Beta 1 – Follow up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I wanted to share my experience over the past couple of days with iOS 13 point to
beta 1 now a lot of people always ask me should I install a beta and this time
around I can say normally I would just say don’t install it if you ask that
question this time around I’ll say definitely do not install it unless you
want to try out deep fusion with the iPhone 11 Pro 11 pro max or iPhone 11
because this is one of the most unstable betas I’ve used in a long time and I
thought it would be more stable seeing how iOS 13 point 1 point 2 was pretty
stable for me I really didn’t have any issues with that one but there is still
a few issues that remain so for example if I just snap a photo it may or may not
do this now but if I snap a photo and then I tap on that photo sometimes it
gets stuck in the upper-left that’s something I’m seeing over and over and
over and I think it’s when it’s trying to do deep fusion because it seemingly
only happens under kind of normal lighting conditions as opposed to very
bright lighting conditions so I think that might be part of the issue now one
of the issues I’ve been having that’s consistent on thirteen point one point
two as well is if I go into Twitter and I start a new tweet for example and then
maybe I want to will just maybe grab a photo here we’ll grab a photo of some
trees I took and then I’ll hit the little paintbrush maybe crop in on it a
little bit I’ll hit apply I’ll hit save and it doesn’t add so it completely just
disappears I actually have to close out of Twitter go back into Twitter and then
actually crop it in the Photos app I can’t do it within Twitter so there’s
something broken between those two that’s probably not a huge issue for
most people but I haven’t had any crashes thankfully but I have seen a lot
of people saying that this beta is just incredibly unstable it’s crashing all
over the place I haven’t had those issues but I have had better reception
strangely so I did have a modem update and initially I still had that issue
when I left a Wi-Fi network and it’s switching over to t-mobile I haven’t had
any issues with t-mobile but I seem to find
it’s mostly YouTube apps that don’t grab on to that that mobile connection most
of the time it’s those however I’d have to turn on airplane mode turn it back
off turn off Wi-Fi and then I’d have
connectivity back and this happened on a ton of different carriers a lot of you
were telling me the exact same thing however with this particular update
that’s not happening anymore so they did something with the modem where it seems
to be fixed with 13.1 but the overall experience is buggy for many also people
are saying that they’re having terrible battery life however I haven’t had this
so that’s sort of battery life on this device and you’ll see over the last
couple of days it was quite good the other day but I only had about 10% left
so really we’re down by about four hours so it looks good but it’s really not
because the way you need to read this is in the past 10 days you’ll see this is
what’s being used total so there’s not that much battery life left when we’re
having these sorts of screen on times of 5 hours and 21 minutes with screen off
time of 1 hour and 40 minutes so it’s decent but it’s not great and it
definitely could get better now as far as apps and things like that and overall
experience I’ve had no issues with things like haptic touch or 3d touch on
those devices the camera is pretty buggy though because of that deep fusion so
the issue I wasn’t able to show you just there but maybe we’ll go wide angle here
take a photo of what’s in the background tap on it there we go it went to the
upper left and I cannot see this photo again until I exit go into photos go
into whatever photo it was that I just took and now I can view that photo so I
keep having that issue with the camera and again this is an early beta and I
never recommend someone install an early beta if bugs are an issue so I
definitely recommend going into the feedback app supplying feedback and
saying hey this is a problem it needs to be fixed now there is not much more to
say about this and I wanted to do a quick follow-up on this particular
update just because I’ve had so many people tell me how buggy it is I’m kind
of doing it as a warning as to not install it for most people I think for
the majority of people just stay on 13.1 point to you’ll be
happy there and apple also unsigned twelve point four point one so you can’t
go back to that anymore so there’s kind of some ore that may not be for every
device but it’s for a lot of devices so it’s kind of strange that we have
thirteen with all these updates I’m looking forward to beta – I’m hoping
they’ve ironed out a lot of stability issues it seems like they’ve been
pushing these updates out as fast as possible just to fix problems that
probably should have been fixed to begin with I don’t know if that’s the case I’m
not an Apple engineer or software engineer but I would love to know what’s
going on as far as that goes I expected Mac OS Catalina to be out by the time of
this video however it’s just not here yet so maybe we’ll have it next week and
now I will be doing a follow-up on iOS twelve point four point two so if you
haven’t voted yet go to the YouTube community page and let me know how it’s
going for you if you’re using that version so go to YouTube then if you go
to my channel tap on the community tab at the top go here and then vote and
we’ll see a lot of people have been voting so four point two K or 4200
people so far today I plan to have that follow-up usually I do those on Sunday
so we’ll have that I’ll read back some of your comments and I would love to
know how it’s going for you and also you can let me know how i OS 13.2 is going
for you I expect some emojis and things like that in the future but let me know
how it is for you in the comments below and then also of course I’ll link this
wallpaper in the description as I always do thanks again for watching I really
appreciate it and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and
hit that notification bell if you’d like to see more of these videos as soon as
they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always
thanks for watching this is Erin I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 13.2 Beta 1 – Follow up

  1. I think he won’t pinned this comment

  2. I have issues with the Bluetooth when I connected to the car and everything is fine but couple few minutes later just disconnect I do not know why, and also I have my Bluetooth on in my iPhone and doesn’t connecting automatically to the car.. I never have this issues before Untill now. 🥺🥺🥺

  3. When we getting new emojis & i have bad battery life

  4. My 3D Touch doesn’t work

  5. I have not noticed any bugs no crashes battery is fine as well …pretty stable

  6. On my iPhone 11 with 13.1.2 I averaged around 9-10hrs SOT with 20-25% left while on 13.2 beta I get 12-13.5hrs SOT. I'm heavy on the camera app, FB Messenger and YT. The stuck in the corner photo bug has happened on my 7Plus but not on the 11 so far…

  7. I have a issue with my video recording when I open it's sluggish sometimes and sometimes when recording it starts recording really sluggish I'm on 13.1.2 on iPhone pro max.

  8. I’m skipping this beta

  9. I have problems with MyGica remote on the iphone and the feedback app is not working, can you please tell Apple. Thank you My Gica remote in my phone dos not work

  10. I have the same camera issue on 13.2 beta. Feedback submitted.

  11. I’ve had two big issues with iOS 13.1.2 on my iPhone XS Max.
    1. Closing out of apps then quickly reopening them causes them to crash, this is annoying if you’ve accidentally closed an app and then quickly go to reopen it.
    2. Since iOS 13, it has been impossible to access “blocked contacts” in the phone section of the settings app. They still haven’t fixed this bug. If you try to click on “blocked contacts” the entire app will freeze and become unusable for about 2 minutes.

  12. Hey Aaron, I have the iPhone XS, I’ve been doing the beta testing over the past year but now that my phone isn’t the latest model is it worth being a beta tester any longer, what’s your opinion on that?

  13. I haven’t had any new issues with the phone. About the modern update, Apple reached out to me via email/feedback app to ask if my data drops has stopped with this update. It looks like they may have on the 11 pro.

    Battery is about the same but I’m on the road all day so I’m usually charged

    CarPlay has a white background for me now and randomly switches to dark mode (normal for CarPlay) and that doesn’t coincide with dark mode on my phone.

  14. I have a XR. Updated to 13.1.2. Still having connectivity problems with cellular data. It is even dropping to Edge. I have to use the airplane mode to solve the problem. It is very annoying.

  15. No betas for me from now on

  16. hhhhh. You can make a shortcut to apply airplane mode and then pause for 5 seconds and then turn off airplane mode. I would suggest you to call this shortcut as ‘network turbo’.

  17. iPhone 7 Plus (India). iOS 13.2 public beta 1. I have a terrible network connection issue and I don’t know if it’s just on my phone or Apple or the network provider. I’ve been facing this issue since iOS 13. I thought it was an issue with the cellular signal but I recently got a notification from my cellular provider that a cellular tower was installed near my house and yet I have one bar signal status most of the time on my phone. Poor signal also mean more battery drainage which means I also have an issue with the battery longevity. I have given multiple feedbacks regarding the same but in vain. Apple don’t seem to be listening. At a massive 3.62GB, I’m confused what improvements/additions Apple did on my old device?

  18. It’s been great on my 8 Plus… thankfully 😳

  19. For me everything works ok. zero issues.

  20. These is why I am still on iOS 12.4.1. Whole iOS 13 have bugs and it is unstable. I always found some guy that complain about iOS 13 – battery drain, mail, app crashes. IOS 13 look nice but I am stay on 12.4.1 💪🏼

  21. Its not that unstable for me tbh

  22. The icons in the Control Center for Accessibility Shortcuts and Text Size are missing. They are just empty black squares.

  23. Certain apps won't open and if they do they crash on IOS 13.2 Beta 1

  24. I’m on iOS 13.1.2, the only real problem I notice is mail keeps freezing when deleting emails.

  25. Turning off the GPS will fix the LTE connectivity problem..

  26. The pencil tool on the markup tool palette still looks too similar to the pen tool. There was a bigger visual difference in iOS 12.

  27. Anyone noticed poor battery life on their iPad Pro and on a iPhone since upgrading to iOS 13? A few people I know and myself have noticed the battery drains so much faster

  28. Have not had any issue on my xs

  29. No issues at all on my xs max 13.2 beta 1 since first day it came out I installed

  30. Unless they do something significant like maybe next year with iPadOS 14.0, I’m gonna have to stay high and dry and away from betas.

  31. Hey Aaron did they fix the “reminders” issues?

  32. You should dpwngrade back to iOS 13.1.2

  33. The photo thing only happens on Landscape.

  34. I’m seeing the frozen blocks photo issue also on this beta however it’s also on bright light photos outdoors. I think Deep Fusion is working in more than normal light.

  35. Same thing happens on Instagram to post a picture.

  36. I have not had any problems except saving something on Twitter. I haven’t really noticed a change in battery life on the 11 pro max but it’s so good so not sure I’d notice. No crashes.

  37. Not one issue or bug on my international 11 pro max on 13.2

    Edit: tried the photo bug, it happened lol

  38. And iPhone SE will not connect App Store on cellular. FACT

  39. The Twitter issue. I think it’s only on the 11 and 11 pro’s. I use iPhone X and I don’t have same issue. I only had a respiring today which is not with twitter but a diff app

  40. I’m using the iPhone 11 and I have had no issues. Photos works fine, no locks or slow running. Twitter always seems to have a issue when Aoole updates. LOL. My battery has been getting easily over 7 hours of on time with 30% battery left.

  41. The wifi disconnect it self and I have to turn on aeroplane mode and off it to work.
    Some times in settings it’s showing no sim and in notification bar I have full signal and I can’t even call until aeroplane mode again it’s a big problem.

  42. App or app update size is not reduced yet why?

  43. Apple's sure keeping you guys busy 🙂

  44. When I send an email an alarm goes off I reported it on the 25th of July apple said "unable to diagnose with current information

  45. it is running perfectly for me on my iPhone 8

  46. Yeh my pictures are getting stuck in corner

  47. the reason beta 1 is bad is its only the beginning when ios 13.2 beta 2 or beta 3 comes out it will be much more stable and I might upgrade

  48. My location services arrow keeps coming on when it wouldn't do it before so something that wasnt using it before is now using it constantly

  49. I dont like ios that much iam more adnroid

  50. What's happening with Fonts?

  51. Have had no issues with the beta so far. No crashing. No photo glitch etc. super solid so far. On 11 pro.

  52. Do u recommend me to go back to 12.4.1? iOS 13.1.2 has some battery draine issue is that because of ios or my battery? (87%) health.

  53. When will the next update release for iOS 13?

  54. I have a couple apps that opens an closes right back down an won’t run at all

  55. Hey there. iPhone 7. iOS 13.2. I’m having serious issues with my Apple Watch series 3. Fast draining battery and force touch to edit watch faces not working. That among just buggy performance and reduced battery life on the phone.

  56. iOS 13 looks like android! Restored back on iOS 12!

  57. BS nothing unstable about this build

  58. Nothing “terrible” on this beta for me. Battery life is solid for me. Not amazing but not bad. No cell signal is to blame apparently.

    A few small bugs like the one you mention with photos but nothing much has happened with my Pro Max.

  59. Hope the modem update helps me when they push it out to everyone. 13.1.2 needs help with Cellular & WiFi on my X

  60. 11 pro max battery drains

  61. My weather app gone and won’t install

  62. That’s betas for you 🙄.

  63. Looks like iOS 14 will be released at January

  64. I should’ve watched this before installing 13.2 beta 1🤦🏾‍♂️

  65. Me too o have the same problem on the photo snapping I have to go home kill the app and relaunch in order to work

  66. And also my location services is on at all times even though I don’t have any app on always tracking

  67. I downloaded the new beta last night. I’ve not had a chance to really try it out yet. So far so good. I’ve had no issues. We shall see what happens with the camera. That’s the only reason I wanted 13.2. I want to see how good this deep fusion is. No issues with battery from what I see. I went to bed in 98% and it’s on 96% when I woke up. If it’s really bad I’m just gonna revert back to 13.1.2.

  68. Thanks for the heads up, great job as always. 👍🏻
    No more betas for me until next June. 😉

  69. i got samsung s8 and iPhone 8 and on android i got no problem no bugs and issues but on ios iphone is terrible always bugs issues even on as they say ''stable'' version ios what is better? Android no problems.

  70. 60fps videos were much more satisfying and nicer to watch. Hope you do them in 60fps again

  71. Major you tube connectivity problems on 13.1.2, I never had that on 13.1.1, cant watch a single video on LTE.

  72. Anyone having issues with Shortcuts, it’s not showing all of my apps when I try to set a shortcut. Like google maps is missing and etc.

  73. In iOS 13 I have noticed that Activity app shows the map of your walk in ‘negative’ colours following a walk. It used to be in positive colours

  74. Installed 13.2 pb on Xs, no problem, apps good, that picture bug is also on this unit, so its not just DF issue , battery life good, connection good,cheers

  75. Sometimes when I get a notification my volume get lowered and then doesn’t resume to original volume again. I’m on 13.1.2 XR

  76. The quality of the photos taken using portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus has really degraded on iOS 13. The processing of the photos is simply worse. I've had photos taken on iOS 12 looking amazing. Might be something to do with the implementation of the new camera technology on the iPhone 11, but now they look worse than ever, beta and official versions. Currently running iOS 13.1.2

  77. Should I sell my 256gb XS Max and just get 128gb iPhone 11….I would make 100$ and get a little less of a phone but full disclosure I can’t see the difference in screen and I never pay attention to bezels….

  78. Podcast crashes

  79. The wierd photo getting stuck while reviewing a photo taken in landscape mode can be rectified by rotating your phone 📱 back to portrait orientation BEFORE reviewing the image just taken

  80. The camera thingy also affected on iPhone x

  81. it's really really stable for me strangely. incredible battery life and good performance, no crashes. loving this update

  82. ios 13.1.2 is still buggy on my XR 🙁

  83. All you have to do
    Is take a pic….move the phone up ward before you push it. And if it sticks….back out of it and push the camera again to see it

  84. Hii you do good videos I have iPhone 6 and iPad mini 4 🇬🇧

  85. I got issues with my 6s having a constant connection with WiFi

  86. 👍

  87. If you would even notice.. can you buy a pair of solo 3s and see if there’s a bug with the status page keeps popping up. I have a pair and it happens to me every time I use them, I’ve been in contact with Apple support twitter and they only ask me to update as I’ve already done

  88. Anyone else not seeing all of their photos in 13.2 beta 1?

  89. I decided to update to beta on iPhone 7 since battery life was soo terrible on 13.1.2. haptic touch is faster and battery life is marginally better. Cant complain at this point. iTunes is really buggy though. I am unable to rewind or manipulate a song within the app. I can only rewind or fast forward in the lockscreen…

  90. Definitely the camera isn’t working correctly, my photos also are showing on the left upper left hand corner. Also my WiFi service name disappears while WiFi is still on. I constantly have to reboot my iPhone or reset network settings. It’s getting very annoying that I have to keep turning my iPhone off or reset my phone 📲

  91. Battery life is terrible!

  92. iOS 13 SUCKS!!!! Not worth the update, even for the beautiful dark mode

  93. Is anyone having a problem when your on YouTube and go to a new video but the video only shows the previous video paused instead?

  94. Hai Aaron I have problem with my iPhone 7 Plus here. My iPhone benchmark score only reach to 124682 instead normal score 176129. What exactly happen? I suspect laggy when playing mobile legend so I decide to test benchmarks with atutu. And my iPhone score was lower than iPhone 6s why happening?

  95. I’ve had very few bugs on my iPhone X on iOS 13.2 Beta 1

  96. I have been waiting for a iPhone with 2 carrier cards for the last three lauchses of iPhone. I found it strange that Y have not commented This-ever! Do I have to by a Samsung 10+ to Get it? Samsung support This for a long time.

  97. This beta is BAD; cannot even open feedback app (lol). I have noticed Bluetooth issues on my iPhone X, with this beta.

  98. Only thing that has been any good on this beta is battery. Today I got 6h21m of screen on with 1h52m screen off and 6% left at 9pm and I unplugged it at 530am. on my 11 pro

  99. anyone else having speaker issues on 13.2 beta? i’ve noticed every now and then the bottom speaker on mine will cut out, only playing through the top one.

  100. is it me or when i talk to siri she reply but then i ask a question again and i can’t hear it ?

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