iOS 13.4 Beta 5 – Follow Up…

iOS 13.4 Beta 5 – Follow Up…

What is up guys Apple-O here and iOS 13.4 developer beta 5 has been out for roughly two to three days I’ve
had this installed primarily on my iPhone 10 are depending on what device
you have the update size may vary I also want to state that watchOS 6.2
developer beta 5 was released yesterday so I’m gonna be doing a follow-up video
on that very very shortly if you guys would like to spawn me as a content
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newest bill number for this particular software release it’s right here
13.4 – 17e5255a five eight we’ll be seeing a public
release very very shortly so expect that’s in if we scroll down the modern
firmware it hasn’t changed for the past few betas is still two point zero five
point one three and I believe beta five was basically a stability update which
Apple allowed developers to optimize their apps more and we’ll be seeing that
in the coming few we one bug that I’m going to talk about really quickly is
apps crashing and that’s freezing the home screen in YouTube everything is
fine there but just sometimes the app with freeze and this is annoying because
I wouldn’t be able to scroll down scroll up and even select the video to watch
this has been out for two days and I’ve still had and received this issue so
Apple come on let’s do it let’s let’s get this this overall has been smooth
and it’s been better than beta for for short all sensor the app switcher the
dock everything is fine in that department and performance is on the
rise as we take a look at my battery health capacity for this specific
software release is still at 100% is holding strong and that’s what we like
to see optimize battery charging is still off but I want to take a look at
this specific graph because the last charge level was at 100% and it was 705
in the morning if we take a look up what percentage it is right now it’s less
than half so it’s a 43% it’s not that great guys beta 4 was
alright beta 5 has been slightly degraded in terms of battery life and if
you don’t have good battery life you will have less performance less rent on
time if you have a quick look at the last 10 days an accurate result gives
our suite on time six hours ten minutes and screen off
time thirteen minutes I also want to say that heating issues are still a problem
on my iPhone 10 are specifically under the camera so let me know down in the
comments if you’ve been having these particular software related issues for
those who are considering to install this particular software release I would
suggest that you guys wait I know beta 5 is stable beta 4 was stable as well but
you never know what could happen every single time you install a beta your
iPhone needs to get used to it if you guys would like to learn more about this
particular topic click the YouTube card over here it’ll take you to a playlist
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interested in anything up related covered on my channel thank you so much
for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Have You Installed iOS 13.4 Beta 5? Let Me Know! Do You Have Any Issues?

  2. I wish I had an iPhone

  3. When using my pin to unlock my phone the screen background looks grey and not dark mode black..

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