iOS 13.4 Beta 5 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 13.4 Beta 5 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13.4 developer beta 5 this is out to
developers around the world at the same time but if you’re looking for the
public beta expect that either by the time you’re watching this video or a
little bit later today or the following day it just depends on what Apple does
on that given day now this came in an a fairly small one hundred and eighteen
point seven megabytes on my iPhone 11 pro max and it was similarly sized on
the iPad pro twelve point nine from 2018 but it was below 100 megabytes on the
iPhone XR and the iPhone 6s plus now along with these betas apple also
released betas for Mac OS 10.15.4 Mac OS Catalina beta five and
then also TV OS 13 point for beta five and of course iPad OS but they did not
release an update for watch OS yet so there’s no updated beta yet maybe in a
day or so now let’s take a look at the build number the build number is 17 e 5
to 55 a and with an A at the end you would expect a new update maybe to beta
6 or the final version within a week or two
so normally Apple once they get to a means they’re close to the final version
and so maybe we’ll see one next week but I’ll talk more about that towards the
end of the video now the first thing to know with this is there is no new modem
update there wasn’t a new modem update last week either and LTE and Wi-Fi for
me have actually been really good I’ve had no problems when leaving Wi-Fi and
going to LTE switching back and forth I don’t lose connectivity or anything
like that so it seems like they’ve really nailed that down and fixed it and
I haven’t really heard any complaints from people of LTE and Wi-Fi
specifically but people are still having issues with beta 4 with Wi-Fi and that
could be the router they’re using or it could be something with iOS hopefully
they’ve fixed those bugs but they’ve made no mention of that however there
are some notes for this particular beta but they didn’t mention anything new so
there are still two known issues which is basically just how to install this
and then also there’s one resolved issue and that had to do with the keyboard on
the iPad so really those are leftover updates as far as the notes are
concerned so there’s nothing really exciting when it came to that so nothing
new there now prior to this update I wanted to see how much storage we were
using before the up they and after so prior to the update I
was using ninety two point nine gigabytes of my 256 gigabytes and then
total overall with system I was using seven point two two gigabytes and other
was using ten point six gigabytes now if we take a look at what it’s using now it
was very similar the last time I checked it but let’s go ahead and take a look
and you’ll see it’s actually using a little bit more but it changed already
so what happens is as processes and things are going on in the background
your storage could actually change but right now I’m using ninety three point
three gigabytes and then if we go down to system and other you’ll see system is
using seven point two one gigabytes and other is using ten point one eight
gigabytes so this can vary if you give it a few days it can vary back and forth
and that’s why I tell people don’t judge battery based on the first day or so
because it’s going to do different things in the background to reorganize
data and index and things like that so that it’s more efficient so just keep
that in mind when you’re checking betas now as far as anything specifically new
in this particular version well there’s nothing new that you’ll find physically
for the most part I haven’t been able to find anything specifically and maybe
you’ll see a few font changes or things like that but there’s nothing huge or
feature wise or anything like that they’re really pushing those to iOS 14
and I’ll talk more about that in a moment and possibly in a separate video
now as far as bug fixes though they have not listed any specific bug fixes but I
have checked out a few things that people were concerned about the first
one with was bugs and iMessage I haven’t experienced any of those although I
haven’t had too many in general I haven’t had any of those I’ve had no
issues with rotation on the phones that can actually rotate the home screen so
this is an iPhone 6s plus and if you have a plus phone 6s plus seven plus
eight plus you can actually rotate the home screen and it’s working every time
now so I did have some problems with that in the past and then also people
with notifications locking up and things like that so far my notifications have
been coming in just fine I only have it and do not disturb right now but until I
put them in that they were coming in properly mail seems to be showing the
correct amount of email when I go in it’s there right away so that’s a good
sign so it seems like mail may be fixed but
a few days will will show if it really is fixed or not and then finally as far
as bugs I have no lock ups and settings with the previous beta I actually had
this lock up when I would go into it it doesn’t seem to be a problem now and
seems to be working properly so that’s a good sign I think they’re really just
fixing all of those bugs now while there are no bugs or huge changes with this
particular update someone did find something interesting that posted it on
the discord server now I do have discord and telegram and we have some great
conversations there and some wallpapers and things from time to time and this
person is Austin and they were able to find in find my that under the me tab
there’s a blank box now whether or not this is significant or not is not really
easy to say but it seems like this may be a placeholder for something else so
it’s just a bug that showed up it did not show up on my iPhone or other
people’s iPhones just his so I don’t know what this is maybe for air tags
something like that but it probably wouldn’t be under me it’s hard to say
but it seems like it’s just a bug but let me know if you have this box as well
but that leads me to battery life now battery life like I said will take a few
days to know for sure but if we go into battery my battery health is still at
100% and like I’ve said before the updates don’t affect the battery health
they’re just simply rechecking for battery health so let’s go back and take
a look at the battery and yesterday on beta 4 I had four and a half hours or
more of screen off time that’s pretty high about two hours and 34 minutes of
screen on time four hours and 40 minutes of screen off time you’ll see I only
used about a quarter of my battery and so should I use this or continue to use
this up to 100% of my battery prior to plugging it in I would get about nine to
ten hours of screen on time and I would expect that that’s what I was getting
with beta four and I would expect that with beta five after a couple days but
again it takes a few days to know what it is for sure now I did do a quick RAM
management test in the way I did that as I opened every single app that you can
see here plus a couple in the folders and then I went back to things like
YouTube to see if it would load without actually reloading everything within the
app and so far so good so it seems like RAM management is good so far but
sometimes it takes a few days to see how it does
we’re all but in general it seems like YouTube is updated their app so that’s
no longer an issue now as far as iPad OS don’t expect anything new on iPad OS
it’s basically the same thing as iOS and they haven’t really updated anything at
all so it just has the same fixes and everything as iOS thirteen point four
beta five iPad OS thirteen point four beta five so expect the same performance
I’ve had no rotation issues on my iPad as well it’s working well and no issues
there now as far as performance is concerned I did play around with weave
minecraft a little bit on the iPhone 6s plus I also went into some apps on the
iPhone XR but it seems to be performing basically the same as beta 4
and I’ve had no issues there you’ll see it will make me resume minecraft we’ll
wait for it just a second and everything’s resuming pretty quickly I
did notice a couple framerate drops as I was kind of walking across this field
here but for the most part it’s working really well so I’ve had no issues there
and then on the iPhone XR I went through and opened a couple apps just to
see how it go and you’ll see music didn’t reload or anything and everything
seems to be nice and smooth the cameras opening fast no problems whatsoever you
can switch between whatever scrolling is fast settings is not locking up
everything seems to be fairly smooth and like you’d expect for a beta this far in
now let’s take a look at the Geekbench scores so we’ll go into Geekbench 5 and
I did run this twice and I saw the numbers kind of vary a little bit but I
scored 1322 for single core 3284 for multi-core if we go into the history
we’ll go to CPU here and it will take a look at what we had prior and you’ll see
on March 3rd we had very similar scores for the single core 13 22 and then we
had a little bit higher for multi-core no I ran it twice I guess higher scores
on the second time here 3284 verse 3389 basically this will improve over time
and it should be fine you really shouldn’t notice any differences and
most people I’ve talked to already have said that this is very smooth and snappy
overall now let me set up all these devices so you can take a look at these
as well on the Left we have the iPad pro 12.9 from 2018
then we the iPhone 6s plus then the iPhone XR
and then the iPhone 11 Pro Max and these should give you a general idea of what
your devices are performing at if they’re similar to these devices now let
me know if you want to continue to see this in the video as some people find
this more helpful than others but I’d love to hear what you have to say about
this in the comments below now iOS 13 point for beta 5 may not be the final
version in fact it’s not the final version or GM based off the actual build
number the GM is actually the one released to the public or golden master
and so we may see a beta 6 or we could even see the final next week but based
off some of the information about upcoming products and things being
released on the 31st it’s really hard to say we may see a final release as soon
as next week or later on but hopefully we’ll see it
sooner rather than later as it seems like most things are really fixed or
we’re buttoned down so hopefully we’ll see a final pretty soon now as far as
iOS 14 there has been a lot of information on that and I’ll probably do
a video about it with iOS 14 watch OS 7 and there’s a ton of different
information coming out about that so I’ll do a separate video about that
probably as more information rolls in but that’s really it for this beta
expect a final or beta 6 next week and of course a follow up later in the week
when I usually post them on Sunday after doing the poll later this week but let
me know what you think about it in the comments below
of course I’ll link this wallpaper in the description as I always do if you
haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like there’s always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll
see you next time

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