iOS 13 Beta 2 – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13 developer beta 2 this is available now
over-the-air with a beta profile so you install the profile like you would
before and then check for a software update and install it if you had beta 1
on your device it’ll be about 691 point 5 megabytes give or take a few megabytes
if you had not had iOS 13 previously installed it will be 4 gigabytes or more
it’s usually a really large install the first time so just keep that in mind the
public beta will not be available until July according to Apple they announced
that their keynote so if you’re waiting for the public beta you’ll have to wait
a few more weeks for that they didn’t say when in July either
now this particular beta has a new build number let’s take a look at that the
build is 17 a 5 5 0 8 M and this particular build brings quite a few
little changes in tweaks and also speeds everything up and we’ll talk about
battery life as well in a little bit now the first major change has to do with
haptic touch in fact haptic touch seems to be replacing 3d touch on 3d touch
devices in iOS 13 beta 2 on the iPhone XR it looks like all the icons now
have haptic touch just like they would if it was a 3d touch device so tap and
hold on Twitter you get all of the same things music all of the same features
including notifications as well have the haptic touch enabled so that works on
all the devices you feel it on the iPhone XR but on devices like the S II
it works as well so it works on all the same apps if we go to whether it works
the exact same way so that’s really nice now one little tweak that they’ve added
is this little icon here so if you use the voice-over feature that’s in
settings under accessibility if you’re using this voice control feature to
control your device when you have it on that little icon is enabled if you go in
turn it off takes a moment there we go now the little icon is not there anymore
and that feature is really making that phone’s battery drained very fast and
it’s quite warm so if you’re gonna use voice control just be aware of that now
before I talk about all the other chain changes and fixes and things like that
Apple has put out a warning for watch LS if you’re going to install the beta or
you have beta one before you update to beta 2 they said make sure you have iOS
13 beta 2 installed on your iPhone then you can update your watch if you don’t
do it in that order you may have a problem they have a big important notice
on their notes so keep that in mind now there are many resolved issues there’s
73 or more resolved issues and that includes things like the SMB connection
network so if we go into the files app now in the files app if you tap the
three dots here you can connect to a server so if you want to connect to a
server it’s now available to connect to an SMB server and that should work just
fine it also supports a PFS as well so keep that in mind so if you’re using
that file system you’ll be all set one tweak they’ve changed as well as in the
control center where you used to have to Center press on the 3d touch or Center
press the little icon here so that you can get into your different Wi-Fi
connections you no longer have to do that now you can just 3d touch on the
little Wi-Fi symbol or the Bluetooth symbol as well to get into this so
before it was a little bit harder to do you had to press right in the center now
you can just touch anywhere and it works just fine so that part’s been fixed now
they’ve also updated mail a little bit so if you have mail on here and you’re
using the Apple Mail app let’s go into that under the mail app if we go to edit
we can select all for some people this wasn’t there or working with beta one
it’s back and you can select all in all of your different inboxes as well so if
you have a bunch of different inboxes you can just delete everything if you
want to so that part’s really nice now there are 73 plus resolved issues but
there are also 100 plus known issues so for example for a period of time after
updating to iOS or iPad OS 13 betas tapping links might cause the apps to
become unresponsive wallpapers may not display correctly using files in
schoolwork isn’t supported and on and on and on so keep that in mind before you
update just as a little warning if you need some of those features some things
may not work but Apple will continue to work on this now in wallpaper there’s a
couple little tweaks and let’s go in there there’s no new new wallpaper but
if we go into wallpaper he here and under a wallpaper when you’re
choosing one you’ve got this dark appearance dims wallpaper now we had
this before but I didn’t show it off so if we turn that on what happens is it
dims and kind of keeps it darker so you’ll see some of these blue lines in
here or darker if I turn it back on it just lightens everything up and keeps
the dock different as well so it’s hard to see going back and forth but I think
you get the idea so you can change it on your own custom wallpaper so that part’s
really nice also when you set a wallpaper so we’ll select a wallpaper
when you select a wallpaper and here you now have the option to turn on or off
the parallax effect so that’s the movement effect when you move the phone
side-to-side and everything moves you can just turn it off right there so that
part’s nice as well now for sama I haven’t seen this myself but in calendar
apparently it has some UI changes it looks the same to me but I went in and
checked everything and it looks the same I looked between beta one as well I
don’t see the tweaks but for some you may have that now there’s also new memo
G stickers so let’s take a look at those now under momochi stickers if we go in
here the ones the Apple creates for you now
we now have fingers crossed right here we also have a shush we also have
thinking and there may be a couple new ones as well but that’s what I was able
to find and they’ll continue to update this over time now within messages
there’s some new sounds as far as tap backs go although I haven’t been able to
reproduce this some have so if you double tap here and do a tap back some
people are actually hearing different sounds for each one of those tap backs I
wasn’t able to reproduce this they all sound the same still but you may have
different sounds for those different tap backs and then another new feature is
when you adjust the volume in certain areas of the OS if I adjust the volume
up and down the ringer volume here will show in the top where you have the same
thing when you turn it to silent so you’ve got silent on and off and then if
I unsilent it and then use ringer up and down volume it shows at the top now so
that’s a nice little change as well now there’s some new settings in the camera
so if we go in the camera under portrait we now have a couple new
options so if we go all the way to the end
we now have high key light mono so you’ll see that here if I put the iPhone
se in the background you can see it’s just kind of a a mono look and it looks
it looks pretty good but if we go back to say studio light and then we tap this
little button up here we now can adjust the intensity of the studio light so we
can go back or forth and it will adjust the lighting in real time on the
different image it’s pretty subtle but you can adjust it and I’m sure it looks
a little bit better on faces Apple showed this off in their keynote but we
haven’t seen it until beta 2 so that’s nice that they’ve added that now
apparently this feature only works with iPhone X and newer maybe the eight plus
and newer but not in the older phones the first time you go into the home app
you’re now going to get some new splash screens that say home pod can now
recognize multiple voices hit continue then you’ll get some information about
personal requests and using messages and things through the home pod and then
also you’ll get add your profile to Apple TV so you can create different
profiles based on your voice and you can add them to your Apple TV as well and
then one more you can update to the latest Apple TV software and it just let
you know it must be updated in order for this to work
let’s hit continue and that’s new in home there’s not a whole lot more going
on in the home app though now there’s some new options under settings so if we
go into settings and then under settings if we go down to Safari here under
Safari we now have a show link previews so that’s new so they’ll show previews
two links if you want that enabled pretty simple and straightforward then
we have some new options for notes as well so if we go into notes and if you
have separate languages enabled it will now show preferred language so under
here you can select the language and as long as you have one other language
selected you can go in here and select all of these different languages under
notes as well although there are some bugs with languages right now and they
may not work properly now aside from that under notes there’s
also another change here we’re sort checked items so sort checked items to
manually or automatic so that’s a new setting as well now
other than that there is not a whole lot more going on in here although I did
find a change on the iPad and also with voicemail so I’ll show you voicemail and
then the iPad change so if we go into phone and this is actually a spam
voicemail but you’ll see the buttons have changed down here at the bottom so
we have some new buttons instead of that little tiny word that said speaker we
now have speakerphone and delete so that’s really nice now on the iPad let
me show you that now on the iPad pretty much everything’s the same that I’ve
gone over with iOS 13 but on iPad OS with the widgets here on the side you
can now pin widgets so if I pull down to swipe everything off the pinned widget
stays so swipe it back on scroll to the bottom and go to edit we can now pin our
favorite widgets so maybe we want to pin the calendar or well let’s pin something
different like shortcuts we’ll slide it up here and then we’ll hit done and now
if I scroll down shortcuts is now pinned as well and there may be more changes to
the iPad and I’ll cover those in a separate video if I find a bunch of them
now as far as battery life battery life on beta 1 was great to begin with and
then it got pretty poor after that so we’ll wait for this to load and you’ll
see over the last 10 days battery I’ve been using it this particular device for
the past few days but battery has been about 4 or 5 hours of screen on time
with not much battery left so at the beginning it was great and then it
wasn’t so hopefully this bait is a little bit better performance is really
good so far everything’s smooth but on the iPad it seems to be very buggy so
I’ve had some issues with that but other than that it seems pretty solid now as
far as scrolling and opening apps and things what’s weird is that sometimes 3d
touch doesn’t work here because it’s not really 3d touch anymore it’s not
pressure-sensitive it’s a press and hold so they’ve kind of done away with that
which is kind of sad now the other thing too is it seems pretty good but I still
would not recommend installing a beta it can be really buggy over time and it’s
just something I wouldn’t really recommend until the public beta is out
usually it’s pretty stable by that point if you don’t mind dealing with bugs then
go ahead and install it otherwise I would avoid it for now now of course
quite a few of you want to see a geek bench score I’ll just run it on the
XS Max for now to see what it’s like and then we’ll wrap this up Geekbench
completed in the single core score was 4811 multi-core was ten thousand nine
hundred and sixty seven this is actually a little bit lower than the previous one
that was on iOS 13 so that doesn’t really mean a whole lot
this could speed up over time but performance feels much faster than the
previous beta so that’s it for this particular one of course I’ll link this
wallpaper in the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see
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thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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