iOS 13 Beta 7 and Public Beta 6 – Follow Up

iOS 13 Beta 7 and Public Beta 6 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 developer beta 7 and public beta 6 have been out for a few days now and I
want to talk about how it’s been for me on my devices here my iPhone XS Max my
XR my SE and my iPad pro 12.9 and then also talk about how it’s been
for you in the YouTube community poll that I ran almost 10,000 people
responded and so we have a pretty good idea how it is on all devices including
ones that are not listed here so the first thing is I was looking back at iOS
12 betas and it looks like there were 12 betas and then a GM or golden master
when it comes to iOS 13 we’re on beta 7 for the developer beta and developer
beta 12 from iOS 12 was actually on August 31st and then a couple weeks
later they released the GM so we’re basically around that same timeline
although we don’t have as many betas yet so there definitely could be a lot more
and we’re on a weekly schedule so I would expect one every week at this
point now a couple things to know is with iOS 13 it now takes advantage of
that faster app launching and smaller RAM footprint and smaller size
but to take advantage of that so far you actually have to uninstall an app and
then reinstall it so you’ll have to uninstall whatever app you’re using
reinstall that app and then it will take advantage of that this may be fixed in
the future when iOS 13 comes out and if your developer takes advantage of that
it probably will just do it on its own at some point in the background but
right now that’s how you take advantage of it now another thing is there’s some
new watches coming out it looks like a series 5 Apple watch that’s going to be
ceramic or titanium so I’m looking forward to that and that should be nice
we’ll see that probably announced when the iPhones are announced with the iOS
13 and iPhone 11s announcement so look for that around September 10th or
somewhere around that point now as far as the issues I’m experiencing with iOS
13 beta 7 it’s been very good for me except for one thing and there are some
little cosmetic bugs that’s mainly the the thing that you’ll see with iOS 13
beta 7 but the one thing I have issues with is LTE specifically in apps like
Instagram YouTube all sorts of things if I drop off of Wi-Fi
and then go into another app oftentimes it can’t load because it thinks there’s
no internet connection in order to fix that every single time I have to turn on
airplane mode and then turn it back off make sure Wi-Fi is off and then it works
it’s a big pain and usually I have to actually close the app in the background
swipe it off and then it will work so it’s really a big pain and hopefully
they fix this in the next update because it’s something that’s very annoying at
least on the XS Max I know a lot of you have said you have
the same issues now many of you were asking me can I get Apple card if I have
iOS 13 and absolutely you can you’ll see I have it here I actually signed up with
it with beta 6 it works fine so you definitely can get it if you have iOS 13
so don’t worry about that don’t downgrade if you’re wanting to get the
the card if it hasn’t shown up for you just make sure you sign up on Apple’s
website to be notified when it’s available now there’s a bunch of little
cosmetic bugs all over the place things like typing in Instagram a lot of the
times the last row doesn’t show while you’re typing so you don’t really know
what you’re typing I found this when I was posting Instagram pictures of the
iPhones and things when they were updating to this latest beta and then
also the last line and Twitter doesn’t show you’ll find these weird bugs all
over the place some people are having all sorts of little cosmetic bugs like
this one if you 3d press or haptic press right here
often times well now it’s not doing it let’s see if I can get it to happen on
this particular one so we’ll try on the XR oh let’s try here normally it would
hop up and then back down so right now it’s not doing it but sometimes it does
now other people are asking me does have to touch your 3d touch work for
notifications and it does so if I tap on this one here you’ll see there’s peek
and pop on notifications even on an iPhone XR so seems to be working
well for me here now on an se you’re not going to see that same thing the peek
and pop feature is not there if you press and hold it’s on the haptic and 3d
touch devices so and the iPads many times as well so it’s kind of a pain
with that I haven’t had any issues with touch responsiveness or anything like
that thankfully a couple people have but I haven’t had any issues
whatsoever and this is by far the most able and fastest beta that I’ve actually
had so far so many people are having different experiences but for me it’s
been by far the best everything’s working well Wi-Fi Bluetooth other than
that LTE bug that I mentioned everything seems to be working really really well
so thankfully I have no issues there now many people are saying that three
finger-touch bug is still happening and if I tap here it doesn’t show up but if
I tap and hold you’ll see it shows up so that causes a problem in games for
people hopefully they fix that in future updates I didn’t catch that because I
didn’t hold my fingers down originally normally it was just a tap now you have
to hold and press or hold and it’s kind of annoying now as far as battery life
battery life for me while I don’t really count it too important on betas because
they’re focused more on fixing bugs battery life overall is okay my battery
health on this device is 100% and on my battery life here here’s my best day 5
hours and 47 minutes 1 hour and 13 minutes of screen off time I would say
on average I haven’t been using it a lot lately I use my iPad an awful lot in
between but you’ll see there’s a lot of background activity overall I say six
and a half hours is pretty average from what I’m hearing with an iPhone XS Max
it may be a little bit better on an iPhone XR and the majority of people
are having a really good battery life that’s not true for everyone but the
majority of people are if you’re running apps like Facebook and you don’t disable
background app refresh and all of the different things that it wants to turn
on you’re not going to have good battery life so make sure you turn all of that
off now as far as people having issues I heard of two people that had major
issues when they first installed this it was rebooting their phone on the XS
Max and the iPhone XS it was rebooting their phone their phone was getting
really high it was giving them overheat messages even though when it cooled down
it was still cool to the tacos it was doing all sorts of weird things and
rebooting and then after a few hours it stabilized and it’s been pretty fine
ever since so there’s definitely some weird things going on hopefully not too
many people experience that I’ve only heard of two people with those similar
issues and they’ve since subsided now some other
issues that people have been saying is other than those cosmetic issues I
mentioned with Instagram and Twitter other people are having issues with with
the actual dictation not working properly so dictation seems to work fine
for me but if you have multiple keyboards it may not work properly that
seems to be aware it’s an issue so if you’re using voice dictation it could be
an issue and also some people are still having issues with touch specifically on
the iPad thankfully I’ve not had this issue it seems to be quite responsive
for me most of the time and I’ve not had any issues with this beta so far and
this is actually a device I use quite a lot so I’ve had no touch responsive
issues and thankfully it’s working properly for me it may not be on all
devices it’s going to be different depending on which ones you’re using now
let’s take a look at the youtube community pull the YouTube community
pull almost 10,000 voted nine point eight K so I really appreciate that it
gives us a great idea and a great subset of data to figure out how many people
are having issues or how it’s doing for people 40 percent said it’s great now
take a look at the others up here on the top so you can see how the previous
betas have been for people it’s been pretty good overall forty percent said
great three percent said terrible 14 percent said okay but some bugs 32
percent said I use iOS twelve point four or older and 11 percent said I use
Android so pretty good overall I think it’s it’s about on par with the previous
version so it’s getting better and there’s people like this here that said
a day ago using an iPhone se not a single problem battery life is great and
everything is smooth and fast but then you’ll see other people that that have
major issues so if we take a look at and there’s one here that says does it work
with iPhone 5s unfortunately 5s 6 and 6-plus are no longer supported so no
you’ll have to get a new phone unfortunately you’ll see someone here
says iPhone se great overall but battery life still needs some improvement
incorrect or missing translations have been resolved there’s quite a few people
saying that battery life is great and then you’ll have quite a few people
saying it’s terrible is it stable enough to install on my daily driver I tend to
tell people that if you have to ask that question you probably shouldn’t run it
until the final version comes out because if any little
bug happens you’ll want to probably not use it so I normally say don’t install
it if you asked that question otherwise why not everything is great
except the battery although I don’t know what device that is and then you’ll see
another person battery life is really bad on beta 7 on iPhone 7 you’ll see
others if you read through these comments which you can there’s over 200
of them so I’ve read every single one of them but if you read through all of them
you’ll see that some people have great battery life and some don’t it’s kind of
interesting it’s getting better but I still have some bugs I’m a totally blind
iPhone 8 user and I 100% rely on voiceover and voiceover still randomly
freezes up on me sometimes which gets annoying because then I can’t
access my phone for a couple of minutes until it starts acting right again but
other than that it’s been great and thank you for watching or listening to
this video hopefully they get that fixed I think voice over is a really great
feature and hopefully it’s spot on the day it releases for all of our disabled
users or anyone that wants to use it been pretty great still a few bugs with
third-party apps but much less in beta 5 3d touch will not the same in iOS 12 is
fast on iOS 12 fast as iOS 12 but doesn’t have the same feel and that’s
definitely true it’s super fast now but it’s more of a haptic feedback feel the
animation is different but in many areas it’s still pressure sensitive here’s
someone that said my iPhone restarts randomly anyone else have this problem
iPhone XS Max did a restore on my phone but it didn’t fix it like I said
before give it a few hours hopefully it gets a little bit better it’s been
alright on my iPhone XS Max still needs work still that bug where I can’t send
videos to people with Android devices I haven’t heard too many people with that
issue but there are definitely a few using the beta on my iPhone X and iPad
pro 10.5 updated from iOS 12.4 on both and the only problem I noticed so far is
that photos crashes instantaneously when you tap when you tap on the status bar
to get to the top of the pictures in albums same thing happens when here at
the top on albums to get to the bottom I actually tried this out
and I wasn’t able to reproduce it so I’m not sure if it’s both devices you’re
saying it but I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my XS Max anyway this beta is
running very well running this on iphone X and face ID and speed are spectacular
on my iPhone 8 plus really smooth can’t believe we’re in the seventh beta
already battery could be better loving the super fast 3d touch love your
videos and a huge fan thanks very much appreciate that some
weird bugs in control center iPhone se public beta 6 now before we go on
there’s a few people that are saying there’s issues with all these
third-party apps and that’s probably true they have to update them for the
use of iOS 13 Apple always changes the backend api’s and in order for them to
take advantage and run properly on an iOS 13 device they need to update their
apps as well so when iOS 13 releases to the public in September expect a ton of
app updates if you haven’t been through the betas before you’ll probably have
thirty to a hundred app updates that day or the next few days auto-brightness not
working properly with iPhone with nine point seven inch iPad 6th gen it’s been
pretty good on my iPhone 6s battery life is good 100% capacity 5 to 6 hours of
usage on a single charge before I have to charge again I’m also a light user so
that may be why iPhone X genius apps still constantly reloads whenever I jump
back to it on Instagram Tex doesn’t jump to the next line when typing and goes
off-screen flawless otherwise so happy that 3d touch is fast again iPhone XR no bugs like before mail message dynamic wallpapers working fine now well
polished beta OS battery life is pretty good I forgot to actually mention mail
mail is working much much better for me than it was before however it’s still a
little bit buggy sometimes I have to close the app and reopen it so it’s
hopefully they get that fixed soon Apple uses the same app so I’m sure they’re
seeing the same thing been using iPhone 7 and everything is really fast battery
life is amazing and a single issue hasn’t come up for me once public beta 6
working quite well on my XS banking app still crash that’s again because
those apps need to update I have similar issues some done some
specific apps and then you’ll see great unten are so thanks to all of you who
commented and voted I really appreciate it and if you’re having issues make sure
you use that feedback happens and report those that’s how Apple categorizes what
they need to fix next so hopefully that helps if you have any other questions or
comments let me know in the comments below and if there’s anything else
you’ve found I would love to hear what you found in iOS 13 beta 7 let me know
in the comments below as well if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper
I’ll link it in the description there’s also a version for the iPad as well
that’s full screen and high resolution so I’ll link both of those and if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and hit that notification
battle if you’d like to see more of these videos as soon as they’re released
if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching
this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 13 Beta 7 and Public Beta 6 – Follow Up

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  3. There are 2 major bugs I found (iPhone X here). First, when trying to connect from a Mac (2018 Macbook Pro 13'' with a touchbar), it will connect for a second then drop immediately. I exclusively use my phone with the Mac when I'm out so this hurt me a lot. The 2nd bug is when using Homekit from the control center shortcut, the square tabs freeze and don't show correct information however you can still turn on or off your homekit lights. 3D pressing and closing the 3D pressed tab away fixes that problem. So not such a big deal. But even for a beta hotspot problem is a deal breaker.

  4. Also banking apps still crash Aaron

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  7. iPhone 6S Plus battery life has been bad since I installed it on my daily driver starting from public beta 2.

  8. I’m a iPhone 6s Plus user on public beta 6.
    Only really issues I have is trying to move icons, (They get “stuck”) and the taps from my keyboard are soft, then loud and the sound doesn’t line up with the touch.

  9. I’ve noticed more app have been active in the background even with background app refresh off. Battery life isn’t as good as iOS 12 but slowly getting there performance is nearly perfect.

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  11. the beta bricked my apple watch. Apple is replacing it with a new one.

  12. My emails are showing the new ones at the bottom and yes I have most recent message on top

  13. In beta 5 when i used to open any app the phone used to reboot.. when i tried rearranging apps it used to reboot and i wasn’t getting any option of powering off my device.. but after a while it was okayyy.. On this beta I haven’t faced this issue yet

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  17. The battery on beta 7 is awesome on iPhone 8 charged it to 100% last night 9:00pm (New Zealand time) it’s now 2:30pm and it’s on 25%

  18. I have the LTE bug as well but I agree other than that it’s been great.

  19. My PNC App crashes every time I open it. Also Hipstamatic crashes constantly. I’m running beta 7.

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  30. I’ve only found one bug on my iPhone. When on the home screen the icon, lets say Instagram’s one, ends up appearing on a different app like settings.

  31. The 3D touch on the messages app on people’s contact photos causes the messages app to crash.

  32. I just installed Public Beta 6 on my iPad Pro 12.9 – hadn’t installed any beats previously, but I just couldn’t wait anymore 🙂 Bugs I’ve noticed are : sometimes springboard will crash randomly, screen orientation has been backwards a few times, some apps in the dock disappear when hard pressing on them, the messages app is sometimes blank when using slide over and for some reason I can’t get Google Drive/Docs to work in Safari. Drive won’t work at all other than showing me the home screen and Google Docs will still launch the mobile app when trying to access. Not sure if this is on Google’s end or what. Overall really love the new update, but cant wait until the bugs are worked out.

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  40. Using public beta 6 on iPad Pro 11, iPad Air2 and iPhone XR, have lost. Google Streetview on all devices.

  41. I want to point out that I noticed a bug in iOS 13, that was present even in iOS 12, and the bug that I'm talking about affects the Face ID on the lock screen. Have you ever noticed that many times when you swipe up to unlock your iPhone, the screen waits for the padlock to finish the animation and then you can go to the home screen? For me this is an annoying bug and seems that they are even not trying to fix it, very angry about that.
    iPhone X iOS 13 public beta 6

  42. I regret getting the update. My web page are half blank. I get disconnected about 75 times in 4 hours. I have the XR. Thing disappears on me and then shuts off. I am about ready to sell it. It is only a month old. But the last update really made my IPhone unusable. My husband thinks it is because I got the 256 GB. One other thing my clock and battery goes crazy on me. It go to the bottom right corner then changes to the left bottom. If anyone has any of these problems, let me know. My IPhone 6S plus looks very nice to me right now.

  43. I’m getting LTE problems with my XS Max. As well as my friend with an iPhone 7 on beta 7

  44. My Product Red iPhone XR had that Overheating issue and it didn’t get very hit but it was very slow responding. It was just as slow as an iPhone 4with full storage. It also used to respring a lot. Battery life on the iPhone XR is soooo much better than iOS 11 and iOS 12 as i got 29 hours screen on time and 1 minute screen off time. I am a very heavy user gaming. However I will warn everyone who has an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 Plus where the batteries are constantly swelling when I put them on my normal Apple Supplied Wireless Charger. My iPhone 8 Blew up within 3 minutes of updating it to the latest beta and putting it on the original 5W Apple Charger.

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  49. I've been having more little glitches on my X with this update but nothing serious. When I'm using my air pods while I'm driving I have trouble connecting to incoming calls.

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  51. Hi, have 6s+ and have gotten all of the devl. Beta's. Some are saying that model doesn't get it BUT YES👍📱

  52. If you spam 5 times on power button then without exiting if you hold power button then say cancel it glitches out but after like 45 min-1 hour the phones screen dies and it’s really hard to fix it. You will need to hard reboot and wait 10 min to fix it.

  53. How the hell could I get rid of the shitty 3-finger feature
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  60. Hi Aaron, I had to report to the feedback app that ios 13 beta 6 were stable, but now ios 13 beta 7 is worse for me. I don't know why lol. I have lots of apps crashing. Also right when I updated to beta 7 there is a red notification on the settings app. Tried everything from rebooting my phone & reset all settings but it's still there. So hopefully next beta will be better for me.

  61. i have problems when typing a message on instagram.. i can’t see the last line of the message.. and my phone freezes a lot, to the point where i have to turn it off because i can’t do anything on it!👎🏼 sucks i never had problems with my betas!!

  62. My IPhone X in india freezes every time I do something. ITs very frustrating!

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  64. On iPhone 6s there’s still an issue with banking app, it crashes every time 😞

  65. Bricked my mail on iPad, iPhone .

  66. I’m noticing bugs that were not in previous betas. Noticed today that my playlists in Music have gone on my iPhoneX, yet are still available on my iPad (both running latest betas). Tried rebooting, signing out/in of icloud, etc – nothing.

  67. Every time he want to show a bug to us the bug doesn’t happen… Mmm, Apple? 😂

  68. Hello Zollotech, I’m an ardent watcher of your channel and love what you do. I need your advice on what USB-C cable to use to connect my iPad Pro with my HP z27 monitor. I current use a USB-C to HDMI dongle but would rather not. Would the Apple USB-C to USB-C thunderbolt cable work for this? Thank you and keep up the great work of educating and enlightening us. 👍🏽

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  70. There is a problem that when you try opening a file in an other app it doesn’t show many of the apps in iOS 12.

    Take Minecraft for example (ᴄʀᴇᴇᴘᴇʀ ᴀᴡᴡᴡ ᴍᴀɴɴ) I downloaded a .mcworld file and when I tried opening it in Minecraft it never showed up in suggestions. I’m sure they are going to fix it in the future though.

  71. Not impressed at losing 3D touch. At least leave it in for the compatible phones. Hopefully be able to stay with 12.4 for a while.

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  74. Overall stable version BUT I have 1 major issue after upgrade to public beta 6: all my Apple Music library was deleted and there is no way to get it back. No possibility even to disable sync library in setting… anyone experiencing this?
    Also where is the live weather screen in the morning ? Was it removed in iOS 13???

  75. Seems like the latest public beta caused the Spark email app to make writing emails impossible… and editing photos in landscape mode is not possible either (currently on an iPhone XS Max)

  76. سحقجيسحقنفن

  77. The option to allow “untrusted” shortcuts has unfortunately been removed. Also, if you try to add a untrusted shortcut, it will tell you that your settings don’t allow it.

  78. I have a iPhone 8+ with the iOS 13 beta 6 and I have none of these issues. 😬

  79. Bad battery life

  80. I can confirm multiple keyboards will just cause a crash mid type or the keyboard will just disappear

  81. spot on regarding Beta 7 iPhone 7 battery life. I send a message out to Feedback about Podcasts draining my battery tremendously on Low Power mode… That could be the culprit.

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  87. Public Beta 6 major nightmare: I woke up and found all the songs downloaded on my Spotify were gone so I had to download them again. 😡

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    this only happened on the lock screen too by the way.

  89. I’m still not getting the update to show up on my XS Max. I’m on public beta 5. Any idea how to fix that? Does anybody else have the same issue?

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  91. lte and wifi is buggy as hell at first I was thinking oh maybe I just have shitty WiFi but everything else electronic is working perfectly. It will have all the little bar things but completely not work and the lte will randomly go out and say no service (in areas my service usually works fine)

  92. Im a beta user but i cannot download the public beta? I dont know whats wrong

  93. My apple wach didn’t pair when i do the ios 13 why? And do you may to make a video solving the problem

  94. Why did eap skip this beta?

  95. This is how iOS should have been all along. Lets be honest. iOS 12 kept sucking more and more with every update. On my new Iphone X i need to wait 1 to sometimes 10 seconds until the SETTINGS menu would become responsive. I have had that response problem for 6 month or so. There were many many other problems that were solved with iOS 13. The iPhone experience with iOS 12 was so horrible that I wanted to switch to an Android phone.

  96. Liked

  97. Upgraded my 7 and my daughter's 6s just to get the Communication Limits
    feature under Settings / Screen time. Despite being touted on some
    on-line how-to videos I cannot see this feature on either iphone.
    Pretty effing frustrating. Apple no help whatsoever. Any other parents
    out there who don't want their 12 year olds making "friends" with
    creepy strangers in Peoria? Anyone able to see the Communication Limits
    feature on any iPhone using the beta?

  98. Upgraded my 7 and my daughter's 6s just to get the Communication Limits
    feature under Settings / Screen time. Despite being touted on some
    on-line how-to videos I cannot see this feature on either iphone.
    Pretty effing frustrating. Apple no help whatsoever. Any other parents
    out there who don't want their 12 year olds making "friends" with
    creepy strangers in Peoria? Anyone able to see the Communication Limits
    feature on any iPhone using the beta?

  99. Upgraded my 7 and my daughter's 6s just to get the Communication Limits
    feature under Settings / Screen time. Despite being touted on some
    on-line how-to videos I cannot see this feature on either iphone.
    Pretty effing frustrating. Apple no help whatsoever. Any other parents
    out there who don't want their 12 year olds making "friends" with
    creepy strangers in Peoria? Anyone able to see the Communication Limits
    feature on any iPhone using the beta?

  100. iOS 13 feels so smooth on iPhone 6s

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