iOS 13: Dark Mode Beta Hands-on!

iOS 13: Dark Mode Beta Hands-on!

40 thoughts on “iOS 13: Dark Mode Beta Hands-on!

  1. Wooooo… Wooooo… Woooo…. Ios devices got dark mode…. Why are they always boring us with feature the android already had for years!!!!!… Ridiculous

  2. Why did it take so long to implement Dark Mode on iPhones?

    I’m excited and it’ll be something I’ll use and keep it on Dark Mode .

    Perhaps iOS 13 coming means that it’s finally about time for me to upgrade from iPhone 7+ to iPhone XI? ?

    Also I presume apps and games will be updated soon?

  3. Wow you make a 10 min video about apple dark mode…. Where is Android q 10 min dark mode video. Apple fanboy are ridiculous.

  4. Dark mode is sexy!

  5. IPhone Users: We have dark mode

    Android Users: We had that years ago

  6. Using it on iPadOS beta, liking it a lot so far. Does it better than Google in Android Q beta I think. Not as good as Oxygen OS dark mode though from OnePlus.

  7. dark web or dark mode

  8. My pixel is on dark mode 24/7

  9. dark mode is trash 4 yrs of waiting for what .

  10. Couldn't you invert the colors before by hitting power three times? And it gave a kind of dark mode

  11. 41,000 emails? What the hell is that about? ?

  12. I was hoping to see the mail app

  13. How about your lock screen?

  14. I use apple dark mode in the dark (yg voice)

  15. I find dark mode more comfortable for the eyes, that’s why I prefer it. It also looks sleek IMO

  16. Apple’s stuck in dark mode while others are making in display cameras

  17. Where can I find that wallpaper that was in the settings for darkmode

  18. The purpose of Dark Mode is to save battery life on OLED screens. On these screens, black pixels use zero energy.

  19. I still don’t understand y I don’t have it on my 8+

  20. You forgot to show dark mode on the number one used app at least for many people: Mail !!!

  21. Me “Alexa turn on dark mode”

    Alexa “playing let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye”

  22. Is there a set release for next ios update?

  23. I have a Xr and I don’t see dark mode?Did y’all get the update before me???

  24. I all ready have it

  25. Does it only work on xr cuz I don’t see it on my 7s

  26. Once you go black you can never go back

  27. Wait, you didnt have it before? why not lol

  28. I don’t understand why people think this is a big deal at all

  29. I love dark mode because I love the color black and it’s easier on the eyes and also saves battery life

  30. Does iPhone 8 have a dark mode

  31. Laughs in android

  32. dark mode doesn’t work on iPhone 6s Plus

  33. Lol Android had this years ago this is why I’m so excited to switch to Android

  34. I’m have the 10 r but that doesn’t pop up for me

  35. What about the email app?

  36. I love it in Messages because it has Blue Text for iMessage and blue and black look awesome and I’m music it’s cool too those apps are true Dark Mode

  37. Andru absolutely great Videos and Reviews really enjoyed and appreciate all your hard work Deb ??✌

  38. New Sub Here ! Love The Channel

  39. U should hide ur face

  40. Apple Music in dark mode YES!!!

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