iOS 13 FINALLY fixes this, iOS 14/15 leaks & 12.2 beta 3 is great!

iOS 13 FINALLY fixes this, iOS 14/15 leaks & 12.2 beta 3 is great!

Okay, Apple, I see you. I see you making those little changes in iOS 13, but that’s a start, I’ll say. There is so much more to work on. Okay, I have a really big update for you guys today. I’m whomping everything together into one. The world is changing right before our eyes. We’re entering a new era right now of technology, and its just the craziest thing to see. Of course Samsung, and the whole foldable phone. We’ll get to that in a sec, but 5G in general iOS 13; where Apple’s going with the company; there’s a huge leak on that today we’re gonna cover. Just wow. Pay attention, guys, pay attention these coming months. You will see just how much things are changing. The next ten years for Apple are going to be completely different than the last ten, and in a very good way. So they’re starting off with this: They’re gonna be removing the volume HUD from iOS 12 in iOS 13, and this is coming from Max Weinbach of the XDA Developer Portal. Now he’s saying that an unnamed source told him the volume HUD Apple’s getting rid of it in iOS 13. And not only that, he says iOS 13 is going to be a huge software. And Apple, if you’re doing that, why not get the ball rolling here and just fix the the hostage situation I get put in every single time someone calls my phone. I’m just gonna name it right there.

100 thoughts on “iOS 13 FINALLY fixes this, iOS 14/15 leaks & 12.2 beta 3 is great!

  1. Thumbs up for Apple finally listening to us about the volume HUD! Hope this cascades a slew of changes we've been asking for too.

  2. So essentially apple wants to be Microsoft

  3. I started to pick up 5G on my iPhone Xs Max

  4. But how long does Apple need to prep a new product? Can they adapt fast enormous this year to compete with Samsung?

  5. We all know iOS 13 ain’t gon bring nothin new

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  7. Hope that apple can put the weather forecast on the lock screen and animated wall paper for the screen as well

  8. I really appreciate the dark mode everything imessage, phonebook…etc i also want facebook in a dark mode also music, settings, itunes, apple store hope its all possible on ios 13

  9. Watching this video is like multitasking. Skipping ads every minute. Lame

  10. dislike, I'm tired of all this iphone propaganda when all other phone makers are years ahead.

  11. But no 5G until 2020 or 2021 – and Samsung is interesting to follow, but Huawei is even more interesting. Just look at how quickly they have evolved on the camera.

  12. So Apple are doing a Microsoft?

  13. No one care about apple recently after what Huawei done. Apple going to be like Nokia

  14. Oh god ! I love the idea of have only one App, for all the OS’s ! They should do the same for siri, so she can do stuffs, on phone to mac per example…

  15. 5 G will drag with it cancer!!

  16. Making one app for iPhone and iPad is already possible using auto layout. The reason some apps don’t support it is because they are too lazy to use auto layout.

  17. Fake fake fake fake fake🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  18. 2:52 as a developer I can confidently say that it is definitely not gonna be "by default" conversion.

    I genuinely hope (and think) that Apple will make the process of porting iOS apps to Mac OS easier but a seamless conversation doesn't seem realistic to me… #hopingformagic

  19. Call the apple fold the ‘Ifold’

  20. Now let us turn off the visual voicemail transcription that's been in beta testing for the past 4 years.

  21. hey, screensaver link you put in more info is not available anymore? Would really like to download it!

  22. The thing is… Apple knows people are gonna buy Apple cuz it’s Apple

  23. All improvement from Apple is 2015 technology, and we need 2019 technology allways win the technology improvement competition.. Go to the hell ios

  24. Am i the only one who doesnt like the new design of the new iphones? (Edged instead of rounded)

  25. this man still lives in the past and thinks he’s smart, Apple is publicly known switching to stable user experience rather than spunky Cool new features that just for the sake of surprising and less practical usage! I'm so tired of listening to him comparing this and that for no rational reason. Seriously, you can keep comparing apple with blabla, I wont stop you, but you will always be unhappy. Forget about what you wont get!

  26. Please apple dont make the camera in the middle

  27. Switched back the IOS for the X and after the release of the XS I'm still wondering why.

  28. Now I’ ll finaly know what phone I bought!!!
    That’s quite an update!!
    Thank u Apple!

  29. I just buy apple products because girls in my college only sleep with apple sheep guys, I'm secretly an Android fanboy.

  30. that’s hot

  31. Phone call situation are so fcking frustrating

  32. IMO folding phones aren’t really selling it for me. I remember Kyocera tried something similar ages ago, not as refined but similar concept and I remember the phone never took off. Yeah the phone spec wise was crap but the whole concept of a foldable tablet-phone never clicked

  33. I never stop looking at your Mac, can I get that look screen animation file plz?

  34. Apple needs to make their software again… from zero

  35. They really need an iTunes Apple Music hand off system.. you know like Spotify when you leave the house and you open Apple Music you can continue where you left off on iTunes.

    And also choose to stream to the iTunes from your phone..

    Kinda like remote but how Spotify does it.




  39. S10 giveaway

  40. Apple have been working on a foldable phone since 2013…

  41. The thing is, if I switch to samsung, then I need everyone else to

  42. EverythingApplePro evolves to EverythingSamsungPro


  43. Is it just me or their making iphone 6 slow and laggy cause idk if its how good im taking care of it but mine is laggy and stuff

  44. I wish if a new company rises up with a new software to [email protected] up both ios and android.

  45. I like your t-shirts !

  46. Can we lose the dock please Apple

  47. Dude, I enjoy watching your videos but please, 5 ads in a 10 minute video is way too much, don’t you get a say in that?

  48. 0:00 laughs in android pie

  49. So excited for june.

  50. 5:53 what movie clip is that?

  51. That shirt is dope

  52. What wallpaper is that??

  53. How many ads do you even put in a 10 min video?!!

  54. How about talking the health concerns on 5G

  55. Waaaaa where is 12.2 jailbreak 🙁

  56. Cheese burger

  57. I wish I wish that's your new name Apple is a ripoff. They are so behind its sad I don't see them ever being number one ever again Samsung is on there a$$ Greed will always get you and that is what happen to Apple

  58. Apple need a new IOS and a new design.

  59. I think a foldable phone is pretty ugly… I’ll personally stick to the normal phones and tablets.

  60. 6G is Evan way more better you can Evan control 1,000,000,000 little robots

  61. «Не забывай где начал»

  62. Can someone give me a million dollars to buy all the apple products.😂thx.

  63. Hey handsome I want it in every color or whatever is available. 😆

  64. Can I please have the phone

  65. Splitscreen, are we getting our splitscreen??

  66. Did you BLOW your LOAD all over your $2000.00 Galaxy Fold?? 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂 I know you will probably buy ten or twelve or them.

  67. Apple better step up their game

  68. Apple is eons behind Microsoft in portability.

  69. I would like to be pick for any of ur giveaways 🙌🏽🙌🏽🤪🤪

  70. I think that i have IPAD4

  71. you are such an apple fanboy it’s pathetic. btw fuck all of your ads

  72. Double tap the power button to send them to voicemail. They will think your phone is dead

  73. Someone please count how many times he says apple 🍎 in this video.

  74. Where can I get that shirt brooo

  75. WTF? GoldmanSachs? No thank you.

  76. I want it 🎉❤️❤️ 🍎

  77. hey man your content is fuckin annoying now

  78. Where can i find the screensaver on your iMac 🖥?

  79. Thank you! OMG. I just hit the “red end call” button now. I don’t have time to wait for that nonsense to disappear. I don’t have that problem on my note 8. I thought that issue was for flip phones only. I didn’t realize a $1250 phone would cause me to look like a jerk to friends and family.

  80. DID I HEAR IOS 13?!!!!!!

  81. Watching everything dealing with apple because I’m purchasing the xs max next week

  82. Apple needs to do something new as this iOS is soooooooo boring right now! I use to be very exited about new iOS and phones … NOW I'M NOT #boring 🙂 Lets see how this year iOS will look like 🙂



  84. Idiot. You hit the power button to silence ringer

  85. Jailbreak for 12.2 soon?

  86. Or you could just answer the phone and be polite

  87. Increase iCloud storage space for free. Better speech to text & autocorrect. Please!

  88. Soooooo ur basically everyone will go broke by 2022

  89. Why not just make the volume line on the bottom of the screen as a straight line that changes color from Blue,Green to Red

  90. Galik abd samad sir thawa

  91. If You Want To Trade You're Old IPhone,Trade It With No Money.


  92. I like that tee shirt where did you get it?

  93. 5G is a dangerous technology
    Didn’t he heard that, in Holland half insect are dead because of 5G and half of birds.

  94. The foldable phone thing is like some Black Mirror stuff 😂

  95. Apple killed my iPhone 5s and 6 😢😢😢😢😢

  96. iOS have iOS 13 installed

  97. The volume hd leak was true

  98. Is that always on display you showed just photoshopped video or is that actually in ios13?

  99. Cupu

  100. I want Apple to INNOVATE!!!!

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