iOS 13, iOS 14 and future versions of iOS are about to get a lot better

iOS 13, iOS 14 and future versions of iOS are about to get a lot better

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and iOS 13 has been one of the most buggiest releases of iOS in recent
history in fact it’s probably buggier than iOS 11 which everyone considered to
be incredibly full of bugs than iOS 12 fixed it and then iOS 13 brought all
those bugs back now according to a Bloomberg story that was released today
it appears that Apple is very aware of all the bugs and of course they’re going
to be not only are we submitting feedback here and I’ve had other videos
showing you how to submit feedback in different ways but on top of that Apple
actually has scales of rating things of as far as bugs and severity and all
those sorts of things and so in a new memo they’ve actually said that the
reason for this and all of the bugs is the way they were actually developing
iOS 13 and they’re going to change that especially with iOS 14 so what I mean by
that is currently the way things are built or at least up to this time the
memo was released so maybe they’ve changed it since but basically you’ve
got daily builds where people would actually be creating code to put in say
a new feature maybe they changed or update the air pods look for the
headphones and things like that just little things and then on top of that
you have a bunch of other features they’re trying to add so the first thing
you need to understand is that different features are built by different teams so
maybe you have one team that’s working on the core operating system then you
have another team that works on the Notes app or maybe they work on multiple
apps and then you have another team that works on music and then another one that
works on messages so all of these different teams are working on different
things at the exact same time so that they can get things done efficiently and
then also focus on the quality of that code while at the same time all of these
different teams that are responsible for these different features are working
together and then putting everything in a build of the version of iOS or all the
software at once so for example maybe you’re building a house and while
someone’s already working on the foundation people are building on top of
that and you never had a chance to actually check that foundation to make
sure that it was solid before you built on top of that and at the same time
someone’s adding a window and then maybe a sink
and all of those things at the same time without testing to make sure that the
things are solid that you’re building onto it really creates this problem that
we’re seeing now and so Apple is aware of this and instead they’re working to
change the way they they test things so previous to this they would just clump
all of that together so now Apple is actually implementing a new testing
procedure internally so we won’t see these effects directly but we’ll see the
results of quality in the end so what that means is maybe someone is working
on music for example they’re going to implement a bunch of new features or
maybe they’re going to redesign it all together for iOS 14 well they want to
try their code out but they don’t want it to have to affect everyone so they
can actually implement their code code for the internal versions of iOS then
they can turn the feature on and off to test it out but not leave it on so that
it affects everything else but at the same time they’ll be able to turn it on
and test to see how it impacts the rest of the operating system as a whole so
this procedure should add to higher quality and more reliability so they’re
kind of doing this where it seems like they should have been doing this all
along but I’ll be honest I’m not a software developer so that may be the
way things are done I’m not really sure but basically what they’re doing is
they’re trying to isolate the impact of each individual change to the OS and
then testing it individual see Apple actually measures software on a scale of
0 to 100 and apparently and again this is according to the Bloomberg memo that
they got from Apple or that someone leaked to them from Apple is iOS 12 had
far less bugs and had a higher scale of quality on that rating system apparently
with iOS 13 that rating system has come down quite a bit and then they also have
severity of bugs and things like that and I’ve talked about this a little bit
before is when you submit feedback they assign a severity or a priority to it of
zero through five with zero being the most critical and five being a minor
issue and then they also assign a color as far as development goes with what
they indicate as far as quality so you’ve got kind of a stoplight a red
yellow and green and so with all of these things combined they’re going to
make the software even better so that means with iOS 14 they’re going to
really focus on quality as opposed to all of these new features
and things like that and supposedly iOS 14 is going to be
very feature packed still but not without being thoroughly tested prior to
its release so iOS 12 when it came out in beta form
was – probably the most stable beta in many many years since iOS 7 so I would
say if they do the same thing there we’ll see the same results with iOS 14
know what this means with iOS 13 is that we’re going to see stability with iOS 13
so when I started using the iPhone XS Max on iOS 13 it was some of the most
unstable software I’ve used in a very long time I had all sorts of issues with
connectivity to LTE everything from crashes – bugs Bluetooth not working
Wi-Fi wasn’t working sometimes we had all sorts of issues and then even with
the release of the iPhone 11 Pro Pro Max and 11 there were still a ton of issues
we felt like and we know now that it was sort of rushed out with all of these
bugs to get this working so it looks like apples really changing that and
then even pushing further to iOS 15 it’s going to be all about stability so 14
and 15 are going to be very very stable if everything holds true and everything
works well and so this was great news to hear today and I thought I’d just share
it with you and explain how things are changing so now they’ll be able to
actually build a foundation of the house make sure it’s good then build on that
make sure that’s good put in Windows then put in flooring and sinks and
things like that and new features while assuring that the foundations are good
to build upon so hopefully that’s great news for us and we probably won’t see as
many public releases then and it’ll be more like iOS 11 with iOS 13 we have so
many public releases in the first two months it’s a little ridiculous
with iOS 12 we had – now we’ve had five or six so it’s a little bit much at this
point now finally I want to share one piece of news with you that ABC
apparently said in an interview with Tim Cook were Tim Cook the head of Apple
that for the company’s future he doesn’t have his eye on anything big but on a
bunch of interesting small things and so I’m not so sure that that was in context
or not because iPhone releases are seen as pretty
big things the new Mac Pro is seen as a pretty big thing and we should see that
in December and I’m not sure what that really means in general maybe there’s
not anything revolutionary maybe game-changing yet or maybe there is but
apples pretty tight-lipped about that and they don’t really share a lot about
future products also on December 2nd there is an apple event for app
developers so that’ll be pretty interesting to see what they’re doing
specifically I’m not sure and we don’t really expect any new products maybe
we’ll see some new software for iOS I know I would welcome Final Cut Pro for
iPad but I really don’t keep my hopes up for that but we may see some interesting
things there so on December 2nd they should have that event hopefully they
livestream it so we can take a look but we don’t really know the details of that
yet but let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below of course
I’ll link this wallpaper in the description as I always do and if you
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please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 13, iOS 14 and future versions of iOS are about to get a lot better

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