iOS 13 – Prepare to Update Guide

iOS 13 – Prepare to Update Guide

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 is about a week or so away so I wanted to help you get your phone ready
or your iPad or iPod touch ready for that update just to make sure you’re
ready to go the day it launches in about a week or so so the first thing is you
need to know compatibility and unfortunately if you have an iPhone 5s 6
or 6 plus they are no longer compatible with the newest version of iOS when iOS
13 comes out it will not be able to get that upgrade so you’ll be stuck on iOS
12 point 4 point 1 or any later security releases but based on iOS 12 if you have
an iPhone 6s 6s plus se those are all compatible all of those phones and newer
so you’ll be good to go there now if you have an iPod you’ll need an iPod Touch
7th generation that is the only supported iPod touch for iOS 13 also
when it comes to iPad they changed the name to iPad OS but it’s the same thing
as far as compatibility you need an iPad air 2 or newer or an iPad Mini 4 and
newer any of the new air devices or fifth generation iPads are all supported
so you’ll be good to go there and all iPad pro devices now let’s take a look
at some of the things you can do on your phone to make sure you’re ready to go
now once you’ve determined that your phone is compatible with iOS 13 you’ll
need to make sure that you have enough storage in order to update to it now
generally you’ll need about 2 to 5 gigabytes of free storage in order to
update it won’t use all of that after it’s updated but it will need that to
complete the update in general so to make sure you have enough storage you
want to go to settings then you go down to general and then under general go to
iPhone storage and under iPhone storage it will show your actual usage here at
the top and you can see I’m using 29.6 gigabytes of 64 gigabytes now if I was
closer to that 64 gigabytes or I had a bunch of things I wasn’t using or I had
a ton of saved messages it would help me delete that and I can show you what that
looks like on my iPhone XS Max so you’ll see here we can auto delete old
conversations now if you have conversations with people that you like
to keep you don’t want to turn this on and then also review large attack
so it’s giving me suggestions to save storage so just keep that in mind it
will also do that if you have apps you’re not using you
can enable it to offload some of those apps so that it will actually allow you
to install it so it’s a pretty simple process but just make sure you have
enough storage now now that you have enough storage make sure that you have
your phone backed up and the reason I say this is chances are it will be fine
once you update usually there’s not issues with updating but if there is you
want to make sure you have a backup and that means either through iTunes
plugging in through the Lightning port and then actually using your computer to
sync either on Windows or Mac or you want to use iCloud and the other reason
is if you update to iOS 13 and you really don’t like it you’ll only have a
couple weeks usually to downgrade but if you downgrade you’ll need that backup in
order to make sure you have all of your your data so in order to make sure
you’re backed up other than using iTunes you’ll go to your name here at the top
then you’ll go to iCloud and then under iCloud again you’ll see all of your
storage but go down to the bottom and you want to make sure that iCloud backup
is on and if iCloud backup is on you’re good to go and then all you want to do
is hit backup now and it will take time depending on how long you actually or
how much data you actually have and what your internet connection is but if you
don’t have enough storage you’ll need to purchase more storage so if you’re not
using a lot of storage you’re good to go you’ll see I’m actually paying for two
terabytes with iCloud so I have plenty of storage but if you don’t have this
you can either pay for more you can do that on a month-to-month basis and
downgrade so you could do it just for the month of updating and then go back
so if you go to manage storage and then you go to change storage plan it takes
just a moment to load under change storage plan you’ll see I have two
terabytes now there are downgrade options so you could upgrade for a
little bit and then downgrade after just to make sure you’re good to go
now if you have a backup already you should be fine but just make sure you
have that backup now the next thing is to make sure you have enough battery
life and the reason I say this is because maybe you are at work maybe
you’re somewhere else and you want to update to iOS 13 you’ll need at least 50
percent if you don’t have your charger with you so make sure that you have at
least fifty percent battery life or you have your charger with you either one
will work if you’re over fifty percent fine if you’re not then you’ll need your
charger now the next thing is to get the update you can check for it manually it
releases to everyone at the exact same time around the world so if you go to
settings then you go to general then you go to software update it will show up if
you have it available now if you have automatic updates on this may or may not
happen at the time it releases it can take a few days so just go ahead and
check yourself if you want it right away and you’ll have that available and then
finally make sure you have enough time to install this now depending on your
internet connection can can determine how long it takes to actually download
the update once the updates downloaded it can take anywhere from ten to thirty
minutes to install so just make sure you have that time available it will work
fine you’ll be able to use your phone until it actually goes to install and it
will prompt you to install so when you’re checking for your update it will
prompt you to install once it’s ready to go once you hit that point probably ten
minutes or so is what I would say is a safe bet for it to install it’s going to
depend heavily on the device you’re using so hopefully those steps helped
you get ready to install iOS 13 on your device also I’ll link this wallpaper in
the description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see more of these
videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a
like as always thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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