iOS 14 and watchOS 7 – Huge leak of upcoming features and much more

hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech
and this week has been filled with all sorts of upcoming Apple news and leaks
and things like that so I wanted to talk about not only iOS 14 but watch OS 7 all
sorts of other information as well including some new things from today and
so the first thing is I’ll just cover real quickly we’re really expecting
basically new iPads Pro that have an updated camera this could be coming
later in the year or in a few months we don’t really know a hundred percent for
sure along with the iPhone 9 or iPhone se 2 that will look very much like this
iPhone 8 with the same sort of display and then also we should have some new
updated Apple TVs and things like that along with later in the year Apple
watches but let’s first talk about air tags now air tags doesn’t have a major
update in fact we haven’t even seen it in reality or in person anyway but air
tags will be user locatable tags that we can place in a backpack or something
like that and it looks like Apple instead of
having a rechargeable battery may actually have user replaceable batteries
to allow the device to work for a long time so that’s something I would
definitely welcome and hopefully we see something like that maybe they’ll offer
two options it’s really hard to say now let’s start off with Apple TV and Apple
TV will supposedly be getting a new Apple TV remote now a lot of people
really dislike the current remote I’m one of the strange people that actually
likes the remote and I’ve never had an issue with it
maybe if it was a little bit bigger it would be better but it seems like we’re
going to have an updated Apple TV remote with the next Apple TV new specs but
there’s no real hint of a redesign of the box itself also we may have a new
workouts application that will be used along with the Apple watch so if you’re
working out a lot and you want to use your watch to track your activity there
may be a new app where you can train with people on an Apple TV app much like
there’s already apps but Apple will have their own version now speaking of
workouts with the Apple watch watch OS 7 is expected to have some new features
like we do every year and the first feature would be a blood oxygen
saturation sensor or an o2 set sensor and instead of just monitoring our
heartbeat you could use the same sort of sensor to monitor how much
is actually in your blood which is very helpful when working out or just
checking to see your actual saturation level it’s something that you see at a
lot of different healthcare facilities and things like that
they’re kind of common at this point so to have that on the watch would be
really helpful now with watch OS 7 we may also have a
tach imager and what that would mean is a dial around the outside edge or a new
info graph with this ability and that allows us to calculate speed over
distance so you could do that to time a race or something like that and let you
know how fast someone’s moving based off your tachometer so we may have that as a
new watch face and that’s something that’s on other watches that you can buy
that aren’t Apple watches but it’s something that isn’t really used that
often so it’ll be interesting to even either have that option or maybe have
something similar to that in watch OS 7 also we may be able to share watch faces
with others so we’d have a share sheet in the watch app where you can actually
share your watch face with family members and things like that so let’s go
into the Apple watch app so maybe you have some faces that you’ve actually
used maybe some of your photos from and things like that you’ll be able to send
those to other people within the watch gallery so maybe we would be able to
share one of these to a friend with maybe a background we like something
like that also we will have a new kids feature it looks like so where you can
actually lock down your iPhone a little bit with screen time you would have a
similar app not just screen time but instead of screen time you would have a
kid’s feature where you could pair your Apple watch and your child’s Apple watch
to the same iPhone and then you could adjust things like screen time or manage
the watch and also have a school time mode for the watch so it’d be really
interesting to see that along with remaining information of sleep tracking
along with the watch this is something we’ve seen on other fitness bands and
the Apple watch could benefit from it as well and we would expect that as long as
it has fantastic battery life so that’s pretty interesting we should see all of
those things with watch OS 7 and probably more but again keep in mind
this is all sort of early information and this could change at any time so
they could leave some of these features in they may take some out and add others
it’s really hard to say now with iOS 14 this is most of the information that
many of you are excited about including my
and the first thing is there may be a new app that uses your camera with
augmented reality to show you what’s going on around you so similar to what
you can do with Google Maps with maybe looking down the street for directions
and things like that you could use your phone
pointed at a building and it would tell you what it is so whether or not that
would be a completely new app or incorporated into an existing app it’s
hard to say but it looks like right now it may be a new app where you could get
a directory of say a store or something as you point it down a store aisle it
will show you where where things are maybe in an Apple Store you could raise
it up and point it and it would show you that there’s max on one side accessories
on the other things like that so that could be kind of helpful and then with
Apple home or home kit there may be a new feature so that if you have lights
connected to it they’ll adjust throughout the day sort of like night
shift but for your home overall so throughout the day maybe you could take
out some of the blue light towards the end of the night if you have some
Philips hue lights or something like that where it would adjust the light
based on the time of day so if you had one of these turned on it’ll take a
second you’ll see it light up here and then you could dim that over the time of
the day where it would either dim or turn on and off or things like that so
that’ll be really nice right now you can do that of course manually or change it
but it would be all done automatically based on what you have set up in the
home app now also home kit has support for secured cameras so if you have a
secured camera it will supposedly be able to recognize faces so right now if
you have a Google nest cam that will actually do that already where you can
recognize a face but it would do it securely with iOS on the device itself
using the knurl engine so instead of actually sending that information out to
Apple or out to someone else you can keep it all locally so that would be a
really interesting feature as well now this year Apple seems to be focusing on
other accessibility features last year it looks like they focused very heavily
on accessibility for those that are visually impaired this year they may be
focusing heavily on those that are hearing impaired so if you have less
than perfect hearing you may have the ability to have your phone or other
devices in your house detect sounds like anything from fire alarms to doorbells
to baby’s crying or someone knocking on the door and instead have your phone
it’s haptic feedback or the taptic engine to let you know that something’s
going on so that’s a really great way to do that I think if you have this in your
pocket or in your hand and maybe someone knocks on the door it could give you a
little tap in your hand and let you know someone’s there so these could be
features that we see this year with iOS 14 now along with the haptic
accessibility features there may be some air pod accessibility features where the
phone can actually tune the air pods for those that hear different frequencies
differently so maybe you can hear high frequencies better your phone could tune
the air pods so that you could hear higher frequencies most of the time so
if you’re using your air pods you could hear around you more often or easily so
it will do things like that and then finally your camera may be able to
detect hand gestures now we’ve seen this a little bit with things like the Google
pixel 4 and 4 XL where you can wave your hand using a using a little bit of a
radar to detect that but instead Apple may be using vision to learn what your
hands are doing so maybe that means sign language it’s hard to say but there’s
not really a lot of details but basically it would be able to detect
hand gestures now as far as wallpaper is concerned Apple may be changing the way
it’s categorized so if we go to settings and then we go back to wallpaper
currently we only have a couple different options so if we go to choose
new wallpaper we only have dynamic Stills and live instead of just dynamic
stills in life we could have categories such as flowers or plants or animals
things like that where we could better sort our wallpaper based on what we like
wallpaper seems to be something a lot of it you like as well as myself and it
would be great to have a section that’s dedicated to wallpaper and be able to
sort that now one of the most interesting pieces of information that’s
come out is that iOS 14 home screens may gain a list view and if you have an
Apple watch you may already know that this exists on the Apple watch and if
you go to your apps you can see you can sort them alphabetically and just scroll
through a list now you can switch by just force pressing go to a grid view or
go back to a list view and it looks like iOS 14 may gain something similar and so
I mocked this up to see what it might look like and this is what it may look
like maybe you’d be able to search at the top and then have all
of your apps listed alphabetically so you could scroll through them I could
see how this could be more helpful for those they have difficulty seeing the
display and just want to scroll through things but I think a lot of us just want
the ability to sort the applications how we want on the home screen and maybe
have some widgets or some blank space or resize them and things like that but it
does look like we will get a list view if Apple continues to add this in and
leaves this with the final version now aside from that we should also get the
integration of Ali pay into Apple pay so it looks like that’s in the code I don’t
see why they wouldn’t integrate that since that’s something that’s used
around the world and so that makes sense to see that coming to iOS 14 as well
now with iPad OS there’s been some information saying there’d be new
keyboards with trackpad or Mouse integration that could work really well
in the future but in order for that to work you would need to redesign iPad OS
a little bit to change the way the current mouse cursor works that was
introduced with iPad OS 13 and so what that means is there may be a new mouse
cursor that shows up when you’re using the mouse and then quickly disappears
when you’re not using it you’ll also be able to to finger tap to right-click on
an app and basically get the touch to press or happen to press feedback that
you would normally get and then also there may be some new gestures to help
you navigate between applications so the current ones are a little bit confusing
for some people and right now if I wanted to bring in multiple apps it’s a
little bit confusing where you want to bring in maybe say settings here off to
the side it works fine but it doesn’t work as well as some other things do so
for example if I want to bring music over here now now we can bring it in and
sometimes it snaps in place and it doesn’t and there’s been a lot of
complaints about that lately so maybe we’ll see a slight redesign with that
now that’s all the information so far with iPad OS and that doesn’t mean we
won’t see more with iOS 14 and iPad OS in the future but there’s even more
information that was kind of leaked today about new MacBook Pros and MacBook
Airs shipping by June now there may have been delays
I thought we’d see them already but they may be pushed back to June but a MacBook
Pro and a MacBook Air should be coming with the new keyboards also there’s some
information from Minji quo which it’s hard to say whether or not this is
legitimate or not but there may be new arm Macs
as soon as the fourth quarter of twenty twenty or twenty twenty-one but in 2021
supposedly there will be a complete redesign of the MacBook Pro that
actually makes sense since it’s been a long time for a full redesign but at
this point I think they’re doing well with the sixteen inch and the upcoming
forty ninjas so there’s all of this information out there saying that all
these updates are coming we will only know this when WWDC is announced or
whether or not Apple live streams that are whatever they’re going to do this
year so it’s hard to say what the what they’ll actually do with that but I’m
excited for iOS 14 particularly with a ListView and hopefully a new home screen
view along with some iPad OS changes and some other things that we hopefully
aren’t expecting and watch OS of course but let me know your thoughts in the
comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper I’ll link it in
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