Hi, everyone. Today, I’m going to show you
how to make a collage using iPad. Now, what is a collage? It is a piece of art where you stick together
cuttings from photos or magazines etc. There’s an app where
you can make them digitally. The app is called Paper. This is my second video about Paper. I hope you check out
the first one, too. Paper is generally used as a drawing app. It’s good for things like quick illustrations,
and keeping your design ideas. With this app you can also
clip and stick images together. There aren’t many other apps where
you can cut and paste a collage this easily. If you want to make a collage
using iPad, this is the app
I recommend you download. You can download this app for free. But, there’s an in-app purchase. The monthly subscription
is like 900 yen a month. You must subscribe
to create the collages. So, if you want to create these,
download the app for free and subscribe. Today, I’m going to focus on
how to make collages. I hope you enjoy. Here we go. First, let’s open a page with Paper. This is the illustration of London
I created the other day. You can start a new page by swiping
the screen from the right side with two fingers. There’re all kinds of brushes down here. There’s a wide variety,
I think six types. Here’s a Diagram tool,
and here’s a Fill tool. You can also change colors easily. Here’s the Color bar. How to change brush sizes? You can swipe up to make
the tools larger, and swipe down to make them smaller. There’re three sizes each. If you place colors
with the Color tool, like this, and use the Blend tool,
which is second from the left, you can blend the colors together. This is a good function, too. The far left is an Eraser tool. You can change the size of
the Eraser tool by swiping up, too. When you tap and hold the Eraser
a pop-up will appear. You can erase everything from the canvas
by tapping Clear All. Let me show you
one of my favorite tools. I like and often use this one where
I can draw with the brush and the colors fill in. That was a brief
introduction of the tools. This tool on the right is the Collage tool. You fill first see a button
for adding images. Tap it to launch a list
from you Camera Roll. Select the images you want
to use for your collage. Today, I’m using this guy
doing a super yoga pose, and this fabulous flamingo, and some flowers I want to add. I’m going to create today’s collage
with these four photos. Let me start with explain
how to move the images front and back. If you want to bring an image
to the front from the back, hold the image, and touch
the other images. That will change the order
of the layers. Paper doesn’t have what we call layers. You can change the order of the images
by holding and taping them. When the images start to pile up, the image order will become
a really important issue. So, keep this technique in mind. Now, let me show you how to
cut out the images. You should find a pop up
if you tap to select the image. Then press the scissor icon
on the far left. Now, draw along the edges
with your Apple Pencil. No need to rush,
just trace the outlines. If you let go, the cutting prosses will stop. So, don’t let your Apple Pencil go
until you’re finished. Just carefully trace the outline. Let me show you how
with this flamingo. Try to draw a line just a little bit
inside the actual outline. It will look better that way
when you cut it out. Now, you have finished
drawing around the object. Let go and see that
the piece is now cut out. All I need is the flamingo.
I don’t need the background. Tap to select the background
and press the Trash Can button. And that leaves the just the flamingo. This is so cute. You can retouch the parts later, by selecting with the Scissors
and pressing the Trash Can. You can clean up and trim. I’m going to do the same thing
with the other photos. This photo with the man doing
a yoga pose is rather difficult. When you what to cut out
a complicated object like this, I think it’s better you
do it little by little. See here for example. I selected this part
and deleted it with the Trash Can button. Select the image again,
and press the Scissors button. You can kind of peel off
the rest of the background in small pieces. You might need some time
to get used to this cutting. But once you get used to it,
it becomes sooo much fun. It’s addictive.
I hope you try. Your selection of image
is also an important factor. All you can do is trial and error. There’s a website I often pick up
called Unsplash. You could find images there. You could also look at magazine apps
such as d Magazine. You could take a screenshot
and use it in your collage. I can’t, because I’d be in trouble
if I did that on my YouTube channel. There’s no problem
for you if it’s privet use. It’ll be a good idea to collage
an image you found from a magazine app. Now, after you’ve finished
cutting out the objects, it’s time to lay them out. What you put in front and behind
is an important but difficult decision. You can change the sizes
of the objects. Tap an image to select
and pinch it with two fingers. You can make it bigger and smaller. You should find a Copy button
when you tap to select an image. It’s the second from the right. If you press that Copy button, you can duplicate an object
over and over. I’m duplicating the flowers. There’re going to be
here and there. The reason I chose this image is because I thought the lines
of this man doing yoga would be a great combination with
the lines of the flamingo. I also wanted to express
the elegance with the flowers. I’m duplicating this orange flower
and laying those out, too. You could keep the flower behind, and you can bring a copy
to the front. Go ahead and try all kinds of layouts. Before I finish, I’m adding some green,
because I want an accent. It’s not bad as it is,
I just think it’s too pinkish. I’m going to add some green. Select the leaves,
and cut them out like the other objects. I’m going to cut this out
and put it in the back. It wasn’t easy cutting the leaves out,
because they were so intricate. You might enjoy it if
you like to work with your hands. I don’t like, or should I say
I’m not good at intricate work. I prefer dynamic work,
so, I had a hard time with this one. I finally finished cutting it out. I’m putting it in the back. Adjust the order of the objects. I’m going to duplicate it,
and insert that, too. How about here. The more the objects,
the more it gets complicated. But I think this is pretty good. Wow, this collage looks like things
are blooming from the yoga-guy. This looks great. I wanted to see if I could
paint the background. I couldn’t draw on the white background. Even though I try, the color appears
in front of the images. I find that the images and
the Brush tool don’t work that good together. So, if you want to add some color
using the Brush tool, you’ll have to color first,
and erase the part you don’t need. That’s a way you can do it. But I don’t think that’s
a realistic idea. So, when using Paper, it’s best you make a collage
with images only. There.
It looks fancy with a sign. OK, let me call that a finish.
What do you think? Don’t you want to make a collage?
I hope you try. I would love a thumbs up
if you appreciated this video. I have another video
about Paper I uploaded. I’m putting a link
in the description box. Check it out
if you’re interested in Paper. Thank you today for watching. See you in my next video. Bye.

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