iPad 2018 & Apple Pencil Giveaway! Thank You for 150,000 Subscribers!

iPad 2018 & Apple Pencil Giveaway! Thank You for 150,000 Subscribers!

– I’m Andrew Edwards, and
you’re watching Gear Live. A few days ago, I told you guys about our Oculus Go giveaway, which is still happening right now. If you want to win the Oculus
Go virtual reality headset, I’ll leave a link down below. Click on that, enter, good luck. In that same video, I
told you we would have another giveaway just a few days later. That day is today, and this video is to celebrate the
150,000 subscriber mark that you guys helped me break. This giveaway is for Apple’s
brand new iPad six generation. This is the new iPad that
supports the Apple Pencil. So we’re also gonna throw
an Apple Pencil in as well. So if you win, you get the iPad, and you get the Apple Pencil. Inside the box for the
iPad six generation, you’ll find the iPad tablet itself, a lightning to USB cable,
and a USB power adapter. The Apple Pencil is not
included in the box, but we are gonna throw one
in for the winner as well. I’ve teamed up with a couple
of my friends here on YouTube to make this giveaway happen. Shout out to Glen Henry,
better known as Belief. His album, Belief in Fatherhood, you’ve probably heard here on my channel, if you’ve been watching for a while. I’m not allowed to use popular music when I want to demonstrate,
like, speakers, Bluetooth speakers,
smartphones, et cetera. So I’ll use music from
friends who make good music, and who allow me to use their tracks. Glen is gracious enough
to allow me to do that. Shout out to Glen, he recently surpassed 100,000 subscribers
over on his channel, and I’ve also teamed up with
a couple of my other friends, Matt and Glory, Slice and Rice. They just surpassed 130,000 subscribers over on their comedy channel. They do challenges, they do skits, they do all, basically they just do funny, ridiculous, funny discussions. If you want to laugh,
check out Slice and Rice. If you want to hear great music, and see really cool vlogging style, check out Belief, Belief in Fatherhood. Now both of those channels will be linked down in the description below, as well as the link to
enter the iPad giveaway. That’ll be the first link
down in the description. Click that link, follow the instructions, and you’ll be entered to win
the sixth generation iPad. By the way, this is the gold model. This is what you will be winning, if you end up being the
random winner chosen. This is our way of giving back to you guys for helping us meet these milestones. 150,000 here, 130,000 on Slice and Rice, 100,000 at Belief in Fatherhood. Now I’m obviously speaking for me, but I know I speak for
all three of our channels, when I say that if it wasn’t
for you guys supporting us, sharing our content, watching our content, commenting, liking, everything, hitting that subscribe button. All those things that you’ve done are what allows us to
be where we are today. And this giveaway is one of
the ways that we can give back, and say thank you. If you enjoy this one, and you
are excited to win an iPad, drop a like on this video, and don’t forget you can
click or tap on my face, here at the bottom of the screen in order to subscribe
for free to the channel. So you don’t miss any future videos. Thanks so much for
watching as always, guys. I appreciate your support, and
good luck to all who enter, and I will catch you in the next video. (energetic music)

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