iPad mini 1 gen 2017. iPad mini 1G в 2017, стоит ли?

iPad mini 1 gen 2017. iPad mini 1G в 2017, стоит ли?

I have an idea! You make faking circle as an intro of your channel. Shortly, why i need to make this intros?! I thing, will be better this: Hello everybody! You are on my channel STEFEKLEEEEEN! And we should change KLEEEN and achy…. I have a giving away a popular spinner, to take part CLICK ON THE LINK IN DESCRIPTION TO THIS VIDEO, TO NOW ABOUT RULES, RESULTWILL BE ON THE 22 JUNE AT 19:00 MOSKOW TIME Hello, you are on channel STEFEKLEN Today, we will talk about iPad mini 1-gen It was presented in 2012, and today we will talk about it. Is it good device? Should you buy it? Also And advices for people, who have it, should you sell it? So, let’s start… WTF with me?! Sleep at night… Good advice. We will start with his features: It was made it 2 colours: Silver and Black BUT some time later BLACK was changed in Space gray Truely, i don’t know how to comment it, cause Black is so sexy… We have 3 configurations: 16, 32 and 64 GB It has got A5 processor, and this fact we should remember… Barman I WANT TO DRINK! TNKS About its screen. It is 7,9 inch Talk about camera, interesting theme. Back camera is 5 MP and FaceTime camera is 1,2 MP FUCK! FRIDGE IS VERY LOUD! DOG IS VERY LOUD! AND CAT ALSO, HIS NAME BARSICK BARSICKKKKKK BARSICK…… GRANNY IS lOUD TOO!!! PEOPLE! GIVE ME MONEY FOR NEW STUDIO. PLEASE!!!! AS YOU UNDERSTEND IT IS VERY OLD DEVICE, SO NOW YOU CAN USE IT ONLY FOR: TO SURF THE NET WATCH VIDEOS LISTEN TO MUSIC AND THERE IS NO FITNES!!!!!!! This is compare of black and space grey iPads NO CHANGINGS…. And here you can see BUGS of this iPad Let’s make antutu test.. IT WAS VERY LONG TEST! AND YOU CAN SEE BUGS IN THIS TEST VERY BAD BUGS…. 16000 ITS VERY BAD RESUL, iPHONE 5 HAVE 32000 AND IT HAS ALSO A5 NOW TO THE INTERESTING… I think to make fridge less loud. Open Close Open Close Open Close IT DOES HELPS!!! iPad mini can’t have iOS 10 Remember? It has got A5 and so it can’t have iOS10 and other devices with A5 can’t have iOS 10( To sum up. You shouldn’t buy this device, if you have it, you must sell it because you can’t use normally games and other apps and it has got a lot of bugs BUT! If you are Apple fan you can save it for your collection) Thats all! Thanks for watching! Like this video! Subscribe! And send this video to friends! Peace and bye!

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  1. Я думал ,что я – эпплофил)

  2. А куда на студию кидать ?

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  4. Вехехехех,надо бы наверное тоже поучаствовать,хотя…

  5. Видео хорошее,НО больше неудачных дублей

  6. А вот такой вопрос: а стоит ли уже избавиться от второго поколения и на что менять?

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