iPad mini setup with Voiceover

iPad mini setup with Voiceover

Narrator: Once you take your iPad mini out of the box
and have taken off all of the bits of plastic around it, you can turn the unit on. You first
of all get the Apple logo and it will come onto a “welcome” screen after about half a
minute. Once that welcome screen appears, you can
then start the VoiceOver screen reader and continue the setup from there. I can now triple tap with the Home button
and turn VoiceOver on. VoiceOver: VoiceOver on. Narrator: You might need to play with the volume buttons
at the right hand side of the screen in order to get the volume as you like it. What’s going on on the screen now is it’s
cycling around the word “hello” in lots of different languages. VoiceOver: Hello hello. Narrator: There it is in English. If I swipe to the
right and then double tap … VoiceOver: Setup. British English. Narrator: On the next screen you’re asked for a language,
and this is to do with VoiceOver. I can double tap again to choose that. VoiceOver: Back. Back button. Narrator: And now I can swipe to find which country
I’m in. VoiceOver: Select your country or region. United Kingdom. Narrator: And double tap to choose that again. VoiceOver: Back. Back button. Narrator: Whenever you get the “Back” button it just
means the screen has changed and you can swipe to the right to find out what’s on it. VoiceOver: Choose a Wi-Fi network. BT OpenZone. RNIBSkype2
secure, signal strength 83%. Double tap to join the network. Narrator: Notice that if I leave it for a couple of
seconds it actually gives me an indication, a hint, of what to do. So I can double tap
… VoiceOver: Password. Secure. Text field. Is editing. Narrator: And now I need to type in our password. When
typing in a password, you need to find the letter that you want to type, then take your
finger off and double tap the screen in order to put that in. So I’ll just demonstrate by
finding the last letter of this password, which is the letter “y”. I can put my finger
on the screen VoiceOver: B. H. Hotel. Y. Yankee. Narrator: And when I’ve found it, I can take my finger
off and double tap anywhere on the screen to input that letter. And then, to find “Join”, I can either use
the Join key on the keyboard, or the Join button towards the top of the screen, and
I can find either of those with my finger, and double tap. VoiceOver: Join. Join. In progress. Next button enabled.
Back. Back button. Continue button. Narrator: I have to also enable location services, which
is the next bit on the screen, and I’ll just show you a slightly different way that I can
get to things. As well as being able to swipe left and right I can put my finger anywhere
on the screen, as I did on the keyboard, and move it around to find something. So I’ll
find the “enable location services”. VoiceOver: About location … location services … what
is location services … heading …disable location services … enable location services. Narrator: And then, leaving my finger on the screen,
I can tap on the screen anywhere with another finger. VoiceOver: Set up as new iPad. Narrator: When you’re doing that, moving your finger
around the screen, if you hear a “dinging” noise like this … all that means is that
you’re on the touch-sensitive area of the iPad – not the bezel around the edge, which
is not touch-sensitive – but there is nothing actually underneath your finger. So I’m going to find out the next bit that
I need to do now, so I’m going to start near the top of the screen. VoiceOver: Five forty … back … set up iPad … heading
… set up as new iPad. Sign in with your Apple ID. Narrator: And now I’m going to go back to swiping. VoiceOver: Create a free Apple … Sign in with your
Apple ID … create a free Apple ID … skip this step button. Narrator: Normally I’d use an Apple ID but I don’t want
to waste the time by typing in a password. VoiceOver: Are you sure? You must have a … Skip button.
Back. Back button. Terms and conditions. Send by email. Important. Please read the following
terms before using your iOS device. Narrator: You can tap with two fingers on the screen
at any point to stop VoiceOver speaking. For some reason the Back and Next buttons
have been at the top of the screen up until now. The Agree and Disagree buttons have actually
moved to the bottom of the screen so if I want to find them I have to swipe, keep swiping
right until I get there … VoiceOver: A … iOS terms … please … if you … disagree
… agree Narrator: And double tap. VoiceOver: Terms and conditions. I agree to the Terms
and conditions … Cancel button … Agree button. Narrator: I prefer doing the swiping on the screen because
it means I don’t need to know where things are. I can just swipe left and right, find
the thing I want, and then double tap anywhere. VoiceOver: Hide keyboard. Double tap and hold to alter
keyboard. Narrator: So – it might not be obvious – what we’re
being asked here for is a passcode and again, if I put my finger on the screen I can find
this out. VoiceOver: Create a passcode. Enter a four digit passcode.
Don’t add passcode, button. Narrator: And I’m going to do that one for the time
being; I don’t care who sees what’s on my iPad. VoiceOver: Don’t add passcode. A passcode secures your
iPad. Add passcode. Continue, button. Siri helps you get things done just by asking.
You can send a message, dictate a note or check … Narrator: Again this is an odd one in that
the area that takes focus is now at the bottom of the screen and I need to move toward the
top of the screen … VoiceOver: Don’t use Siri. Use Siri. Narrator: To choose things. VoiceOver: Back, back button. Diagnostics. Automatically
send. Welcome to iPad. Get started, button. Home. Facetime. Double tap to open. Narrator: And that’s it. That’s gone through the setup
now. Hopefully you can see that with VoiceOver, the built in screen reader, it’s possible
to start that up by triple tapping the Home button after you’ve initially turned your
iPad on, and then go through the whole of the setup process using VoiceOver. Unfortunately it’s not possible to do the
same thing with Zoom, the built in magnifier, but at least it means you can do it with VoiceOver,
and then once you’ve got to this stage and your iPad is set up, you can turn VoiceOver
off and turn Zoom on. Setting up your iPad in this way also has
the effect of setting the triple click for the Home button to be to switch VoiceOver
on and off. In other words, now I can triple click … VoiceOver: VoiceOver off. Narrator: And it turns VoiceOver off. And if I triple
click again … VoiceOver: VoiceOver on. Narrator: I hope you found that short demonstration
useful. Thank you.

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