iPad Proで合成画像は作れる!Artstudio Proの使い方

iPad Proで合成画像は作れる!Artstudio Proの使い方

Hello everyone, Today I’d like to introduce how to make a composite image. Using an image that already exists is called mockup and is often used for presentations to clients. For example, you can show this iphone ui which becomes like this. I usually work as an art director/designer and frequently make these. Usually these are made by mac,computers but I’d like to show that they are able to make using the ipad. We are going to use an app called art studio pro today. It’s almost like photoshop The functions are almost the same. The language of this app is English. People used to photoshop should be able to use this app easily. Recently I heard that photoshop is going to release an Ipad version. If you can’t wait, then use this 🙂 It’s about 1600yen. Start-up art studio pro I frequently use it so it is kept here. Start from the button upright. Push new from photos to read images. This time, we are going to use an image with a person holding an Iphone. Let me explain about the tools. The layer is upright. You can add layers pushing the plus button. The left side is the tool bar, like brushes and erasers. This is the menu bar You can read images and change colors. down left, there is a back button, and full screen. To get used to it, try tapping a few buttons. Ok, lets get started. First, lock the layer. Push the gear button, then lock position. Then add a layer on top. I’d like to add another image. Inside the menu bar, there is a layer button so push add layers from photos then add a image from your photos I will add a screenshot from my iphone which I took beforehand. This is one example of my screenshot. I will use my the share function in my ipad and iphone. just like this. art studio pro will read it. A new layer has been added. To fit this screenshot, in the screen, use deformation. From the edit menu tab, push transform. It enables you to transform freely. Drag and drop the edge of the image to change size and rotate. There is an undo redo button here. The spin button allows you to tweak the image. the arrow lets you adjust by 1 pix Which is very detailed. RIght here, there is a spect ratio Which locks the vertical and horizontal ration of the image If you turn it off, You can transform the image like this. I think you should keep this on. Now I’ve adjusted it like this There is a mode button, and it is scaled now. Change it to free. Then this edge point become adjustable, and able to stretch like this. Hold here to adjust to the iphone image. You will not be able to see the part hidden by the hand so image it By feeling like this. When finished, push done Then the menu will return. From here, I’d like to dull the edgy parts. By the way, if you tap with 2 fingers it will return, 3 fingers will go ahead. How to shape the edgy parts to become more like a circle Make a mask, by pushing the + button. Add mask, Then review all. Use black brush Fill in parts unnecessary. To figure out up to where to fill in, Lower the transparency It makes the under layer visible and easier to fill in I’m going to fill in using the black brush now. Sorry with the hair My hair was ponytail, but the front hair kind of shown. If you fill in using the white brush, The image returns So use the white brush, don’t use the eraser To make the fixing easier later. I used a thin brush for the hand, and it looks more clean when thin. If you fill in using the mouse on your laptop, it would probably take a lot of time. The apple pencil lets you draw straight lines using your intuition. So I recommend this. Adjust the opacity to 100% and we are almost done. Finally, adjust the image here Adjust the color , tone balance of the whole image. Make another layer by pushing the + button. use the gradation fill on the left. Which enables you to make gradations like this. The usage of this is to make light of the image. From up left to down right, The light is like this. Add the clipping mask from the gear button up right. Push enable clipping mask. Then only the under layer holds the gradation. Next change the gradation mode. This time I’m going to use soft light. Can you see the difference of the light? Adjust the opacity This is good enough, but I would like to add a shadow and highlight. Lastly, add a filter When making a composite image, adding a filter 2 different color tones look nice. Finally, push the gradation map This time I’m going to add a brown color filter. Adjust the color, I want to tighten the shadow so I will use dark brown. I made this gradation mode soft light and the tone colors tightened a bit. Adjust the opacity and now I am finished. Take a look at this image I made. this is a sample of how to make an composite image using the ipad. It can be made in about 10 minutes. So give it a try. I will explain how to export the image From the menu bar, push export ping pdf jpeg tiff psd photoshop pdf also art studio pro any file type is possible. then push next Now you can save the image and share it I usually airdrop it to my iphone. And send it to people by email because I feel it is more convenient. like this. This is it for today. I will introduce other composite images and layers for art studio pro So feel free to subscribe.

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  3. こんにちは。
    今、2018年ipadとApplePencilを持っているのですが、Amityさんの動画を見ると、iPad Pro12.9が欲しくなります。
    iPad Proをここまで楽しく見せてくれる人が他に居ないのでは?と思います。
    iPad Proって、こんなに使えるし楽しいんだなと、凄く伝わります。

  4. めっちゃ分かりやすい!参考にさせていただきます!登録もしました(^ ^)

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  6. Photoshop待ちきれず、Artstudio Pro購入しました。Photoshopと同じ感じで、と思っていましたが、やはり英語だけだと時々??って感じになるので、この動画で確認しながらやってみました。ありがとうございます。amity_senseiのおかげでProcreateやArtstudio pro等が売れているのは間違いないですね!

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