iPad ProでPDF赤入れ!! 最強ノートアプリGoodNote4。

Hello everyone Today I’d like to add red notes to pdf files using an app called GoodNote 4 I usually work as an Art Director and goodnote is an very excellent app for me I recommend goodnote for art directors. so give it a try Let me easily explain about goodnote I’m using goodnote 4 now It got updated and there is a 5 but I still use 4 The reason is because version 5 reviews seem bad Once the bugs are fixed I might try 5 I start-up goodnote to put red notes in pdf This time we are going to read pdf from a mail app Usually files that you want to add red notes are sent by mail There is an easy way to read pdf into goodnote Use split view Open goodnote and the email app using split view Drag&drop the pdf to goodnote And the pdf is read into goodnote easily Click here to add red notes People have their own ways of writing I usually surround and add notes like trim this part and make this part bigger for example, this picture when you want to leave a message to change this picture use split view again On right open safari or some picture app Drag&drop to add photos into goodnote again use the lasso tool to change size draw an arrow saying “change this picture with this one” to tell your designer And leave messages and orders to your designer like this The lasso tool is very convenient there are also markers you can add highlights A good thing about markers is that the don’t interfere with the black letters It’s excellent Once you are done, send an email back to your designer push the button upright then change the file name to whatever you like Be careful, to keep annotations on If you don’t, people will not be able to see the messages so don’t forget to keep the annotations on Like this , the pdf has been added to the mail send a message to your designer or whoever sent you an email This time we used an email app, but other items are available too so chose any one you like So today I introduced that even if you are outside, you can write messages on pdf and send it easily goodnote has many other interesting usages So I will introduce them in my other videos Thanks for watching! See you again

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