iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd Generation) Unboxing & Brief Review

iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd Generation) Unboxing & Brief Review

Hello, my name is Logan and welcome to my youtube channel Today we are going to be discussing the new iPad pro This is my very first video. So bear with me as I gonna be honest I don’t know what I’m doing, but I hope you enjoy hello again, welcome back Today we are going to be discussing the iPad pro Third-generation 128 gig I have already pealed off the plastic on this one Unfortunately, I purchased two of them one is for a co-worker This one right here is for the co-worker. So I’ll show you that one So when you open the device or the box up looks just like a standard Apple packaging Look the little tab Has the plastic Peal it all off When you first look at the device, it is absolutely stunning They did a really great job with the cosmetics of this device compared to the previous generation IPads, they just did not have this square body I would say But overall, I love the design of the device Up under Under the pamphlet you have a upgraded I believe this is a let’s see From what I’ve read online this is upgraded it does say output 5 volt 3 amp or 9 volt 2 amp But I do believe this is a little bit stronger than the normal one Does have a USB C output as you can see right there you Also get a USB C chord I do wish they would make these a little bit longer but They don’t so it is what it is You can always buy extra ones online Amazon always has a fairly good deal on USB C chords as well as really any type of chord you may need Inside of this it includes You have a brochure On the device tells about face ID control center tips home dock app switcher Looks like it just goes over the multi-touch gestures which are fairly new to the iPad the older iPads did have Gestures just this one really requires it because there’s no home button Not sure what that is you do get a sim eject tool which is nice It’s not as good as the old ones back in the iPhone 3G iPhone 2g if you want to call it that days, but there is a cinema jack tool you also get the infamous 2 Apple stickers Go ahead and slide that back in there Put that back there onto the iPad The iPad This is the iPad let’s move on to that I’ve already set this one up. This is my personal iPad. The display is absolutely stunning it is I Would say better than the previous version. I may be biased because I love my Apple products But So set that out the way over there It does have face ID As you can see here It automatically unlocks as soon as I look at it if you do not look at it Let’s see if I can get you to see it. If you do not look at it. You’ll see how there’s a lot As soon as I look at it It’s unlocked So On to the actual iPad itself It is beautiful, I mean this is one of the Apple backgrounds that they provide for the new iPad pro the Speed of this device. I originally came from the iPad pro 1st generation and obviously had many iPads prior to that but this is uh, I Don’t even know how to put words to it. It’s amazing It’s the closest thing that you can get to an computer replacement in the ipad line they did finally decide to put in a USB C port, which is nice I Am a little bit upset. I did upgrade my phone not sure what I did with my But I did upgrade my phone to the iPhone Xs I wish they would have went ahead and replaced that with a USB C port I’m not exactly sure why they would not have replaced that Considering it didn’t really come out that long ago So now I also have the 2018 MacBook Pro which obviously features USB C so it is very nice to have a universal charging, you know port for all your devices IPhone Xs, it’s just kind of thrown out still stuck in the Lightning world So maybe next year’s model will have the Lightning port the actual iPad itself the operating system is Fairly similar to what it was There’s nothing really that New to it with the exception The new Apple pencil I Like it I’ll start out by saying that it seems to be a little bit more accurate I’m gonna open up notability Let’s see if I can find it So here is notability they are one of the first ones to support the new Apple pencil Double tap method so with the device when you double tap They switch us between the eraser you can obviously change that under your settings if you go into the settings on your phone I mean from your iPad and click Apple pencil, there’s an option to switch between the eraser and then your last Utensil I prefer the eraser because I make a lot of mistakes So when you’re writing, you know, you can help I’ve been on the racer all you have to do is tap When you’re writing works great need the eraser BAM You’re just not stuck having to go back and forth between The top thing you’re writing the top and the right That was one thing that drove me crazy with my previous generation Apple pencil and iPad pro one downside to this is It does not work on the first or second generation iPad I Get Why? This doesn’t work But I still believe that you should you be able to use your Apple pencil 1st gen on the new iPad They should have maybe made an adapter Heck they could have sold it for 10-15 bucks and people would have bought it to save the whopping hundred and nineteen dollars that this cost It truly blows my mind that You can’t use your old ones. So there it is it is 129 dollars right now the Estimated ship date is about two weeks away. I do know that Best Buy has these And they may even have the iPad in stock, which is really interesting My local Apple store, which is the Apple store in Augusta, Georgia Which is still about an hour away from me They for whatever reason have the new Apple pencil So if you are in the that and you know in the Georgia South town area that I do know that the Apple store in Augusta has the new Apple pencil Let me check to see if they also have the new iPad I’m just going to do this is the 256 gig version so I’m gonna go ahead and set that up So the actual iPad they do not have the iPad It looks like that is even packed ordered even more for the store which has a December 3rd pick up date Today is November 9th. So I mean almost a month away, but if I order it online can have it at my house between November 26 and the 29th for the fastest delivery, so not sure why the Apple store does not have The ability to get it in the same timeframe other than that, I do actually have the new Apple folio, I Think that’s what they call it the folio case So that is this right here it is a Fairly nice case. I’m glad they did create something that protects both sides So you don’t have to in my previous iPad I? purchased the Protective back that Apple store. I can’t remember what it’s called and I clipped that on and I also use the keyboard This one has more of an all-in-one solution one big downside to this is there’s Virtually, no protection to the corners. I mean it literally butts up to the edge I’m not sure if you guys can see that but There’s nothing there to protect your iPad but the Apple pencil, it does allow it to Clip on the side Which is new to the iPad pro third generation. It does allow you to set it up and two different heights That one is a little bit more straight up and you also have this mode which To me is a little bit better because it has more of an angle The Apple pencil obviously, can you sit there and also charges up there, which is nice when you set it on the top a Little banner will appear right here. It shows Apple pencil and it will tell you the battery one thing that is nice about the Apple pencil when you swipe down and go to your Notification Center it does list your battery levels of both your iPad and your Apple pencil and That is the new iPad Let me know what you guys think. I love to hear the comments. I personally, I’m glad that they Did these modifications they did a great job on this one? And I’m proud of it Hey guys. I hope you enjoyed my video today. This was my very first video. So Thanks for bearing with me as we went through the new iPad pro in the Apple pencil – thanks for watching. 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  1. Hey man. Nice video – do you know when matte screen protectors will be released for this model?

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