iPad Pro (2018) — первый обзор и распаковка

iPad Pro (2018) — первый обзор и распаковка

Hello. We have two epic boxes here. More precisely: not two, but four, in which there is a new iPad Pro, and this, as you know, the “dream” of any “creative person” and another attempt by Apple to destroy laptops. Today we will unpack them, and tell you what’s new in these iPads and see if there is a wow-effect. Personally for me the appearance of the device – wow! I want to say something. Looking at the boxes of new iPads right now, it becomes clear that the old ones look quite so-so design of the last century! For the first time in history, we have iPads with Type-C. And that means it will be extremely interesting to see what is in the kit. Two boxes: one for 11 inches, the second – for 12.9″. iPad (2018) is still not sold in Russia. They start later than all over the world. I had to take them abroad, what our favorite store of gadgets BigGeek.ru helped us with. And now there are all versions of new iPads. Ok, Let’s start “unboxing therapy.” Take a small version. Everything is customary here. Characteristics placed behind. This is a 1 TB iPad with LTE. This 512 GB, also with a SIM-card. Let’s open this box. Here it is an iPad, wow, how thin and cool it is. Small, compact, so put it for now. Let’s see what is below. We have an envelope with instructions here. which also contains Apple stickers and a clip to remove the SIM card, if we have an iPad with LTE. And this is our case. But this is more interesting. Type-C cable on both sides. Apple finally thought of it. Amazing. Well, the power adapter, as you understand, is also with a Type-C 18W. And this, in principle, the whole set. Although I have news for you, it is sad one. Cable Type-C, Type-C – this is good, right? You can connect the iPad to the Mac and not to bathe with adapters. Well, finally, Apple thought about it … Nope, suffer time! This cable is for charging only. If you connect it to a Mac, nothing will happen. So please buy a separate data cable. Well, or use Wi-Fi support, iTunes has this feature Therefore, if you want to transfer music and movies, you will have to be “worn out.” The box with iPad is still not open, let’s fix it! Now there will be a pleasant sound … as the films are removed. It’s always nice to do that. By the way, this iPad is silver. The second is Space gray, now we’ll also see it too. Well, we still have the Apple Pencil and keyboard. Let’s look at them now. Let’s find it with a Pencil, open it right now. The feeling is as pleasant as when you open a new iPad or iPhone. Hm … So, on top a whole bunch of instructions in which there is nothing interesting. And Pencil. Also in the wrapper, everything is as it should be! It looks like an 1d gen. But at the same time much more steeply made. И самое главное, что теперь Apple Pencil
не нужно заряжать с помощью Lightning. Because the bundle has nothing else. iPad has a magnetic charge. Well, just like this, we attach it here and it charges. And yet it can be twisted like this, it’s stable. Holds tightly. Let’s now look at the keyboard. Folio, of course, the original keyboard from Apple, not from a third party. And, frankly, I have been waiting it for a long time. It is already shown here that it works in two positions. Like a case. Let’s open it quickly, see what is inside. Maybe something interesting, besides the keyboard. So, tapes! Keyboard. And here we have a case in which there is … nothing. Let’s look then at how this whole thing is going and working with the iPad. Attached now by magnetic connector, which is behind the iPad. Press it. This is how it looks like. Very cool, do not need to buy anything “extra.” Well, works in two modes. You can put it like this or you can put it like this. Tactile is no different from the previous generation. But if before there were some difficult to operate, now it’s almost a perfect keyboard which also will serve as a cover for yours iPad, and will protect it from falls, strikes and so on. Let’s go back to the tablets. A small remark. This is how you can wear an Apple Pencil on case. Conveniently, it’s stable. In principle, it looks like what Microsoft did with their Surface. Not enough truth ingenious stand, which is not invented (in Apple). But Apple is already very good. There are two colors on sale. This is what silver looks like. Nice one, generally similar to the first iPad. Angular! Well, this is what the Space Gray color looks like. It depends. Well, now you need to compare the new iPad with the iPad 10.5, to feel the difference. Well, you can see the transformation. And most importantly, the iPad is so good: neat, minimal frames around the screen and the lack of a Home button. By the way, the screen turns on by pressing, as on the iPhone. And here is the Face ID, which works in two positions: both vertically and horizontally. There is no such thing in the iPhone. Well, in general, I am delighted now. What the iPad has. Above is a camera, large, bulges a lot. Under located microphone flash. Above and below are antennas that are very neatly made. Naturally, there is an Apple logo, a smart connector. The buttons are all in place: volume, power, everything, as usual. Above and below there are speakers, four pieces, stereo sound. Apple praised sound very much at the presentation. For nought. I already listened and compared version 12.9 of the old and the new. And the old one sounds louder, the new one sounds a bit bigger. But I can not say that this is good news. Next. Finally Type-C. You can connect monitors here, cameras, anything you want. We will talk about this in a detailed review. And finally: Jack 3.5 disappeared from here, this is so sad. Because many musicians connected instruments on it. Sad, but it’s fine. You can buy an adapter with Type-C to mini-jack. Therefore, it is possible to live somehow. Thickness. Declined. If you compare the new iPad with iPad 10.5. Of course, you cannot say right away, because here it is angular, the corners are beveled. But, overall, it was 6.1 mm, and it became – 5.9, plus both versions became lighter than the previous ones. Well, now let’s talk about the display. First, look how fantastic it looks. True? Now it is called Liquid Retina, as in the iPhone XR. IPS matrix, aspect ratio as before. A dots per inch – 264. Plus, there is True Tone, there is ProMotion technology, which doubles the frame rate from 60 to 120 frames. And this is pleasant to the eye …
and it is more convenient to use a pencil. By the way, check out how the Apple Pencil connects to the iPad. In my opinion, it also looks fantastic. But at the same time, the new iPad does not support the old generation Apple Pencil, so you have to buy a new one, and this pencil costs 10,790 rubles. ($ 150) The keyboard is also sold separately: it costs 15 and 16.5 thousand for the small and large versions. ($ 220 and $ 250) But you don’t need to charge it either: you just plug it into the magnetic connector, just insert, and everything works great! I agree that this is super convenient. Farther. The new iPad Pro uses the Apple A12X Bionic. The most powerful processor that Apple has ever done. At the presentation, they compared it with the Xbox One S in the “case, which is 94 percent less”, there was such a joke. Plus 4 gigabytes of RAM, and in the 1 TB version it is already 6 GB. And for Apple, this is not very similar, why they make such a division? They say you want the most powerful iPad, then buy it for 150 thousand rubles in the maximum version. (+ $ 2.000) And it is not clear: whether these 2 GB will give any result in the increment is not clear. AnTuTu is gaining 550,000 points! No one is gaining so much, but where to put such power is still not clear. After all, Dota 2 on the iPad has not yet released. In fact, the application that requires such power already exists: Soon there will be a new Photoshop which I really want to test, for the sake of this and buy a new iPad. There is Lightroom, just connect the camera directly via Type-C and load the photos. And, of course, all kinds of AutoCAD are also present, therefore, for professional work, the device is definitely necessary. From one charge promises up to 10 hours of work, of course, uninterrupted. In any case, if not to actively use, it will be enough for 2-3 days as it was with previous iPads. And great news for new MacBook owners, it does not matter: 12 Air, Pro … You can use the included charger to use the iPad. This means that you can take with you only ONE cable. For me personally, it is very convenient, including for this reason I want this device for myself. Camera, 12 MP. Unfortunately, lost optical stabilization, now consists of five lenses. Able to shoot video in 4K with a frame rate of 30 or 60. As for the front camera, it is the same as in the iPhone X. Support Memoji, Animoji, plus there is portrait mode. But only for the front camera. What else? Bluetooth updated to 5.0. version. The number of supported bands increased 29. There is a physical nano SIM card. There is eSIM, supported in some countries. What about sales and prices? The iPad will appear in Russia a bit later than in the USA, Europe and some other countries. Prices, of course, great. Small costs from 66 to 138 thousand, large from 82 to 154 rubles. Plus, don’t forget that the Apple Pencil and keyboard will have to be bought separately. Total, if we take the maximum version of the 11 ” iPad with a keyboard and a pencil, then it costs you 163 thousand rubles. ($ 2.400) The top-end version costs 182 thousand. ( $ 2.600) Freaking expensive. Even Western journalists have noted that a device that is not capable of replacing a laptop, worth so much can not! I have the same opinion! But it is worth noting that this is a work of art, and that iPad I want to have. Apple once again showed who’s daddy. But it’s worth buying it or changing the old one to a new one …
We will find out in the full review, where we weigh all the pros and cons. So, don’t forget to subscribe! And do not forget to click on the bell button. Add comments, i.e. your opinion about that iPad, I remind you that BigGeek.ru has it all, you can buy it with the promotional code Rozetked. … There will be a small discount, so don’t forget about that market, BigGeek! 👅

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