iPad Pro 2020新变化预测!后置三摄、A13X芯片、无线充电,新增暗夜绿配色

iPad Pro 2020新变化预测!后置三摄、A13X芯片、无线充电,新增暗夜绿配色

Today let’s find out some news about Apple’s next new iPad series Although it is still a while before the 2020 iPad Pro series is released But news about this generation of flagship products has been noticed by more people What’s so special about them Let’s take a look at some recent breaking news and leaks. Now according to leaked OnLeaks: iPad Pro 2020 will have two products One of the screen sizes is 11 inches Another screen size is 12.9 inches Same screen size as last year’s product The iPad Pro 2020 will still have rounded corners and a thin bezel And there are three metal pins on the bottom of the two sizes of the back. Used to link external disks On the back of the fuselage: According to the leak, Apple will likely use new materials on the back But not necessarily metal, but a combination of a metal frame and a glass back plate This will be another major upgrade from the previous all-aluminum design In addition, the iPad Pro has also added a rear triple camera for the first time at the top left of the back and top The leak also revealed: The new iPad Pro also uses a grill method on the speakers And the USB Type-C port is located on the bottom of the body The volume button is located on the right side of the Apple Pencil connector At the same time, the new iPad Pro will also be available in green and white. Looks more colorful Back to the front of the fuselage, there will still be a Face ID sensor on the top of the screen There is also a lens with a 12MP pixel sensor and other components. There are leaks about the size of the 11-inch iPad Pro. Its dimensions are about 248 x 178.6 x 5.9 mm Thickness display is only 5.9mm which does not include a raised rear triple lens When the protruding part of the rear three lenses is added, its thickness is up to 7.8 mm But regarding the 12-inch model, there is no leak to indicate its body size. Apple has changed the design of several generations of iPad Pro Starting this year, we will at least see Two iPad Pros will use a design with a rear triple camera system This is similar to the latest iPhone 11 Pro series rear lens design The main uses of the three lenses are: Main lens shooting, super wide-angle shooting, and a zoom lens Of course they are also used to provide portrait blur mode Overall one of the major updates to the 2020 iPad Pro series is the camera Because both models have triple camera configurations like the iPhone 11 Pro series And its sensor has the same configuration as the iPhone 11 Pro Later, you will see more iPad Pro users use it to take photos or record videos There are already news that Apple plans to release iPad Pro models 5G networks can also be used in the future Just like operating on 4G with iPad Pro now But there are rumors that this will only start in 2021. Learned that the 2020 iPad Pro will be equipped with the latest A13X processor This iPad processor does not support 5G network It is said that the iPhone 12 released this year will have the earliest 5G network capabilities. Its A14 processor will be combined with Qualcomm 5G baseband to achieve 5G Internet access Originally Apple plans to use Intel baseband for 5G iPhone in 2020 But Intel has exited the smartphone chip business, and Apple has no choice Only use Qualcomm’s 5G modem Apple will combine A14 chip with Qualcomm X55 modem X55 is an upgraded version of X50 baseband, which has higher energy efficiency than X50 Consumes less energy and has less impact on battery life 5G transmission: Provides theoretically 7Gb / s peak download speed and 3Gb / s upload speed Although these numbers are theoretical maximums Actual speed still depends on the carrier network The chip is Qualcomm’s first 5G chip Support all band modes and network deployment Regarding the A13X chip, from a news site (Macworld) The next iPad Pro will be powered by Apple’s next A13X processor Whereas the current iPad Pro series is powered by A12X chips Therefore it is conventionally called “A13X” Few details about its leaks But we guess that it will definitely bring the effect of “stronger performance and energy saving” This indicates that users will be able to run programs that use more power for longer. Exactly because the new iPad Pro will be powered by the A13X chip When we play games on a larger 12.9-inch tablet Edit image or video using processing No doubt it needs a more powerful CPU And the iPad Pro’s A13X can satisfy you all The iPad Pro (2018) series already has good battery life But if you use it for complex work Such as video editing or large 3D games Then the battery power still drops very quickly, after all, it is positioned as a simple office Although the processor in the iPad Pro is already very powerful, it can do a lot of things But after all, everyone cares. It’s not like the MacBook Pro Good endurance performance even under heavy work As iPad Pro becomes more and more like a laptop It’s time for Apple to increase the battery life of its tablet Leaks now suggest stronger battery life for 2020 iPad Pro And will add more efficient fast charging Just as it can increase battery capacity It is also possible to reduce the time required for charging The charger that comes in the usual box usually takes several hours to fully charge The new iPad Pro is said to support the fastest 45W super fast charge This will save half of the previous charging time New iPad Pro leaks have been pointed to will add wireless charging The reason is because the design of the glass panel material is added to the back of the fuselage. Show this way the same as iPhone Glass panel for better wireless charging Because the back of the fuselage is made of metal, a Faraday cage will be generated. The disadvantage of a Faraday cage is the inability to transfer electricity through contact You ca n’t use wireless charging So that’s why the products that can be wirelessly charged are made of glass. Finally new 2020 iPad Pro appears Will debut in the style of double glass + metal middle frame This is also the first time that the iPad Pro series has been designed like a smartphone style. Apple’s tablet is now running its own proprietary operating system Called iPadOS instead of iOS iPad OS based on iOS 13 And includes many of its new features, such as dark mode, mouse support But it also adds gesture control to the workflow And many other tweaks from Apple’s standard mobile operating system One change in the iPad in fall 2019 is Developers have introduced iPad applications to the Mac, making it easier and more convenient Ultimately this project is expected to bring more iPad apps to the Mac We also expect to see more Mac applications on the iPad. But this is waiting for the release of the iPad OS version of the new iPad Pro. In addition, research on the interoperability of Mac OS and iPad OS systems is considered by Apple as a long-term plan The earliest such applications may appear in 2021 Allow iPad apps to be compatible with Mac OS So we can see apps in Mac faster on iPad Finally about the new 2020 iPad Pro series release Expected to be in March 2020 In addition or released at the same time there is an iPhone SE2 generation According to a report published by analyst Guo Mingchi in October 2019 Apple “will launch the cheaper iPhone SE2 in the first quarter of 2020 He has a smaller 4.7-inch screen, to a large extent Shape design and hardware specifications are similar to iPhone 8 This shows that the design of the new iPhone SE2 is biased towards the iPhone 8 Instead of following the iPhone X style Still provide forehead, chin, home button design In addition, iPhone SE2 release will use the latest A13 processor Guo Mingchi also believes that the new SE will provide 3GB of running memory Instead of the 2GB of running memory of the previous generation SE version Okay so much for today Likes and comments See you next time

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