iPad Pro 9.7″ Review! — Worth the Upgrade?

iPad Pro 9.7″ Review! — Worth the Upgrade?

So this
is the 9.7” iPad Pro, 32GB Wifi model in
Rose Gold. Now I gotta admit… I was always a sucker for Space Grey everything, but I
never really anticipated liking this Rose Gold so much. This thing is only .24” thin
and super light for its size, but I still don’t feel comfortable holding it when it’s
not in a case. You might wanna consider putting a DBrand or Slickwraps skin on it just so
you have that extra grip. But enough about the aluminum shell. The most interesting “new”
feature on the iPad Pro is no doubt the display. Upgrading from an original iPad Air as well
as a Retina iPad Mini, I didn’t even have to put them side by side to notice the jump
in display quality the second the home screen popped up. Like the iPad Air 2, the Pro also
has a laminated display which dramatically reduces glare and reflectivity and also improves
the display contrast. When compared to a non-laminated display, there’s just no contest. Everything
just looks SO crisp and vibrant and reading eBooks as well as comic books on the 9.7”
Pro has never been better. But unlike the iPad Air 2, the 9.7” Pro is the only iPad
that comes with a TrueTone display. Now, this is one of those things I never knew I wanted
until I actually had it. So say you’re in an office, or maybe you’re outside — the
iPad’s white balance will be the color it’s always been with white looking like how it’s
supposed to. But as soon as it gets dark and you move into a room with warmer incandescent
lighting, the TrueTone display slowly adjusts itself to a very subtle yellow tone which
helps prevent eye strain. When it comes to performance, the iPad Pro just screams. With
the A9X chip, web pages load almost instantly, games load fast and run buttery smooth, and
using split screen supported apps side by side feels effortless. Keep in mind the 9.7”
version of the iPad Pro only comes with 2 gigs of RAM. This is half of what you get
in the larger 12.9” version. This might turn a lot of people off, but to be honest,
I still haven’t found myself in a position where it ever became an issue. And like the
12.9” Pro, this also features 4 stereo speakers — 2 on each side. I was actually surprised
how loud it could get compared to older iPads, but don’t expect the kind of audio you can
get from something like a decent bluetooth speaker, for example. The downside to having
speakers on the side though, is actively trying not to block them when playing games or watching
movies in landscape handheld.One of the best things about owning an iPad is the HUGE library
of apps made specifically for the iPad itself. But to take full advantage of everything it
has to offer, you’re gonna want to pick up an Apple Pencil. At $99, it’s a tough
pill to swallow, but you should really consider picking one up if you’re a creative. When
using the Pencil with apps like Procreate or Paper by 52, drawing actually feels fun
now. I use a WACOM tablet daily, and I have no problems saying the Pencil is the next
best thing when it comes to how great it feels in the hand and how well apps work when they’re
optimized to be used with the Pencil. I mean, cheaper styluses are okay, but always feel
more like a novelty than anything else. The Pencil changes that dramatically, but you
really need to be sure you’ll be using it a lot if you’re gonna justify the high price.
I still think having to plug the back of the Pencil into the iPad to charge is STUUUUUUUUUP–
but luckily, it charges really fast, I think it’s 15 seconds for 30 minutes of use, so
yeah. Not long at all. But it’s still a thing. The iPad Pro also gets the iPhone 6S’s
camera. I’ve read plenty of comments from people worrying about the bump on the rear
lens, but after testing its stability on a flat surface, it isn’t a problem at all.
The FaceTime HD camera with Retina flash is actually pretty decent, and the 12mp rear
camera w/ TrueTone flash can also record some very nice 4K video at 30fps. But outside of
being able to take photos of documents or reference shots for creatives, I still find
it hard to recommend anyone get the iPad for its camera alone. If you want awesome photos
and videos, take them with a smartphone. There are tons of great options out there and it’s
a lot more convenient to just pull them out of your pocket. So let’s talk price. The
32GB 9.7” iPad Pro is $599. For $100 less, you can pick up a 64GB iPad Air 2. So for
less space with better features, is the iPad Pro worth it? Well, for an average user who only cares about web browsing and media consumption, I still think the iPad Air 2 is the way to go. Apple claims the iPad Pro could be a laptop replacement, but that really depends on who you’re talking to, and I really don’t think it can truly replace a laptop if you’re really trying to go for a professional workflow, especially considering the limited space you’re working with. However, for a small group of people out there, namely artists who need a portable tablet for illustrating and design, having the Pro and Pencil on the go kind of changes everything. I mean, yes you’re spending upwards of over $700 for both, but when you compare it to something like a WACOM Cintiq you really do start to see the value. For those users who are absolutely sure they’ll be using the Pencil day in and day out, I would definitely recommend the iPad Pro without a second thought. If you already own an iPad Air 2, you probably don’t need to jump on this right away. But if you’ve never owned an iPad, test the Pro out yourself and I think you’d be pleasantly surprised at how great it feels to use. The iPad Pro 9.7” would really be an awesome first tablet for most people. COMMENT, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE!

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  12. Hiya I loved the video!!! I'm really stuck between what iPad to get, iPad Pro 9.7/iPad Air 2, I'll be using it for moderate media consumption. The quad speakers and better display tempt me to the pro but it's so expensive! What do I do?

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