iPad Pro First Impressions from Apple March 2016 Announcement

iPad Pro First Impressions from Apple March 2016 Announcement

Last fall Apple took the iPad Pro by introducing
a new 12.9-inch model with a smart keyboard and connector, pressure sensitive pencil,
and four big, booming speakers. This spring, Apple is condensing as much of that as possible
down to the original 9.7-inch size. So, how does the air handle going Pro? Here
are some hands on first impressions! What goes up in size must come down, at least
if you want to make it mainstream. And while small compared to the 12.9-inch display, 9.7-inches
is still big enough for the original iPad. That’s because it was, and remains, a great
balance between productivity and portability. In other words, while there’s less screen
to work on and play on, there’s also less weight to lug around. So, for some it might
be a baby Pro, for others it’ll be Pro made perfect. Apple’s first sub ten inch keyboard, the smart
keyboard condensed has the same laser ablated fabric spring, and macbook style domes and
works almost as well as the full sized version for me. Perhaps surprisingly so. Your milage may vary, of course, which is
why there’s a Smart Connector and at some point there should be a bevy of third-party
alternatives. Apple pencil is where it’s at though. If
the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil was a spacious sketchboard, the 9.7-inch iPad
Pro with Apple Pencil is a more like a handy workbook. When I first tried it, I was worried
about running out of canvas, but only for a moment. If you’ve never gotten used to the
bigger iPad Pro, you’ll never even think about it with the 9.7-inch version. Responsiveness, accuracy, palm rejection — all
remain phenomenal. After a decade of using Wacom as a designer, I’m still blown away
by how hard Apple nailed the Pencil right out of the gate. You’ve also got the iPhone 6s-esque style
12 megapixel isight camera so you can take gorgeous photos and 4k video. I love this
view finder. You’ve also got the all new facetime camera so you can look at yourself better
and more brightly than ever. 802.11 ac wifi and you’ve lte advanced up
to 300 megabits per second. This thing is a screaming fast cellular and wifi monster. The truetone setting makes my artist heart
leap because it’ll actually use sensors to measure ambient light and then match the white
level. It’ll make it look like paper in ambient light. You’ve also got DCI p3 colour space, that’s
what the latest iMac has. It’s wide gamut colour and it just means everything looks
fantastic, even those magentas. You can get the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in your
choice of silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold. With greater power, though, comes greater
price points. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro comes in 32, 128, and
an all new 256 GB versions, with cellular still and option. It starts at $599. You can order it starting on the 24th and
it’ll be in-store starting March 31. Lots more to come, hit the subscribe button
and keep it locked to iMore

17 thoughts on “iPad Pro First Impressions from Apple March 2016 Announcement

  1. Looking at the apple presentation is it true that the the 9.7 inch iPad Pro has Live Photos?

  2. Nice work! Thanks for the update

  3. Does the pro vibrate with sound like the others?

  4. Groovy – will be updating from the first gen air

  5. can i put mouse on it..?

  6. How much ram? Same as the iPad Pro 12.9?

  7. What was that game on the screen?

  8. ?Does the 9.7 inch iPad pro has 3D touch

  9. Sill a loser, still it lack desktop apps, still it lacks a trackpad, still its a shit. A Surface 3 is far far better than this. A Windows PC user if want to dumb his PC he will buy Surface, because its a PC not iPad Pro, because it not PC. LOL and Apple comes to replace PC.

  10. amazing ipad

  11. It look great, what game is that?

  12. what was that game at 0:28???

  13. At 2:18 you can see where someone dibbled on the back of the ipad (a dot of spit, yuk)! Calm down, it's just an iPad!

  14. Rene you should've mentioned that it only comes with 2gb of ram. I'm going with the 12.9" because of the 4gb of ram. This guarantees that the larger ipad pro will be able to run future apps and OSes that the 2gb will not be able to deal with.

  15. What game is that?

  16. Is it worth to upgrade from air 2?

  17. Rene just blazes through the specs. Awesome review

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