iPad Tips – iOS 13 Multitasking, Pencil and Touch Gestures, Split View – DIY in 5 Ep 104

iPad Tips – iOS 13 Multitasking, Pencil and Touch Gestures, Split View – DIY in 5 Ep 104

Laptop! Tablet! Laptop and tablet? The dream is closer than you think and I’ll
show you just how to do it. Hey there! Welcome to another episode of DIY in 5. I’m your host Trisha Hershberger and today,
we’ll be going over how you can use your iPad as an entry
level laptop using the new iPadOS. No more will you have to choose one or the
other – why not both? To kick things off, what is iPadOS? It’s a version of iOS 13 specifically designed
for iPads and it will be compatible with pretty much every iPad device except
iPad minis 2 & 3 and the original iPad Air. iPadOS includes almost all the features available
in iOS 13, like systemwide dark mode, upgraded photo and
video editing, updated maps and more. It also, and most excitingly, grants the iPad
the features to function as an entry-level laptop, so users can feel free to start using their iPads as laptop
replacements for most use case scenarios. For multi-tasking power users,
iPadOS supports a new Home screen, which shrinks down the app icon size and allows you
to fit more apps on each page. To allow multi-tasking, go to
Settings, General, Multitasking & Dock, and make sure all the
features you need is turned on. The two functions we’re going to talk about
today, are Split view and Slide Over. Split View, which now allows you to open two
windows, or spaces as Apple calls them hehe, from the same app side by side. This is extremely convenient for editing and web-surfing.
Or watching a video and taking notes! Another multi-tasking option
is the Slide Over mode. Now you can add a stack of apps to slide over,
by dropping another app on top of the Slide Over
panel that’s already open. To switch the windows over
as your full screen apps, simply use the small home
bar below the open Slide Over panel. Swipe horizontally on it to
switch between apps. Note that, like similar functionality on Android,
not all apps support spaces. If you write or edit text on the go, you’ll
want to pay attention. iPadOS allows you to dislodge and shrink down
the virtual keyboard, so it would be easier
to tap with just one hand. Just pinch-in on the keyboard to shrink it
to be the size of the iPhone keyboard. The floating keyboard allows you to drag it
anywhere you want. QuickPath for the keyboard will let you swipe
instead of tap for typing. Just swipe from one letter to the next as
they form each word. Anyone who uses Swiftkey and/or 99 %of those who’ve
used Android can vouch for how fast swiping can be. Also, there are new
editing gestures for iPadOS. To quickly select a block of text, simply
start by swiping from the starting part of the text you would like to select, and swipe
to the end and let go. The trick is to swipe quickly. Don’t tap and hold in the beginning. After you select text or an image,
a three-finger pinch will copy the item, and a three-finger outwards
flicking gesture will paste the selected item. To undo and redo text entry, just swipe left
with three fingers to undo text, and swipe right with three
fingers to redo the text entry. Another new feature in
iPadOS is updated Screenshots. The old way of pressing the Sleep + Volume
up buttons at the same time still exists. However, there is a new
way to snap screenshot in iPadOS. You can use an Apple Pencil and
drag up from the bottom left corner to the right into the
screenshot markup screen. It’s the same as the Command + Shift +4
keyboard shortcut on Macbooks. With Apple pencil,
it’s easy to annotate screenshots. Double tap any of the tools to change the
thickness and color of your pen. A new + button is also on the panel, and you’ll
be able to add some new elements to your screenshots with it like a text box, any of your saved
signatures, a magnifier to bring attention…etc. There’s an opacity slider
in the upper right corner. Slide right to decrease the opacity of your screenshot, and slide left to regain the full opacity. New in iPadOS, you’re now able to save an
entire webpage as a PDF document on Safari. Once you select Full Page at the top, a document
scrubber appears on the right side. You may use the scrubber to move quickly to
a different part of the full page. And with the crop tool on the upper left corner of the
screen, you ‘ll be able to crop out unwanted parts easily. One major headache for users previously attempting
to use their iPads as notebooks was dealing with file management. Good news is iPadOS offers a more computer-like
file structure with the Files App. You can now share an entire folder rather
than just individual files. You’re also able to access files from external
storage, like SSD, USB flash drives or SD cards. The App now supports a new column view, which
is similar to Finder on Mac OS and provides a better
look at folder hierarchy. This is great for a photographer or videographer
who only brings their laptop on location to make backups of their cards. Now you can connect a USB C hub like the Nucleum
and copy footage from your SD card to an external SSD or hard drive. Files also support shared folders through
iCloud now, so you can share documents, images, or various files with your friends, family
and coworkers, and always stay up to date. So do you think you will be
one of the early adopters who goes sans Macbook
out into the wild armed only with an iPad? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below. All of this feels a bit reminiscent of the
early Note tablet days which I personally enjoyed
but never caught on. If anyone can make a new technology stick,
it’s usually Apple. Alright everyone, thanks for watching! Make sure you like, subscribe and all that
jazz and I’ll see you next time with more DIY in 5!

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