iPad Workflow + Automation with Chris Lawley

iPad Workflow + Automation with Chris Lawley

Hello welcome back to another video it is Francesco here today We are bringing in an expert were bringing Christopher Lawley who does some awesome videos here on YouTube dedicated to arrange for applications I actually discovered him first through his awesome agenda video and he talked about this Mac and iOS Application called agenda which we reviewed here on the channel before and he goes into how he uses it in his own workflow Now in today’s video he’s actually going to be diving into all of the apps. He uses in his workflow So hopefully you guys can go away with a bit of an insight into how a functioning workflow works So I’m really excited as you thank to you to Christopher coming on the channel today I’ve done a video on his channel about beginner’s guide to notion, so you guys can sort of dive into that if you’re interested in that application and if you guys a bit of a break For me today, I will see you guys in the next video But without further ado a huge thanks of Chris for coming on and here is his guide and useful resources Hey guys, I’m Christopher Lawley. I’m a youtuber and a podcaster and I work 100% from the iPad now I know what you’re thinking why I’ve worked for mac OS and Windows for a long time before and Well those work honestly I just really enjoy working from the iPad the app ecosystem The portability the convenience I can take my work wherever I want and it just works great. I don’t ever have to worry about audio driver issues or some Process or something stopping on me and you know having to sit there and troubleshoot my computer while I should be working in certain areas Yeah, I probably would be working faster on a Mac or a PC, but honestly There’s just something freeing about being able to pick up my iPad and go anywhere I want my pet of choice is the second-generation 12 point 9 inch iPad pro 512 gig About the first generation one when it came out and while it was completely great The second generation one is leagues faster and has a much improved screen Both of those specs are huge for somebody that’s editing 4k video rate on his iPad everyone with the 512 gig model because they never wanted to run out of space again This is pretty important for somebody that it’s video regularly, though The twelve point nine inch model of the iPad pro is very large and heavy compared to the ten five I like having the extra screen space for a photo video and audio editing Keyboards are her rough area for anybody that works on the iPad depending on your needs it can be a wide variety of Keyboards to pick from you can use a Bluetooth keyboard or a wired keyboard, of course There’s the smart connector keyboards for the iPad pros. I haven’t just found one keyboard that I like to use at all That’s why I used to the smart connector keyboard is the keyboard I use everywhere outside of my home office When I take my iPad to coffee shops or my day job or even to the lake This is the keyboard I bring with me I like this keyboard because of how easy it is just to fold up and put away it’s really fast and really simple the twelve point nine inch iPad pro is heavy enough as it is and adding the extra weight of a bulky keyboard case isn’t something I want to deal with the smart connector gives the added bonus of not Needing a battery and no Bluetooth keyboards lasts a really long time But it’s one less thing to remember to charge before a trip Key feel is really important to me and though this could have slightly better travel I still feel it’s leagues beyond some other keyboards When I press a key down the whole key feels like one solid piece unlike a lot of other iPad keyboards the smart connected keyboard Understands the importance of having the keyboard close to the screen This makes it really easy to reach up and tap on something when you’re writing for working at my desk I’ve always enjoyed using mechanical keyboards. They’re definitely not practical to travel with though I love the sound and feedback and mechanical keyboard has it’s probably all in my head But I feel like I’m a much better typer when you’re using a mechanical keyboard My mechanical keyboard of choice is the code mechanical keyboard with the Cherry MX blue switches I Like the design of this keyboard and since I do a lot of videos about the iPad having something aesthetically pleasing is a huge plus As media Keys built-in so I can control playback and volume of audio It also has backlighting as well, which looks beautiful to connect a USB keyboard to the iPad All you really need is the USB camera connection kit by Apple I’ve gone through a lot of different keyboard stance and a bunch of other accessories to get my desk. Where is today? And I’m really happy with it. The last major accessory I use is the Apple pencil Honestly, I’m no artist I can’t even draw a stick figure but I use it for navigation I have some RSI issues and I found the Apple pencil helps with that a lot with the Apple pencil I can change up the way I’m working on my iPad So my hands aren’t always in the same position thus helping with any RSI related pains The Apple pencil is a big tool for me when editing video or podcasts Also, I use the pencil for scrubbing through timelines and making edits. This is a really fast way of editing both audio and video I also use the Apple pencil to mark up my scripts. I export the script I’m working on into good notes and I’ll sit down with the Apple pencil and write out any changes that need to happen to it I think the Apple pencil is one of the best accessories for anyone with an iPad to have even if you’re not an artist Things theory is my task manager of choice right now, and I’d be lost without it I’ve jumped around from a bunch of different task managers on iOS including to do to do us do Clear and so many more but there’s a ton of different things that make me really excited to use things like it’s beautiful design amazing Keyboard shortcuts great automation and simple UX a lot of task managers fall down because they make themselves way too complicated But things definitely avoids that as far as how I use things when I want to add a task I just add it to the end box. Everything gets dumped in there then every morning and afternoon I open up things at one point and then I just take a look to see what I’ve added I will quickly sort through everything assigning dates to tasks. I’ll try and stick to the dates as much as possible But if something comes up or if I get an idea for a project I really want to work on I become a little bit more flexible My goal is to complete about 3 to 5 tasks every single day with things 3, there’s an amazing keyboard shortcuts You can quickly add an edit task I can mark tasks and complete and even move them around from different Projects or two dates all without ever taking my hands off the keyboard. This app has one of the best Implementations for keyboard shortcuts on the iPad I’ll talk more about this in a minute But automation is very important to the way. I work. I often come up with ideas for new videos So I have a workflow. That won’t run Prompt me for the idea and then build out a checklist of items that I need to do to complete that video I also have workflows that take url’s and save them to the inbox so I can check them out later When I run this workflow will ask me what I want to tag the URL also so I can kind of remind myself what this is for whether I wanted to make like a link blog post or Read the article later. I have another one that quickly creates a new tasks It’ll ask me when it’s due or what project it belongs to as well This is great If you get easily overwhelmed looking at your task manager And you just want to quickly enter something without seeing what’s going on at that moment I’ve built a few of these workflows that really help speed up my process of Dealing with tasks and it allows me to stay focus on creating videos and podcasts I also like the idea of areas and things I have one for general life stuff like shopping and things I want to learn and Then I also have one for projects so video blog posts and podcast projects Most of the tests that are in these projects are just ideas for things I want to do in the future But when I’m ready to work on them, I’ll sign a start date to them So they’ll be in the today or the upcoming areas I like things a lot And I know it’s a bit pricey to get in the door But the developers are always updating the app and it really is a great app The attendant use case of agenda just doesn’t really work for me My brain just doesn’t get the whole pseudo note-taking calendar thing But it’s such a beautiful app and well built – I wanted to figure out a way to use it Before I found the app, I was taking handwritten notes on my projects. They would often get lost or my handwriting was so bad I couldn’t even read them So after I was experimenting a little bit I found agenda fits really well in my workflow as kind of a scratch pad for taking notes on projects Each project gets its own section like a piece of paper and then I put categories for each thing that I’m doing on that page This could be something I want to cover in a script or a specific shot I want to capture notes on color correction or even a topic. I want to cover as I’m working on a project I often have agenda in split view or slide over it this way. I can take quick notes about a project I really like how this works for me It allows me to have my ideas up for my scripts while I’m writing my script in drafts 5 Speaking of dress 5 is the next major app. I use I do all my writing in drafts This can includes quick simple notes blog posts show notes scripts basically anything I write goes here There are two big things that attract me to drafts first the organization Drafts works on the idea of workspaces. These are areas that contain your drafts I have six of these areas all four different kinds of text files How it works is these workspaces are based on either tags or searches So text within the draft you can even choose how all the drafts are displayed within the workspace All of my workspaces are based on tags so if I’m working on a blog post I’ll tag it with blog posts and then it’ll be in the blog post workspace as somebody that has to be very Organized this level of care allows me to put all my text documents in one place without feeling like there’s just too much stuff in this app The second thing that drew me to drafts was the ability to run actions actions are these custom scripts that are written within drafts? Drafts comes with some actions pre-installed or you can even make them yourselves if you like If you don’t feel comfortable making your own actions, there’s an online directory of actions that can be downloaded I use the actions to quickly do something with my text and the something has endless Possibilities some are as simple as creating checklists and things or creating a new calendar entry in fantastical others Like my script export action are a bit more complex this action actually uses JavaScript to make the font bigger and add some spacing this will then trigger a Workflow to create a PDF document out of the markdown text and then it’ll open in goodnotes This is how I mark up my scripts like I mentioned before My favorite action will take the draft that I’m currently working on asked me to name it Save it as a plain text file and then ask me where I want to save it in the files app There’s so much you can do with drafts and I’m only scratching the surface like I mentioned earlier automation is very important to the way I work and Workflow is the backbone of how I’m able to work off of iOS for those that don’t know workflow Is this kind of custom automation utility that allows you to make automation scripts within it with these block actions? They can be as simple as saving a file or as complex as downloading a video from YouTube and my current count I have 49 different actions and that’s after I just cleaned up a bunch. I use workflow to automate a lot of my work I never want to do the same task more than a couple of times They can hook up with some two maps like files, but they also work with a ton of third-party apps workflow also supports a whole bunch of scripting options including x-callback URL Support so you can really get into the weeds and build some really crazy Automation stuff whenever I shared links to a new video or blog post or even a podcast that’s done using Workflow as you can see there is a lot of utility to this app There’s so much that can be automated through workflow and I can’t stress how important it is for anyone that works on iOS I don’t think I’d be able to work off the iPad as effectively if it wasn’t for workflow Looma fusion was the last step. I needed to completely work off my iPad It’s a multitrack video editor that has a ton of awesome Pro features For well over a year now every single one of my videos has been edited using this application You can color correct adjust audio framing use effects Anything you would expect in a professional video editor is here It supports up to 3 4k video tracks with audio and three additional audio tracks The app also has support for key framing so you can do simple animation stuff and custom effects as well The app is constantly getting updates and it’s massively improved from where it was. Just a year ago This is hands-down my favorite and most important app on the iPad That’s kind of it for the big productivity apps that I use I wanted to cover some utilities that I find really helped me with my work you Inc is a shelf app This is meant to be a temporary storage area for files images links. Whatever It’s sort of like having a desktop on a Mac or a PC This isn’t supposed to be the final stop for these files But if you’re working with something, this is a handy place to store them temporarily The best way to work with joint is to use drag-and-drop quickly moving files in and out of the application I use this a lot for photos I want to edit an affinity photo or links that I need to save for the descriptions of videos This isn’t stuff that I want to permanently have in the files app. This is just stuff I need for a short period Speaking of the files up something that bugged me when it was first released was that I couldn’t create a folder to save files Locally on my iPad I could only save them in cloud services or in folders created by other applications Then I heard of an app called local storage. This creates a folder in D on my I pad section of the files and allows you to save stuff a locally to the disk This is great for working with large video files So you don’t have to wait for them to upload or download there is a trick to this application when you first download it Nothing will be in the files app including the folder so open up photos or some app that you can export a file out of Select the save to file in the share sheet and then pick the local storage under the on my iPad section This will then save that file Into the local storage folder on the iPod my iPad section and then you can create subfolders within that folder now After that, you can drag and drop or use the share sheet or even use a workflow to save files there I have ADHD and sitting down and writing for a long period of time can be hard for me I have to have some noise going on but music can sometimes be really distracting There are a ton of noise applications on the App Store But noise EO is my favorite what I like about this is how you can mix sounds and make your own scenes It’s great way to mix things up So you aren’t listening to the same ocean sounds over and over you could turn up the volume for a specific track as well And it’ll also intensify that sound you can save your scene so you can quickly pull up a list of your favorites For anyone that has a hard time focusing. I recommend looking into a noise app So I know I just recommended noise EO and noisy o is a fantastic application I absolutely love it and I use it every single day. It’s a great application But as I’m putting together this video right now I just found another noise app called tide and tide is based on the system of notifications and timers and I’ll go into the specifics in just a little bit but it’s not really a recommendation because I haven’t really spent a whole day with The application yet? But it’s a really cool app. It’s free. So there’s not really anything to lose so go check it out Like I mentioned Taita is another noise app, but this one is built around timers and notifications The sounds aren’t anything super special. You can’t combine them like in noisy. Oh, but we’re grab My attention is when you started it automatically runs a timer and of course you can change the length Every time you complete a set you get a focus point and if you’re like me you need those arbitrary Focus points you can also turn on immersive mode So if you leave an app it’ll send you a push notification telling you to come back or you’ll lose the point This has kept me from using Twitter while I should be writing a playtime’s already There’s a lot more to this app But I’ll go into it in a later date a lot more after I spent some time with it it’s a brief overview about how I work on my iPad if You’re interested in there’s still a lot more to talk about You could check out my channel where I have a bunch of videos on iPad productivity and iOS productivity There should be links in the description below if not you can go to the untitled site calm and all my projects are there including my youtube channel and my Podcast if you guys have any questions, you can find me on twitter at chris underscore Lalli That’s la wle why thank you guys so much for watching and have a great day

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