iPad X?!

iPad X?!

– Hey guys, it’s Justine and
today I’m here with John. – Hi! – Welcome to my office, to my channel? – I’m pretty excited to be here. I’ve been watching, I’m gonna sound weird, but I’ve been watching your
videos for a long time, so internally, I’m like, squee! But outside, I’m like, I’m cool. – Well, I also didn’t even realize like, we actually never met until… – Which is weird. – But like, I watch your
videos, we’re always chatting on Twitter, and stuff like that, so here we are. We did a video on his channel. I’ll put a link in the
description and annotation. Wherever those happen
to be today for Youtube. We did a little chat about
the WWDC predictions. – Yes. – So make sure you guys go check that out. – Some big surprises, I think. – One of the things that
we were talking about that both of us, it was on our wish list, was a bezel-less iPad. We talked about a lot of other things, but we won’t go over all of those again because we were chatting
for a very long time about a lot of stuff.
– Yes. – Bezel-less iPad, I would use it, I would, make it an iPhone, just big. – I mean, this is the iPad Pro. This is the first one,
and this thing is massive. Like, this is crazy, how big this is. – It is, like head-sized. – What I usually use this for is like, I have this little gym
area set up in my house. I use this to watch workout
videos, ’cause it’s huge. And you can move it around. – Imagine how much bigger
the screen would be in the same size package. – Yeah. – And then you got Face ID in there. – One of the complaints that somebody did send me on Twitter is they said, well, how are we gonna
hold it if it’s bezel-less? You’re gonna kind of start like
hitting things on the side, and you’re not gonna
have a place to hold it. – I’d figure it out. – I mean, you figure it out on here. – Yeah. Hold it from the sides. Like, there you go, problem solved. – And I feel like there could
be a software thing, too. – Yeah, finger rejection on the sides. You could still, could
still make that work. – So look at a couple of these concepts that I found on Google. Really, I Googled bezel-less iPad. Look at this! – It looks good. – It looks so good. – [John] IOS, looking at
like, the way that looks, is the weakest part of the whole package, but the hardware looks incredible. – [Justine] Look how far
away those icons are. – [John] You could fit- – [Justine] I think you can fit probably like 45 more on that page. – [John] You could double the icons, but that’s the direction I think
the iPad is going, right? It’s more of a computer tool. [John] Then you’ll have
more screen real estate. Gives you more ability to do more stuff. – [Justine] There’s
actually no notch on that. On this specific one. – [John] So, that, it’s gotta be, no, no notch. Unless they solve the
notch on the iPad first, ’cause they have more real estate. – [Justine] Well, this
one, I mean, it isn’t all the way to the edge, either, so there is a little bit of space. So I think that actually
kinda looks pretty good. – [John] It looks good
to put the censors up top you got Face ID and
everybody’s, everybody’s happy. – And you can still hold it. – [John] Face ID on iPad would be awesome. – [Justine] Look at this! – [John] I mean, that might as well be a press shot from a
couple months from now. – [Justine] Oh my gosh. Guys, this is beautiful. These renders were actually done by CConceptCreator, you can check him out on Twitter and here on Youtube. He makes really amazing concept art. – [John] So would you,
if you had got that, would it change the way you use an iPad? Like, would you actually use it, use it more regularly, if
that’s what it looked like? – [Justine] I think, and if
it was a little bit smaller and lighter, with updated iOS, and more functionality,
it might be something that I could use more. Split screen. – [John] Split screen would be huge. The iPad is the perfect test
area for new iOS features. ‘Cause you got more real estate, it’s more forgiving, so maybe iOS 12 found something new for
iPad that’ll make its way to the next, like iPhone 10. – [Justine] I wonder if they’ll announce a new iPad Pencil. iPad Pencil, oh my gosh,
Apple Pencil, geez. – [John] The cheaper one. – [Justine] Oh yeah, the crayon! – The crayon. – But you can only buy
it if you have like, an education discount
or something like that. – [John] Yeah, you have to be
a student, I think, to buy it. – [Justine] I need to find a student. Any students out there? I need to get the crayon. This is the perfect time. This is unplanned. I was gonna do an unboxing of it, but this is better. – Do you have the crayon? – No! – Oh, I was like, do you actually have it? – I have something else! I have something else! – Why is it special? – Do you wanna? You can open it. – Yeah, I’m-
– Open the pencil. – What is it?
– It’s a special pencil. (feet stomping) – Ahhh! Show ’em? – Yeah!
– Where’d you get that? – Boom! – Apple Pencil Pencil! – That’s, wait is that? Oh, is it a skin? – It’s the dbrand pencil skin. – Okay, that’s awesome. – Isn’t it amazing? – Okay, that. See, I wouldn’t lose that! – Well, see this wasn’t
something that I could justify making an entire video about, but of course I am iJustine, so yeah, it’s probably quite easily justifiable. – Oh yes. – But this is a perfect opportunity. – It looks really good. That looks awesome. – It does look really cool. – All right, dbrand. I see you. – I love dbrand. I think they’re great. And I love their Twitter
’cause they’re so sassy. – Oh they are. – To everybody, and I’m like, man you are what I wanna be, but I’m not. (laughs) – That’s cool. – So wow, this is, okay. This video is getting super crazy because John also brought
over a few gadgets. Now my original idea
was, I bought this 1997 really nice condition
Macworld and I thought we could react to it. I shipped it to my old address. So I don’t have it. So instead, you brought over some gadgets. – I brought surprises,
and you saw one of them, but you’ve not seen everything. – No, there’s a box over there and I see things, I see beige. – Old school Apple tech. We had it in my house growing up. Apple’s how I got my start. So I brought some Apple products that I don’t think a
lot of people have seen because they are older. Let’s start on the portable side. I would like you to meet a working Macintosh PowerBook 180. – This is amazing. – So this was, I mean it still has like, my name on it. I remember writing papers on this. I’m gonna turn it on for you. – Wait, it works, too? – It, it —
– No! – So I turned on, I’ve got
some surprises on here. I have not changed it,
this has not been touched in probably (computer booting up) probably fifteen years or more. I don’t even know when this came out. – So I was doing a little
bit of research about these, because I was also looking to get one. What does this have like,
eight megabytes of RAM? – Mmhm, yeah I think so. And that was like the big deal. Don’t you remember the
little smiley Apple guy welcome to Macintosh? – You have the RAM doubler installed! – I was a nerd back then. – No! This is so great. No way. – So like, full-on working and functional. So we could play some Tetris on here. You can see some essays
that my sister wrote. – Oh my gosh! – See games? Games by brother. I’m brother. – Oh my gosh, no way! She made a folder for, the brother folder. – I was like, I wanted to play games, I didn’t have a computer. So these are my games that I played. Gun Shy, something called Happy Weed? – I remember Happy Weed playing, but I don’t, I have no
recollection of what it is. – So we can open it up, Mac Man. My sister’s Tetris, something
called Space Junkie, so you steer the ship. What would you like play on the PowerBook? – Oh, it’s heavy, oh wow. – Yeah, it weighed a ton. – Wow! – And there are little
things here to adjust like, the height, so the
keyboard felt more natural. – No, really? – And like, it’s a old-school
mechanical keyboard, like that is a the keyboards were
really good, actually — – I can’t believe this. Look how fat the trash can is. [Justine] Can you? Look at it! – [John] When you put stuff in it, it opens up so you would know. – [Justine] Okay, let’s
see what Happy Weed is. Oh that is so cool, wow. – Like, you can hear it. – Happy Weed. – [John] The Adventures of
Happy Weed. I mean, that- – Is this like a marijuana leaf? – I’m, it looks like it. – [iJustine] ‘Cause like, I
don’t think I knew what that was when I was little. – [John] And I had no idea. I probably got-
– [Justine] Oh my god, it is! I definitely played this and I don’t think I had any concept that this was drugs. – Oh I remember this now. – [Justine] This was
drugs and I didn’t know. – [John] We had no idea. – [Justine] My whole entire life. – [Video Game] Ah, shit. Wait, now where? Oh my god, it swears! – [Video Game] Shit. – This is nuts. – Can you imagine how
cool this must have been to like, a twelve year old? You’re like, oh my god! – I don’t even know how
old I would have been, but I definitely played this. Definitely had no concept
that this was drugs. – [Video Game] Ah, shit. – [Justine] (laughs) Listen to this thing! Okay, I’m not doing a very good job. – [Video Game] Ah, shit. – [Video Game] Ah, shit. – The first time I swear on my channel is because of this game. This is incredible. – [Video Game] Ah, shit. – This got demonetized immediately. – Demonetized. I think this game was also
free, so that was why. How do we even quit it? Did they have force quit back then? Oh here it is. Oh yeah it did, look. Watch, okay. Command quit. – [John] Boom. So still like, still were, I’m shocked
when I booted this thing up that it actually worked. – [Justine] So, PowerBook 180. Codename Converse. The minimum OS was 7.1,
the maximum was 7.6.1. Introduced October of 1992
and terminated in May of 1994. – [John] This thing
lasted, that’s a long time. And it probably didn’t get updates either, it probably was like here it is. You can buy it anytime in those two years. – [Justine] The PowerBook
160 was one of the first ones to have a video port
supporting an external thirteen to sixteen inch monitor. – [John] I vaguely remember having a monitor at my parents’
house, too, with this. – This could have a monitor? – [John] I think, ’cause
look at the IO in the back, like there’s a ton. – [Justine] So they
had a VID-14 connector, that was Apple’s proprietary display. – They were moving it, too? – Look at this. – I don’t think this ever went online. Fully working, fully functional, like you could still
write an essay on here. – [Justine] About this
Macintosh, let’s see. Probably the reason
that I wanted to become a graphic designer was
because of these backgrounds. Making those pixel
designs in the background. – [John] And think that
your phones now having like, 64 gigs of storage. Like, 20 years from now,
you’re gonna be like, you only had 64 gigs of storage? – [Justine] Built-in
memory, total, is 8,192. – [John] And that was a big deal. – [Justine] Right? – [John] That was a big deal. – [Justine] Gosh, and the
track ball is kind of weird. – [John] It’s strange. And it’s like a weird design so they had to put this big ridge. And into the screens, all of
it’s set back so the track ball didn’t hit the screen. – My gosh. That makes, that makes sense. Okay, let’s see what her Tetris is. – Okay. This is Meredith’s Tetris. She renamed it. – [John] She was like, this
is not Jonathans’s Tetris. – [Justine] (laughs) Oh my gosh! – [John] So we at the same
Tetris like everyone remembers. – [Justine] It is! How did you even get it? Probably a floppy? – Gotta be a floppy. – What was the, do you remember I think it was CompUSA? – Yeah.
– [Justine] Remember CompUSA? – [John] Of course! – Yeah, that was my store. – And they had that whole Mac section? – Yes! – I remember calling ID Games as a kid, once a week, to ask when
Doom was coming out for Mac. – [Justine] Oh my gosh! They’re like, mmmm not yet. – [John] Like, I had the number memorized. I would like go in my parents’ room ’cause it’s kinda like, my
parents’ house playing Doom. And I’m like, when is
it coming out for Mac? They’d be like, “I don’t know, kid.” – [Justine] My favorite game, well my favorite fighting
game, was Mortal Kombat 2. And I remember my parents
would never let me play it, so I would go to my
friend’s house and play it. – Yeah. Mortal Kombat 2. That was,
like that game had you ripping skulls out, like spines
come out of people’s heads. – It was extremely violent. – Yeah! – [Justine] I feel like sometimes
when you’re playing games, too, like the violence aspect, you feel like you’re completing a task. You kinda disregard the
violence when you’re playing it. – Yeah, and also they
were super cartoony, too. I know that like, you’re
not the god of thunder. Like, you’re not Raiden. – Maybe I am. I am Mileena, though. Space Junkie, do you wanna give it a go? – I don’t even know what this is. – Me either. Is that the actual app, or I
don’t even think it’s in here. Where’s it at? – Oh, games my brother has failed us. – We have the Read Me. Let’s read about it. (laughs) I used to hate those things
and I would never read them. – [John] You gotta try typing on this. – [Justine] Kinda feel like a noob. Okay. (upbeat music) – See?
– [Justine] Oh, it’s… – [John] It’s so good. – And it’s very quiet. – Yeah. – [Justine] I am okay. How are you? I just asked that. (laughs) It feels great. – Yeah, and like the speakers
were surprisingly good on it. – Can we play a song on here? – This is before like
Winamp and that kinda stuff. – Okay, let’s go into the system folder. We can play some sounds. ‘Cause there was
definitely a sounds folder. – [John] You are navigating
this UI like a pro. I’m pretty impressed. I don’t know where to go. – I’m having flashbacks. Control panel, oh my goodness. There’s definitely a sounds thing in here. Yes! Here it is! – [Computer] Oh! – [Justine] Yes! – [John] Remember the boot-up sound? – [Justine] (gasps deeply) The original phone.
(beeping) Oh my god.
(beeping) (gasp) – The droplet? (beeping) Some things are still in like Mac OS now. (beeping) – I’m getting a little teary-eyed, I’m so sorry, like it just, this is- (quacking) This is taking me back to a time- (beep) where I was a very small,
young little, just, wow the eep! – I remember the eep! I had the eep for everything. (eep) – Can you do the sound? – Eep. – Eep. Eep. (eep) Eep. I spent a lot of time practicing. Wow, alert sounds? I think that’s-
(beeping) I think that’s it.
(quack) (beep) So let’s go through these, one by one. (water droplet) (fanfare) (quack) (beep) (different beep) (eep) I’m so happy. I am so happy. What else is in these settings? All the labels. This was so exciting. All you could do was like
the grayscale labels, but I thought that was so cool. I can’t believe this
still works, first of all. – I’m shocked. – And this is in really good condition. – It works like, perfectly. – Yes, this is crazy. Look at this color. There’s no color. – We have a sticker on there for quality service, call the Apple Doctor. – Should we call him? – See if it still works? – Let’s call him. (laughs) (busy signal) – Oh, boo! – I think that’s a sign. – Yeah. – That really, that
says a lot right there. The Apple Doctor is no longer in business. General controls, let’s see. Oh, let’s take a look. I’m gonna take a picture
of this in my lap. This is great. – So I feel like this seems
like a good time to tell you. This has been sitting for probably now, 15 years, doing nothing. And it’s probably gonna go
back in a box and do nothing. I would rather it go to a good home, where somebody can love it. Would you like to keep this? – Wait, are you serious? – 100% serious. – I can have it? I can have it? – You have to keep all of
my sister’s essays, though. – Okay!
– On there. Would you like to keep it? – Yes! You don’t understand,
I was looking for this on Ebay, and working? This is so cool! – We’re not, I don’t see,
it would sit in a box. I would love somebody that can love it. – If you ever need it back.
– I can’t, I- – You know where I live. – I can’t see a reason why we would. – I’m sweating. Okay. Oh my gosh, are you sure? – Aw, that just made me really happy. – Oh my gosh. No! – Yeah. – I’m so, I’m so excited. Stop, I’m gonna cry! – Okay, that made me happy.
– Yes! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited, thank you! – You’re welcome! – I don’t even know what to say! I’m gonna make a new, I’m probably gonna change the desktop background. – You can do whatever, it can be yours. You can do whatever you want with it. Like I said, I have
legitimately been a fan for a long time, and I
know your love of these, and I can’t imagine somebody
who would appreciate it more. – I’m sweating. I’m sweating, I’m so excited. – And would like, use it. – Thank you! – So I would love if you would keep it. – Oh my gosh, yes, please. And then you have to, I
have to meet your sister, and she can come over and
she can do a dramatic reading of one of her essays. – She’s a vet. – Really? Oh my gosh. Now we need to be friends because I always have questions about like dogs. She’s gonna be like, can you tell Justine to stop talking to me? This is the desktop pattern
that I’m going to change later, I’m not gonna do it now
because I’m gonna work and I’m gonna make it really nice. I’m gonna make it really nice
for you and I’ll send you — – Will you send me pictures? – Yes I will send you so — I’ll send you daily updates. I’ll send you daily updates. (sniffles and whines) Thank you! – You’re welcome! – This is the coolest
thing ever, oh my gosh. – I was gonna save it
til the end, off camera, but I’m so glad we did it on camera. – I’m so excited. You don’t understand, like,
in my Ebay watch list, like I’ve been watching this. Like that’s crazy. – Are they hard to find? – Well, it’s like, I don’t
trust people on Ebay. Usually they send me
something that’s not working, and this is in like such good condition. Like, oh we’re gonna investigate this further in another video. You guys be prepared. I’m gonna close all the windows. I can’t believe this works. Like, this is crazy. If you ever need it back,
you know where it’s at. – I’m good, but I can’t speak
for what she wrote on here, you can see there’s a couple
women’s studies essays on here. – My gosh, this is so amazing. – But I brought other stuff, too. – What?
– I have other — – Wait, wait, wait! Do you remember the scrap book? This was like the copy
and paste, like you could copy and paste things into it. – Is this all you could do? I remember the map. – Yes, look at this! (chirp) Memo, yeah you could paste things in here. – Like, this is what you
see when they talk about classic Steve Jobs, and
like the early days of graphical user interface,
like this was it. – This was it, and the puzzle! – Oh I remember the puzzle. I just got way too excited. It was a slider puzzle
that you could move around. – Yes! Oh my gosh. Okay, okay, I could,
we could probably make a seven hour video about this, but… – I have more. Well, this is all stuff, and I mean this is my very first computer. I remember my parents
had me put it in my room. That was like a giant deal for me. So … – [Justine] What’s in the box? – I’m bringing this out. – Oh my gosh! – We got some disc drives here, but — – No way! – I know there’s a … I think if, ah … – Can you believe? So I think Drake said it best. Started from the bottom, now we’re here. – Now we’re here. Thanks for the assist. Here we go. – Oh my gosh! – I have, and I believe a working, although we need the monitor, Apple IIE. And then there’s a friend that
I have that I didn’t bring. It’s an Apple IIC. – No way! – Remember the monitor sat on top of this? – Yes! – So remember you had to
have the power supply? To make it work?
– Yes! Holy crap! – It came with its own ports. And then actually the power
cord that goes with it, and the ribbon cables that
made the entire thing work. There’s like a special
monitor that you had to use. It was like a green monitor. – This is … (keys clicking) You’d hook it up to like
a dot matrix printer. – This is amazing. – I’m gonna find the
monitor for our next video. We’re gonna hook this up. – Yes. – ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that this works. Remember you gotta like, pick this up. – [Justine] Yeah and it was so- – [John] Oh, there are discs in here! – It’s so aggressive. – This is what they called the flop, ’cause the floppy. – Exactly, wow. – I remember Moon Patrol. – I don’t remember Moon Patrol. – Is there one in here, too? (keys clicking) No, this one’s empty. – Man, this is so awesome. So I made an Ebay mistake because I was just getting super excited about all the old vintage
Apples that I was finding, and I think it was an
Apple IIC that I saw, and it comes in the original box. But it didn’t have a monitor, so if you have a monitor, we can make all of these things work. This is so awesome. – [John] This is what
computers looked like. This was like the hot computer. – [Justine] Can you believe it? – [John] To have. This probably doesn’t
have the signature inside I don’t think. – No, it was only in the, it was the 1984. It was the 128k and the 512. And then the one megabyte
one that my parents had did not have the signature, so it was only in the first two. – [John] And that was
Wozniak and Jobs both, right? – [Justine] Yeah. – So this is this is some
of my old school Apple tech. I thought you’d get a kick out of it. We both kinda got our start with Apple. – This is so great, I know. I feel like, gosh, that’s
crazy how things have changed. So quickly, really, if you think about it. – It is not. We’re talking ’92. – But that’s still, I mean,
considering how things have gone from this to, I mean, this TV is so flat
and thin against the wall. Like, just things like that. That we started here and
this is where we’re at now. The future is gonna be so exciting. – Started from the bottom, now we’re here. – Yeah.
Thanks, Drake. Your — – Dude brought that in. – Your revolutionary
lyrics, thank you so much. And thank you so much for
coming and hanging out. Thank you for having me,
I’m gonna bring you more old school Apple tech next time. – This is gonna be great. I’ve been thinking about doing a series, of having people come over
to bring their old tech and like, this is, I guess,
the first episode, really. So this is exciting.
– Boom. – Ah! I’m so excited! – We’re cutting edge here with iJustine. – This is. Oh my gosh, well thank you. Make sure you guys go
check out his channel. I’ll put links in the description, also where you can check out
the WWDC video that we shot. Lots of predictions. I’ll be at WWDC, I’ll
send you some updates. – Please. – Selfies, I’ll be like,
I’m so happy I’m crying! – Thank you for having me, this was fun. – Yeah, thanks for coming over! – Bye, guys! – That’s the end of the video now. Bye! (upbeat music) I’m gonna go cry in peace. (upbeat music)

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  68. She’s says the ram doubler installed, then an ad pops up on screen with Dodge Ram logo that says ram! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME TODAY

  69. I like ipad x

  70. Can't wait for the iMac X

  71. They should add bigger cameras to ipads

  72. Both of you are awesome..

  73. Wow. Cool vintage computers.

  74. the ipad x is a fantastic création

  75. Jon has a notch…

  76. Dang she is so rich.because like she has all Apple products.

  77. I love you

  78. Where did you get it from

  79. Ijustine i love ijustine

  80. Anybody watching after iPad x is released

  81. You so wrong but so right

  82. Hi

  83. Hi

  84. anyone here when the new ipad pro came ahahah

  85. jon needs to iron his shirt

  86. A now we have an actual version iPad Pro noche and all

  87. switch up box challenge is who are you play this game called switch a bug's tell us what person makes it and the other person turns around so they can't pick where their sister or your friend is hooking in the box and if they got the good when they think or if they got the bad one they think they have to make a certain face like a 🙁 if you if you like and you don't want it to go and i or a happy face and feel if you like it i mean if you don't like it probably switch

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  93. No gold is available

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