iPhone 11 (2019) NEW Design

iPhone 11 (2019) NEW Design

– How may cameras will
the 2019 iPhones have and what will they look like? What’s up, guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV. It’s the new year and we’ve got a bunch of new leaks and rumors. Let’s break all of these
down SuperSaf style to give you guys a better
idea of what to expect. This video is sponsored by Audible. Get your free 30 day trial
and download your audiobook by visiting the link in
the description below. So the first early leaks
of the 2019 iPhones, the naming of which
we’re still unsure about. Will Apple call them the iPhone 11s? Will Apple still use roman numerals? In which case they
would be the iPhone XIs? Regardless, it looks like at
least one of these new iPhones is going to have a triple camera setup. Reputable leak here, OnLeaks
has partnered with Digit.in to create some early renders
of what this could look like. And I’m going to be
honest, these early renders do not look too good. We’ve got a huge camera module with a camera bump on
one side of the phone. And the camera and flash
arrangement is also pretty weird. What was even more worrying was
that another reputable leak, Ice universe, confirmed that
these renders were correct. However, it’s not all bad news. It looks like there may be some hope. And that’s because
OnLeaks has just published some new renders in partnership
with CompareRaja this time. And these show a horizontal
camera alignment. So in this new render,
we’ve got three cameras stacked side by side
with the middle camera having a circle flash around it. The setup kind of reminds me of what we’ve got on the LG V40. And I know a few guys
are going to be joking saying that this is the
cyclops edition iPhone. But, I for one, prefer this so much more compared to the initial renders. So which of these leak
renders are actually correct? Well, you have to bare in mind that these are very early leaks and they are based upon EVT hardware. That’s engineering
validation test hardware. And they are not set in stone. It could be that Apple’s
testing a few early prototypes and they are going to be going
with one of these in the end. And Apple, if you’re listening, then please don’t go
with the first version. I am definitely not a fan of option one. I do prefer option two. What do you guys prefer? Option one or two? Definitely let me know
in the comments below. Now, what are these triple
cameras going to be? Well, it looks like Apple will carry on with a regular angle of view camera as well as a telephoto camera. They’ve been doing that for a few years. The third camera is still
a bit of a question mark. Will it be an ultra wide camera like we’ve seen on lots of other devices? That’s something that I do really like. Or will it be a separate camera to sense depth or 3D information? This is all a bit of a question mark. And we’ll hopefully be finding
out more about that soon. Now as far as the design when it comes to the front of the phones, it looks like we’re not going to be
seeing a drastic change. And this means that
we’ll still have a notch. It doesn’t look like Apple was
going to go for a punch out for the front-facing camera
like we are likely to see on the new S10s. That might be at a later stage. So you’re not going to be able to say goodbye to the notch just yet. Now in terms of how many new iPhones we’re going to see this
year, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that we’re going to see two all lid versions and one LCD version like we’ve had this year. So we’ve got a regular
size iPhone 5.8 inches, a Max, which is going to be 6.5 inches, and then an XR 2 maybe, 10R 2. I have no idea what
they’re going to call them. But basically a successor
to the iPhone 10R which will still have an LCD display. Maybe at the same resolution
as we’ve had this year. But it is likely to have
an upgrade on the cameras. And we’re likely to have two cameras on the successor of the 10R rather than the one that we’ve got this year. The 5.8 inch version of the 2019 iPhone is likely to also have dual cameras. And it looks like the triple camera setup may just be reserved for the Max version. So this might be the special version. This might be the one Apple
wants everybody to buy. In terms of other leaks and rumors, it seems like we are going to be getting an improvement in Face ID. This is something that
we do see year on year. And Apple is expected to increase the power of the flood
illuminator, which will help reduce the potential for environmental light and interference with Face ID. And it’s also rumored that new iPhones will have support for WiFi 6. So WiFi 6 promises faster
speeds, greater range and increased capacity,
reduced latency, high security, and faster initial
connection to a network. And that’s all of the leaks
and rumors that we have so far. Of course, this is early stages right now. So as soon as we have
more leaks and rumors, we will be doing some update videos. If you want to see those
first, then make sure you have subscribed and hit that bow icon. What do you guys think
of the leaks and rumors of the 2019 iPhones so far? Definitely drop me a comment
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