iPhone 11 Apple event Predictions, iOS 13GM Release date, and What to expect

iPhone 11 Apple event Predictions, iOS 13GM Release date, and What to expect

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the iPhone 11 event is about four days away it’s on Tuesday September 10th at
1:00 p.m. Eastern Time or 10:00 a.m. Pacific time I got that backwards in the
last video I’m not really sure why it’s always 1 p.m. Eastern Time so I thought
we’d go over some of my predictions for the event I thought it’d be kind of fun
to see what my predictions are verse what they actually are and see what you
have to say about it in the comments below also with your predictions so the
first thing is there will be two different names for the iPhone we’ll
have the iPhone 10 our replacement and that will be called the iPhone 11
supposedly they’re going to drop the AR name and just make that the iPhone 11
and then we’ll have the iPhone 11 Pro now there’s this is where one of my
predictions comes in is so for the iPhone 11 we’ll just have the normal
standard and telephoto lens along with that camera square but also will have
different colors everything from green to kind of a lilac purple color and so
we’ll have those different colors and it will just be the normal iPhone 11 and it
will have very similar specs to what we currently have with the ten are a little
bit of a bump as far as speed is concerned now aside from that will have
the 11pro and this is where my prediction comes in that’s a little bit
different with the 11pro I expect two sizes just like they do with the iPad
pro but it will be called the iPhone 11 pro some people are saying they’ll be
the 11pro and 11 pro max I’m thinking just 11 pro but hopefully they keep it
just 11 pro with two different sizes like the iPad as opposed to 11 pro max I
think these names are getting pretty confusing and I would love to just see
11 pro in two different sizes like they do with the MacBook 13-inch 15 inch or
the current iPad pro so as far as that goes that’s my prediction now what we’ll
get with the new iPhones will have three lenses we’ll have our normal standard
we’ll have telephoto and then we’ll also have a wide angle that will have
enhanced AR features as well as this is another prediction that I haven’t heard
anywhere else and it’s just me thinking about it is why would you make this
square and standard across all the different devices and the thought was
that the particular square might be good for accessories to fit on to it maybe
there’s going to be some video enhancements which we’ve seen with the
iOS their team code and I’ll talk more about iOS 13 in a moment but well if we
think we’re going to see some enhanced accessories that might clip over the top
of this so that could be pretty interesting just a prediction of mine no
real facts or anything to base that off of it’s just thinking why would you do
that the face ideas should be better more like the iPad pro multi-angle maybe
put it down on a on a table and be able to use it without picking it up things
like that we won’t see an under the screen fingerprint sensor until next
year so expect that for this year also attention aware FaceTime so we expect
that we’ve seen it in iOS 13 code before and maybe it will keep your face locked
into the camera even if you’re looking elsewhere on your screen we don’t really
know but we should see that pretty soon now aside from that I expect the
charging port to stay the same as far as lightning on the bottom USBC next year
but I do expect them to change the in the box charger either to the iPad
charger which that’s not really what I’m thinking I’m thinking more along the
lines of USBC to lightning with an 18 watt charger like they include with the
iPad pro so hopefully we’ll see that there’s been some rumors about that I’m
predicting will see that no more 5 watt charger I hope and that will be a slow
move to USB see I’m really hoping to see that now the other thing is iOS 13
everyone wants to know when will it come out there was actually a document leaked
earlier this week that turned out to be fake so it had dates of when different
things were going to release it seems that those were all fake that’s why I
didn’t do a video on it in fact I had pretty early access to that document and
I just didn’t really believe that it was something that seemed a hundred percent
legitimate so I’d rather not release it so iOS 13 GM or golden master is always
released or the previous versions were always released after the event so on
Tuesday September 10th I would expect iOS 13 G a more golden master to release
an hour to two hours after the event takes place so expect that and then
we’ll be able to try out any new features that they show off or anything
like that now if you’re on i OS 13.1 this is where it’s going to
get a little bit tricky we don’t really know what Apple’s going to do as far as
allowing us to go back to 13 or if we’ll actually have to use iTunes to do that
if we have to use iTunes that will be unfortunate but we won’t really know
that until the final release comes around so I’ll let you know as soon as I
know and hopefully it’s really easy as opposed to having to use iTunes to do
that now other things we expected the Apple event our new Apple watch’s a
fifth generation in titanium and ceramic along with the stainless steel and
aluminum so not just what we have now but going back to that ceramic and then
adding an additional titanium one I would love to see an iPhone made out of
titanium also maybe with the new MacBook Pros bringing that back later on I’ll
talk about that in just a moment now aside from that we expect new locators
and similar to tile if you’ve seen the little tile locators I’ve done a video
about those in the past they’re really handy you can put them on a keychain or
you can put them in a backpack and if you lose them you can locate them Apple
has this huge network of iPhones and I would expect them to at least announce
them at this event we’ve seen code about it in the past and they will use the
fine to my app in order to find it so in the find mine app there’s already code
or screenshots that have been leaked that actually show a third tab for
finding a device so that means you could put a little tag or NFC based Bluetooth
locator tab put that maybe in a backpack on your keychain in your car and if you
lose those devices or it’s stolen or something like that you’ll be able to
locate them using the find my app so I would expect to see those at least shown
off now the other thing too is a new Apple TV with a new a 12 processor in it
so we’ll see the a 12 processor just a little speck bump maybe a slight
redesign but I don’t think so a slight spec moment and along with that Apple TV
and iOS 13 we should see Apple TV plus along with Apple arcade we’ve been
waiting for this all along we know those are coming in the fall or autumn
according to Apple so we’ll see those as well now one thing that was interesting
that’s in the code I don’t know if we should expect to see this as a one more
thing but it would be kind of interesting
is a hourglasses so a different spin on what Google did with Google Google glass
but we would see an AR version maybe closer to a hololens with glasses that
you would wear it’s been long rumored it’s been found in code before and it
seems to be back in the code kind of hidden and obscured so apples at least
looking at it whether or not we would see it it seems
way too early for that but you never know now finally I would not expect any
new iPads or mac books in this event in fact I would expect that to be pushed
out to October every year Apple does an event in September that’s related to the
iPhones and watch but in October they always do iPad and MacBook so we’ll see
a new MacBook in October most likely as as long as they continue with whatever
their plan is and will also see an iPad as well so we’ll see all of these new
devices and we’ll see those in the following month along probably with iOS
13.1 I would expect that to be in October as well now aside from that if
you haven’t checked it out there’s something you can check out already that
Apple released yesterday and that is the Apple music app for the computer so you
can use Apple music on any computer with any web browser so you go to beta Apple
dot usek or beta dot music Apple comm I’ll link it in the description you can
check it out for yourself and see what you think but it works pretty well it
has all of your playlists as long as you subscribe to Apple music everything is
just there so it’s a really nice version and it really works well it’s fast and
everything else so Apple kind of converted everything to the web for that
so that’s it for the iPhone 11 event let me know what your predictions are in the
comments below I’d love to hear what you have to say some of my ideas of course
probably aren’t going to happen but maybe they will and hopefully the camera
is something pretty revolutionary compared to what we’ve seen in the past
of course there’ll be speck bumps and more RAM and things like that let me
know your thoughts in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper that I have on this iPhone I’ll link that in the description as
well if you’d like to get your hands on that I’ll link it as I always do if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and hit that
vacation baloff you you’d like to see more of these videos as soon as they’re
released if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for
watching I’ll see you next time

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