iPhone 11 Disassembly / Reassembly and Back Housing Replacement

iPhone 11 Disassembly / Reassembly and Back Housing Replacement

Welcome to HowFixit and in this video, I will
show how to disassembly and replace back housing on the iPhone 11
What tools you will needed to disassemble the iPhone 11:
Screwdriver set Plastic mediator
Suction cup for removing display Tweezers
Plastic opening tool Adhesive tape for restore water protection
and Adhesive silicon tape for the battery In the description under the video, you will
find links where to buy all these tools and replacement parts for iPhone 11
To replace the back housing on iPhone 11, you need to completely disassemble the phone
and this is not an easy process, but it will be more difficult to assemble it, so I recommend
using a magnetic mat in the process of disassembling and laying out all the screws and parts step
by step. Turn off the iPhone, then take a 0.8 mm Pentalobe
screwdriver and remove the 2 screws near the charging port. Take any hair dryer and heat the surface of
the display for 1-2 minutes. The required temperature for heating is 60-70
degrees Celsius; almost any hair dryer will be enough to detach the display from the case. Set the suction cup on the bottom of display. Take a thin plastic mediator and begin to
disconnect the display from the case. If you have warmed the surface of the display
well enough, opening process will not be difficult, in any case, you can additionally warm the
surface of the display. You can fix the suction cup in the middle
of the display and use it as a support for the display module. The case of the iPhone 11 opens like a book,
opening the display to the right. First you need to disconnect the battery cable,
but in the iPhone 11 it is located under the metal panel, which holds 3 screws and one
of screw is hard to reach, it’s under the cable of the display module. So, in order not to break the display cable,
first remove the 5 screws on the large panel, then disconnect the 3 cables of the display. After removing the display, remove the 3 screws
on second metal panel and disconnect the battery cable. When the battery connected to the main board,
it is not critical to disconnect the display module, because the most important is to disconnect
the battery when you connecting any module. Remove 5 screws and remove the antenna. Next, remove another 2 screws on the speaker. Now take a hair dryer and heat the black tape
between the speaker and the Taptic engine. So it will be easier to peel off the tape
without damage. Next, remove the 2 more screws and remove
the metal bracket. Take a Standoff 1.5mm screwdriver and unscrew
the 2 screws. In the iPhone 11, the speaker is glued to
the case, and if you want to keep the adhesive tape, take a hair dryer and a heat the surface,
then detach the speaker from the case. That’s all, the speaker removed and at the
same time we save the adhesive tape on the iPhone 11 case Now you need to remove 6 adhesive tapes from
under the battery. Take tweezers and peel off the tape from the
battery. Now slowly, pull the tape away from the battery. Repeat the same with the remaining of the
silicone tapes. If one of the tapes is torn, apply a couple
of drops of isopropyl alcohol under the battery and the tape will peel off the case. Also, be careful with the sharp ends of the
tweezers when peeling off the tape. When you peeling off the last tape, hold the
battery. Let’s begin to remove the rear camera, unscrew
the 2 screws and remove the metal bracket. Now disconnect 2 cables from the mainboard
and the rear camera can be removed from the case. Next, turn off 2 more cables and remove the
Face-ID module. Remove the SIM card tray. Remove the 2 screws with Phillips 1 screwdriver
and one screw with a 1.5mm Standoff screwdriver. Remove the metal panel and disconnect the
cable from the SIM card reader. Next, disconnect 2 cables, then use a Standoff
1.5mm screwdriver to unscrew 2 more screws and disconnect 3 more cables from the mainboard
under the second metal panel. Now the motherboard doesn’t hold anything
and, it can be removed from the iPhone. Remove 2 screws, unstick the cable and turn
off 1 more screw. Heat the surface with a hairdryer and unstick
the bracket from the case. Remove the last 2 screws on the inside of
the case and now you can begin to removing the cable with a charging port. Take a hairdryer, warm the surface of the
cable and you can begin peeling off the cable from the case. Now it remains to peel off the charging port
from the iPhone case. The remaining upper cables you can heat by
a hairdryer and detach from the case like the lower cable. The wireless charging module glued to the
case along the edge, if it’s not pre-installed on the new replaceable case, also heat it
with a hairdryer and re-install it. The buttons on the case can also be removed
and replaced if you change to the back housing of the same color or there are no buttons
on the new back housing, but this is all depends on your case individual. I recommend buying a back housing on which
all cables and buttons are already preinstalled, you will save a lot of time and reduce the
risk of unsuccessful assembly. In the description under the video, I leave
a link where to buy a new back housing for iPhone 11
The assembly process requires attention. Be especially careful with the screws you
tighten; repeat the rest through the video. The battery should be glued to the iPhone
case; you can use silicone adhesive tapes, the same ones that were removed from under
the battery, or double-sided tape. Well, the iPhone 11 assembled and now you
can connect the display and check how the smartphone works. To test the iPhone, just connect three display
cables and then the battery cable. Turn the
display over and turn on the iPhone. Check all function of the iPhone and If everything
works fine, you can begin to the final stage of the iPhone 11 assembly with restoration
of water protection. Remove the old silicone tape from the case. Using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab,
you can wipe the case. This is not necessary, but definitely will
not be superfluous. Now take a waterproof adhesive tape. That tape restore protection of water and
dust on your iPhone 11. Before applying adhesive tape, make sure that
you stick it on the right position. Press on the tape around the edges. That need for sticking to the back housing. Now begin to the installation of the display. Connect 3 cables of the display module to
the main board and only after that, connect the battery cable. Install small metal panel and fasten the 3
screws. One of the screws is located very close to
the display cable, so fasten it carefully. Now install the second panel and fasten the
5 screws. Turn the display over and press it around. Fasten the last 2 screws near the charging
port and you can turn on your iPhone 11 So, I hope this video was useful for you,
and I helped restore your iPhone 11. See you soon on HowFixit.

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