iPhone 11 este aici! | Apple “inovează” din nou | Unboxing & Review CEL.ro

iPhone 11 este aici! | Apple “inovează” din nou | Unboxing & Review CEL.ro

Today we will talk about the revolutionary new iPhone and the updated iPhone 11 As you may well know, this year iPhone has not released the X series of phones The form to be called Simple iPhone products 11 11:11 Promax Unlike Last date or better said than last year Still renamed XS XS max And xy Therefore Somehow iPhone 11 is the poor iPhone or iPhone From last year Let’s open the box to see why it’s in good condition Let’s see if there is such a big difference between the iPhone X Air IPhone 11 We also have with us iPhone 11 pro and 11 promax but we keep them for another Video because we don’t want to do it IPhone broth BRD forget about all Don’t forget to subscribe and And activate the notifications and then enter the Slash giveaway.ro to register for the contest of course The only difference between this model and And the other models are that the phone is like that Sitting face to face Not face up How it has been placed so far IPhone 11 comes with Charger Pure Dear brothers we are in 2019 comes with an amp An amp I can not believe IPhone x Talk Comes with an amp charger and last year With two so with three so So four-handed with And so on When it comes over it Little impediment to tell her We still have Headphones of course With Lightning pigs And the power cable and data transfer also with live Get it now Let’s just say how much it costs The cheapest Phone Dila ep And that’s how it’ll look in your face when you find out you’re the cheapest The basic model That is, a 64 GB iPhone 11 costs $ 4,000 And the model I have here of 128 GB here costs It hurts It costs 4,300 RON 4,300 RON on the brothers you know what you do with 4,300 RON And now let’s take a look at my iPhone 11 Let’s talk first about the construction of the phone is made of glass both on the face Both on the back And the frame is It is made of 7000 series aluminum Just like the iPhone x But even the sensation on You have When you hold it in your hand Is that iPhone x Air and if I give someone to hold them in their eyes with their eyes closed Without touching this room module it would probably have been tricked too And they certainly wouldn’t realize Which is which Now Unlike iPhone x has this phone has IP 68 protection Let’s talk about the display we have an IPS From an IPS Liquid retina Or Liquid mini Lie Kuma Some say And why we say Liquid lie for which only 1792 pixels on 828 Yes it is exactly the same resolution as the iPhone x jump We have 326 pixels per inch A 19.5 aspect 5 on 9 And a 6.1-inch diagonal It occupies somewhere at 79% One hundred from the front surface of His screen And it is scratch resistant and covered with an oleophobic layer We also have an option for Too many tones namely Depending on ambient light The color temperature of the screen is automatically adjusted If I disable this option as you can see the color is cooler the white is whiter And at night there is the possibility of tired your eyes If we activate mops Who this It gets yellow And In theory You should stop tired of your eyes So yes for Apple fans Who waited for iPhone 11 IPhone 11 has a resolution Feet how much iPhone X XS Max and so on But what I said is just a precursor Spiritual to him xa Further on we go to hardware Exactly as usual then every year brings as an improvement or Or as an upgrade over processes longing This time we have A bionic a13 processor Technology rating of 7 nanometers Plus to be more concise It has 2.5 GB maps A12 again A13a has 2.65 Practically It is Close Insignificant As for Performance I certainly don’t even have to talk about it anymore This is because we are talking about Apple, we are talking about iOS A proprietary system Made Specific To run on Apple hardware Therefore All that means animation transitions multitasking And so on Search You have absolutely no problem It’s basically the phone call time And it moves exceptionally in the interface And I’ve always appreciated that to one IPhone Let’s look at another Benchmark where I got 455100 10 points Then we go to the rooms This time we have Two rooms In contrast to the X ar from last year who had a single room It is exactly the same way the room through Paula is 12 megapixels f-18 And as an addition we have 12 megapixels Point four an Ultra camera White Yeah he looked like the camera through The main one has Optical stabilization And in theory this room should To do The effect of Bach better than One Alone and Software on the front side this time we have a 12 Megapixel camera f-22 for two Old room room I7 It is capable of shooting 2160p at 24 With 30 or 60 frames per Which seems to me a lot Interesting And at 1080p we can reach up to 120 frames over As usual we don’t have a port Audio jack we don’t have infrared And we have no radio We just have USB 2.0 With that Lightning Import Here at the bottom we have the Prince speaker grille With the microphone hole and the speaker for calls it acts as a creamy secondary speaker An effect Tarot We do ID we don’t have a fingerprint sensor and the button arrangement is accurate Like at LTE iPhone fold From the past More precisely From the X There is another difference between this phone and iPhone x Air Not visible is the battery this time we have 3,110 Milliamps as opposed to 2,942 And as a small parenthesis I don’t understand either Never why Apple has passes What are numbers on the battery why do not make 3,100 Or 3,200 Or 3,300 And so on We also have Fast battery charging As we mentioned earlier we don’t have Battery charger pheasants But he is capable of Supports 18v I mean 50% in 30 minutes We also have USB Power Delivery 2.0 and And technology Wireless charging With sweet standards Optical Compact What you need More or less Then when you have a wireless Charger There is a difference between 9 Series and old iPhone series And this is at the photographic level Prince of Rabbit software in the future these phones will go under Supports beeps Fusionfall Photos I mean, he will What four pictures Before To do Fine photography Four after and one with ox Saying Shorten The eight choirs What’s the area code A kind of EMQ I’m a neuroaxis Good practice uses a kind of you To give you better image quality It will not be Supported on iPhone Before 11 Yes more or less maybe And just a marketing thing When you take it you boast that That through this processing He managed to To get out A much higher level of detail than the competition When will I have to wait? Tom and let’s see why he’s in the moment beta And my voice Hello you Razna is good we are approaching the end of this video and as promised We have to talk about photos So I was with him outside, I shot a few frames and the results are on my expectations a very good room Able to Take out some pretty good frames even when you have the bright sky in the back and you want to Take a building for example, and this is when When HD the river comes into action So it would be preferable to leave the car As for the details It’s good here is a combination of hardware but And soft Why I say this grace longing is the same as last year is the same as the iPhone x Or iPhone x But Small changes and improvements to the image processing chapter On which water he introduced Do From this room A much better camera like that but I’m not going to go into details to say that there was a pixel wrong or Or under such conditions it did not succeed What to bring out the brightness well or here was the white balance and so on Good people is not a room is not Where the saldiran is a Compact is not a Bridge So from my point of view make some great photos for a mobile phone if you have one X XS or XR And you want to upgrade From my point of view Maybe you should wait another generation or two And with the scandal that was when Apple launches software Hold the phone and after they were caught then it released in other updates and so on You can hold an Iphone three or four years for quiet days Of course if you take care of it too, these being said until next time don’t forget to check the description for useful links and prices Updated And Also Don’t forget to give your opinion about the new iPhone Good and updated In the comment section below And yes, I’m really curious to see your views About iPhone And I’m curious to hear the opinions To those who are Apple boy fans but also to those who are boy fans Android namely Yes, I always know there’s this War I like both of them and I will never speak for them Because it’s like comparing Apples with pears We cum Therefore

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  17. ⏩ Apple iPhone 11 este disponibil aici: https://cel.ro/c/M2FmT1p9WSY2fw

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    Ba santeti prosti?
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