IPHONE 11 PRO é ÓTIMO CONVITE da Apple para LARGAR o ANDROID | Análise / Review

IPHONE 11 PRO é ÓTIMO CONVITE da Apple para LARGAR o ANDROID | Análise / Review

Last year we had the iPhone XS and, as usual of any generation that brings an “S” after the number, Its focus was on speed. For this year Apple decided to bet on cameras and that’s where the name “Pro” of the iPhone 11 Will the apple be able to fight for the crown by competing with the best on the market? That’s what you check now with TudoCelular.com. Let’s start by talking about design, which is the most controversial change in the new iPhones. When images from the new device started leaking many did not believe that this could be official design – it is, everything has been confirmed and we really have these three giant cameras in the back which ended up resulting in several jokes on the internet. If you think it’s ugly or not, doesn’t matter much to Apple, The iPhone 11 Pro has been selling well and the company should be pleased with the result. The company claims that the glass used in the iPhone 11 Pro is the toughest on the market. We have heard this conversation before but the truth is that glass is glass and will break when it hits the floor. The switch is to the matte finish that helps reduce finger stains and doesn’t scratch as easily either In addition to making the device less slippery. The glass covering the screen is manufactured by Corning, which supplies Gorilla Glass for a variety of Android phones. It’s tougher than last generation but we still recommend wearing a cover to protect this cell phone, that is not cheap at all. From the front, nothing has changed here – we have the same big notch that houses the front camera and sensors for Face ID. Due to the thicker glass and battery gain the iPhone 11 Pro turns out to be “chubby and heavier” than the XS. The screen remains OLED and has the same size and resolution as before, but it’s not exactly the same panel. Called the XDR Super Retina, the 11 Pro’s screen can achieve higher brightness than just the XS. but even that recent releases from Samsung. So the XDR is just an Apple marketing ploy to say that the iPhone screen HDR is better than the competition. What matters is that HDR content really shines on the iPhone 11Pro screen, even more so than before. When Apple decided to adopt the Pro nomenclature on the iPhone many expected to see the same 120 Hz screen as the iPad Pro, Unfortunately it wasn’t this time. The problem with having a screen with this refresh rate would be high battery consumption, which may be unfeasible to have on iPhone for now. The sound is equally impressive – the iPhone 11 Pro has a dual speaker that delivers better sound involvement thanks to the spatial effect. The power is at the level of rivals, but the sound quality is better because of more balanced audio. The next phone is the same as usual and there is no P2 adapter. The phone has great sound quality, but the power is not equivalent to some Android flagships and it can be uncomfortable for long hours listening to music or playing games. Apple cell phone has always been synonymous with speed – Apple knows how to make good hardware and this, coupled with optimized software, we have a phone that does not choke on opening apps and delivers fluidity to envy manufacturers who bet on Android. The iPhone XS was launched last year and no Android of 2019 could beat it on our speed test. The OnePlus 7 Pro has come very close, but only the iPhone 11 has achieved that. And we can expect Apple to keep the crown for a long time. Some followers disagree, but what we see here is that the iPhone really delivers superior fluidity. The 11 Pro also runs over rivals on loose benchmarks, and looks at the AnTutu hasn’t even been updated to version 8 yet. And what about games?! That’s where iOS really outperforms Android. Any game available for iPhone runs smoothly here on 11 Pro and some with greater fluidity than their Android versions as is the case with racing games from GameLoft, PUBG and Fortnite, for example. If the iPhone has always delivered great performance, its battery, however, was always its biggest weakness. Apple came up with the talk that the 11 Pro can deliver four hours more autonomy than the XS, and of course we tested to see if the company is telling the truth. Well, we didn’t get that promised win, but it was pretty close to that. The iPhone XS lagged behind all its competitors, while the 11 Pro can outperform almost everyone. Now you can use your phone all day without worrying about taking the charger with you but you still need to recharge it every day. And you know that lame 5-watt charger that came with the iPhone? Now we have a more powerful 18 watt iPhone 11 Pro. This change caused the wait time for a full recharge to fall by half. About iPhone 11 Pro software there’s not much to talk about – it’s the same iOS 13 available for other Apple models released in recent years. If you have an older model and want to switch to it you will have exactly the same features. The only new feature is Deep Fusion, which features an artificial intelligence-based algorithm. to enhance your photos. It captures multiple shots with different exposures to remove image flaws and deliver the best shot possible. Yes, basically an answer to the advanced Pixel HDR. Apple has finally included an ultra-wide camera in its smartphones. both pro versions feature the same triple set of cameras which delivers the same features and image quality for videos and photos. If you were thinking of catching Max thinking your camera is better, forget it. Let’s start with the new thing: the ultra wide camera It has a 130º angle of view, allowing you to record much more of the scenery around you. It is the only one of the three that has no stabilization and no autofocus. The quality of photos with this camera is good There is a bit of blur in the corners due to software that tries to correct the distortion caused by the lens. It is on the edges of the photos that we also see a little more noise color, contrast and HDR are the same as what the main camera captures. Apple has made the biggest fanfare about the ultra-wide lens, which is nothing new to anyone with an Android smartphone. Overall, it does a good job, but nothing special. The main one, in fact, is the big highlight here – we have photos rich in detail with very low noise and great dynamic range. No exaggerated colors like some rival Android models but sometimes it exaggerates a little on sharpness. The zoom camera has similar quality and is less sharpened. If you enjoy shooting from a distance, you’ll enjoy photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro. but keep in mind that optical zoom is limited to only twice, the hybrid only reaches ten times while other companies, such as Huawei, offer much more than that. At nightfall Night Mode is automatically activated If the iPhone XS performed not that great darker places, this is where the 11 Pro stands out. The photos do not lose quality at night and have the details preserved with well-balanced colors. Even compared to the Pixel we see more details in the photo captured by the iPhone 11 Pro This shows that Apple really took the cameras seriously this time. Night Mode also works equally well with the telephoto camera, but if you plan to use ultra wide at night you will have to settle for dark photos. The front facing cam has been upgraded with the new sensor and we were able to capture great selfies when there is good light. Finally Apple decided to open the field a little wider and now we can frame more friends Or show more background without a selfie stick. In darker places iPhone still sins with great detail loss and excessive noise but the flash on the screen breaks a branch. Studio effects have been enhanced and use the iPhone’s neural processor. to allow you to regulate the light intensity. Portrait Mode continues to make optimal separation of the person and the background. The biggest news is the ability to shoot 4K at 60 FPS with the front camera In addition to being able to shoot in slow motion to make “slofies” – here comes Apple wanting to innovate with those weird names. The highlight is the stabilization that does a great job as well as the migration between different cameras while shooting, which is virtually flawless. And the rear end shoots quality with little shake and capturing very clear quality audio. That the iPhone is too expensive that everyone already knows, but is it worth it to pay more for it than for rivals from other brands? Well, it’s the fastest phone we tested, by the way, it’s a second below the iPhone 11, but we won’t trade apple for apple. Battery no longer a problem for Apple – the iPhone 11 Pro delivers superior autonomy than the Galaxy S10, Note 10 and Mi 9, all with a larger battery, second only to the Huawei P30 Pro. only the recharge time that is even longer than the competition, but it has reduced a lot compared to what we had in the past. In cameras Apple now competes equally with the competition and brings a Night Mode that really does a good job. The only question is whether Deep Fusion will deliver on its promise to leave rival photos behind. We will have a dedicated camera comparison very soon to evaluate this point. After all that we can conclude that the iPhone is still expensive, but now it is starting to be worth your money. This is not to say that it delivers exemplary value for money but shows that Apple is striving to enforce the price that she charges for her products. This is the best iPhone we have ever tested and we can say the same for the 11 Pro Max which only has different screen size and battery life. It is better at all than the iPhone XS, which may be worth switching to the new one. And if you have an older iPhone, it’s definitely worth migrating to 11 Pro. If you don’t mind having the fastest cell phone, Samsung rivals offer better value and compared to Xiaomi’s flagship, we’re not gonna even talk about . Remember that the best prices to buy the iPhone 11 Pro and all the devices mentioned in this review are in the links found in the description. I’ll stick around, but comment below if you found the evolution of iPhone 11 Pro enough Or if you wanted to see more. A big hug and see you next time!

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