iPhone 11 Pro Max – 2 Months Later

iPhone 11 Pro Max – 2 Months Later

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the iPhone 11 pro max has been my main phone for the past month and almost
month and a half or so and I’ve really enjoyed using it so I want to talk about
my experience over the past month I’ll talk about durability and a few other
things and the first thing is the display and a lot of you if you’ve
followed any of my videos know that I was concerned with this display and any
OLED display because of PWM or that screen flicker that controls the
brightness basically so not to go into it too detailed but that can cause a lot
of strain and headaches to some people and I’m happy to report that the 11pro
max doesn’t do that to me and most of the time it’s around half brightness
right now but most of the time it’s on auto brightness I never really turned
that off and during the day it’s going to be around half brightness and I’ve
never really had any issues as far as the PWM bothering my eyes on this phone
on the XS Max and the iPhone X it really gave me some headaches and eye
strain it does not do that on this one so that’s a great thing and that also
adds to the usability because now that it doesn’t bother me I can enjoy this
really nice display this is easily the nicest display on any smartphone
including the note 10 that was a beautiful display but this is just a
little bit better in my experience and it’s super color accurate super bright
if I turn the brightness up here it’s just goes very bright it’s easy to see
in sunlight is HDR has great contrast and it’s just really nice to look at its
color accurate and some people did have some with a little slight yellow tint to
it I don’t really see that online so overall it’s really good I have true
tone turned off right now for the video but I do normally use it the overall
durability of the 11pro Max has been quite good with the exception of the
display and I say that because I made a separate video about it but this display
scratch is more easily than any iPhone I’ve had before it has just as many
scratches as a phone I’ve used for a year prior to this so let me turn the
display off and hopefully I can show you this you have to be at just the right
angle here now if I can get this at the right angle you’ll see some scratches
right here as I go down through the phone there’s some here but under the
right light there are scratches all over this phone in there light scratches none
of them are gouges or anything like but their scratches that are really
annoying if you’re in the right light when the displays on you can’t see them
at all but I don’t know if it’s the coating
that’s on this display or if it’s the different type of stronger glass that’s
more durable when you drop it making it softer in general I’m not really sure
but there’s definitely more scratches on this now of course that could be avoided
by just putting a screen protector on it but I tend not to use cases or screen
protectors for a couple of reasons one is I like the actual experience of the
phone itself and the other is durability testing over the years since I review
the phones now as far as scratches along the bottom it’s actually held up really
well I don’t really have any issues with any any scratches around the frame or
anything like that or around the back the back glass is fine there’s not
really any issues as far as any of this go so it’s really been a nice experience
to use this phone and I definitely would recommend it still now overall use and
speed no problems whatsoever in fact this is always fast there’s rarely any
hiccups or anything when scrolling in fact the only time there is is if I do
an update and then once it’s updated and it’s doing a bunch of background
activity sometimes it will actually kind of stutter when you’re scrolling
otherwise there’s never been an issue and there has been some issues with RAM
management as far as closing apps and being aggressive at closing apps in the
background I think that’s mostly fixed with iOS 13.3 but in general if we snap
a picture then we go here maybe we’ll go back to YouTube YouTube reloads my page
of different things here but not the actual app itself and so I find that it
stays open longer what the actual threshold for that is I’m not really
sure but it’s just a really nice phone to use it is the same layout but that’s
iOS but the overall experience is quite good and the speakers are nice and loud
I don’t tend to use speakers to listen to music I’ll use a home pod or a
computer or whatever’s in the room but if I’m listening to music I just
normally don’t watch things on this such as movies and things like that if you
are it sounds great but I tend to use a larger screen like an iPad or something
along those now battery life overall has been very
good good enough that I never look at it because I never get a low battery
warning normally I don’t look at the battery too much I don’t let it bother
me but if I get a low battery warning I’ll notice I haven’t gotten that once I
think on this phone you’ll see my battery health is it a hundred percent
since it’s pretty new and this is my normal usage throughout a day four hours
and 21 minutes of screen on time 2 hours and 33 minutes of screen off time and
that’s with about 50 percent usage most people I’m talking to are saying about 8
– up to 12 hours of screen on time depending on how they’re using their
phone if I go back in you’ll see most of my my apps and things are Twitter or
YouTube studio or messages and things like that I’m not really watching
YouTube too much on this or doing much else other than that so in general it’s
pretty good the one area I still have an issue with and I think I just need to
restore the phone at this point because I’ve asked other people I know that have
this phone and in fact my brother has one of these phones on the same carrier
as well and has no issues with it switching from Wi-Fi to LTE I had
thought that was fixed with previous updates but then the problem came back
so when I leave my Wi-Fi network and switch to LTE oftentimes I’ll have no
internet connection so I’ll go into YouTube for example try to refresh it
just won’t work and of course it works now but a lot of the time I’ll walk
outside of the building I’m in it just won’t have connectivity it’ll say failed
to connect to cellular network and this is a problem I’m hearing from a lot of
people but not enough that it concerns me I think most people either have been
restoring for years like I have and maybe I just need to wipe the phone and
try over because like I said my brother has the same carrier and doesn’t have
this issue ever so this is just a problem I find in fact this morning when
I went to get some coffee I had no internet connection I actually
had left the home ten minutes ago stopped at a coffee
place and I couldn’t connect until I turned on airplane mode turned it off
turned off Wi-Fi like that and then I had connectivity so it’s really annoying
and I just need to restore the phone and see how it goes so those are my only bad
things about it is the the action there but when I am connected
speed is fine cellular reception is fine I have no issues there and just using
the phone in general it’s definitely the best iPhone ever made in my opinion but
it’s not exciting because it’s not a whole new design so the cameras are
fantastic they’re good enough that I can use them for these videos if I want to
especially the front-facing camera when I use that for video it’s a 4k camera
you would never know that I’m not using 4k that I’m not using my lumix s1 up
there so you it’s just really good and I’m happy I can use it for that in fact
the microphone in this is so good that it was better than an external recorder
I used for one of the videos when I did my iPhone review for this I actually
scrapped the audio from the external recorder and used the audio from the
phone because it was much better so it’s really impressive what Apple has done
with that but overall the experience is great of course I’ll continue using it
and we may even see an iPhone se early next year for people that want smaller
phones but I’ll continue using this until the next iPhone comes out iPhone
12 next year so but let me know your experience in the comments below also
let me know if you like this wallpaper and if you do of course I’ll link it in
the description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see more of these
videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a
like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max – 2 Months Later

  1. Llllooll

  2. Still can't find an excuse to upgrade from my iPhone X! But I will be looking at next year's iPhone 12 or Pixel 5 🙂
    Thank you, Aaron!

  3. I’ve had the iPhone 11 Pro Max for a month now and all I have to say it has been a great experience, especially since I was upgraded from a iPhone 7

  4. this is the best iphone we all know, but i still miss the 3d touch, some apps like whatsapp doesn’t have preview msg yet…

  5. I’ve never had the LTE issue,I have T-Mobile as well.So I recently returned my iPhone 11 and switched to a 11 Pro Max, my wife has the pro max as well and I would compare it to the lcd 11 screen,I really couldn’t tell a difference, however one week into the new OLED screen on the 11 Pro Max on every day usage I am starting to tell the difference in quality it’s subtle but very important when it counts if that makes any sense,Point being now that I have this screen I would not wanna go back to a LCD

  6. Just upgraded and use the wide angle to capture photos in school. Also the zoom in is amazing. This phone will be my phone for the next 5 years. Lol

  7. Nice review! Always fun watching iPhone videos on this channel. Hope you'll do Pixel 4 & Pixelbook follow up too. Thanks👍

  8. I use silicon screen protector … gave up on tempered glass protectors cos it chips & cracks after just a few months

  9. Do you have a Tesla? Looks like the tesla app on your home screen

  10. For me display works fine — no scratches at all

  11. Ios 13.2.2 did NOT fix the connectivity issue

  12. I cited this problem in another recent video of yours, but I’ve never seen you say anything about it.

    Safari continues to crash consistently for me. It seems to crash the most when I first go to it to view something. It just blinks off. But then when I reopen it, it goes back quickly to the exact point of whatever article I was reading. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a problem with an Apple device, but I certainly have it now. It also appears that after I go back to it, it takes a while before it crashes again.

    The other problem I am noticing is my screen brightness goes down intermittently throughout the day. I’ll just finally notice that my screen is so dim that I can hardly see it, so I have to manually raise it several times a day. So this is very annoying. And by the way, resetting the phone has not cured either problem.

    I find it odd that no one else is mentioning either one of these problems.

  13. Love my 11 Pro much more than my old X, way better battery and way faster performance, video recording is much better too

  14. I have the XS and still having issues with the mail app.

  15. make a video on restoring while you’re at it

  16. Zollotech I’m getting solid 12 hrs screen on with 13.2.2. Use YouTube and it’ll get you insane battery screen on. If I watch a video for 30 minutes it’ll go down only about 2% or less. On my 8 plus it go down 12-14%

  17. After years of android i am very, very happy with my iPhone 11 Pro.

  18. Does fb and Twitter app stutter while scrolling??

  19. Hi. Does anyone know why 11 pro Max ram is 200mb lower than Xs Max, please?

  20. Hey Aaron do u have a podcast

  21. Hi Aaron, LOVED your videos! BTW: My only problem is the SWOOSH audio, when sending emails. I always have to reset it in audio. Works first time, then quits afterwards, until I go back and redo it in Settings, Sounds & Haptics then Sent Mail. Even when I restart, it does not fix it. Anyone have this problem? This is the only audio I have problems with. The Swoosh for Sent Mail. I have had my new iPhone 11 Pro Max for about 6 weeks. Been doing this from the first day. (I send lots of emails via work).

  22. YouTube is constantly restarting on my 11Pro, even after using only 1 or 2 other apps, it’s pretty frustrating. Otherwise I love the phone, really glad I got it, the battery life is stonking. Use it with an Apple leather case and a Spigen glass screen protector.

  23. I love the fingerprint ID on my iPhone 6 compared to the iris ID I had on my 950XL. The 960 XL did not work in poor light or when I put on my reading glasses. For that reason, I will not consider anything higher than an i8.

  24. I am using my iPhone 11 on low power mode all day and it gets me 12-13 hours a day without any issues and still leaves me 5-7% of battery at the end of the day

  25. 5:31 If you use an ITunes backup make sure you encrypted it with a password because then your Messages and health data and Passwords can transfer over. If you don’t encrypt your backup then your messages passwords and health data will not transfer and it will be blank. I would recommend using your iPhone password and your encrypt backup password too on iTunes.

  26. Im not buying the pro but im still buying the iphone 11 next month

  27. My iPhone 11 Pro Max is incredible, speed and cameras are great, Yesterday I had 10 hours and 39 minutes of screen all the time add about 10% remaining, so battery life has been really good for me probably the best ever and iPhone for especially how much are use my phone, Screen is absolutely amazing I never have to worry about the sun being too bright, and it’s very clear and crisp, Speakers and microphones are in credible as well.
    I think this is just an iOS issue, but dictation still bugs out very often, and is incredibly annoying.
    Also I cannot Sync my iCloud photo library with my photos, which is incredibly annoying as well.
    And Ram management is still not fixed for me in iOS 13!
    Thank you for the videos, keep them coming!

  28. Perfect pin point review👍🏻👌🏻

  29. Just got my 11pro max yesterday and it’s crazy good

  30. I have pro max, using it with case and screen protector, after 8 it is very good at all.

  31. In the desciption but saved you a click
    00:00 – Start

    00:15 – Display and PWM

    01:40 – Durability and scratches

    03:05 – Performance and speed

    04:05 – Speakers

    04:25 – Battery life

    05:25 – LTE and WiFi

    06:33 – Should You buy iPhone 11 Pro Max

    06:50 – Cameras and Microphone

    07:28 – Conclusion

    08:00– Outro

    08:20 – End

    In conclusion the batter seems fine , ( with less use ) The front screen is not quite good, scratches easily, Lte and wifi switching is a problem, Microfone is dope,

  32. Upgraded from 7+ to the 11 Pro as soon as it came out. I put a saphire screen protector and a case on it immediately. So I haven't seen the scratches etc. The connectivity issues drive me crazy!! Issues with managing network-connected devices are a continual hassle. The updates have had incremental improvements. But seem to be two steps forward, one step back as one thing improves, another becomes glitchy. All in all, it's beginning to feel like a Windows "Vista" experience.

  33. Very dissapointed with iphone 6 plus, switched back to note 8 which was wonderful phone ever. Now trying iphone 11 pro max, experience is major difference from iphone 6 plus but note 10 is a beast as well. At the end, still depends people preference.

  34. That’s a cool wallpaper! No sure about seeing the icons, but ill try it. I have an iPhone 11 – would you consider it about the same except the scratches on the screen.

  35. 2 months later I haven't noticed a single scratch on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I don't even use a screen protector and case, just put it within a pouch when not using it. Battery life has been incredible, I charge it every 2 days. Overall performance has been amazing, really satisfied with it.

  36. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max (256). The only issue that I have is that my iPhone will not go into Battery Optimization Mode during the overnight charging. I have done a Hard Reset twice without success. I use the stock Apple charger & cable that came with the phone. I haven’t had any other problems with the phone.

  37. Shatter or scratch prone – pick one.

    I carry my Max in a transparent skin in a horizontal belt holster – it keeps the phone away from keys and coins and the like, and allows me to adjust Airpods volume by just reaching down, flipping the holster flap, and adjusting the volume rockers.

    As for an SE … it may be called that, but if they make it and it uses current iPhone technology, it's not going to be that small. I don't think they can fit the new technology and battery into that small a form factor any more.

  38. Regular 11 pro n I love it!!!

  39. Great video

  40. A great review for the 11 Pro Max. Awesome OLED screen and battery life.

  41. Thanks for the video. I've had mine since day one of the public launch (iPhone Pro Max 512GB), and I don't have any scratches at all. I do NOT baby the display and I refuse to use a screen protector (I think they make the display look worse). I do however use the clear case that Apple released that covers the back. It bugs me because it's got dust inside on the edges, but it makes the phone easier for me to grab. That said, I wonder how yours got scratched and mine hasn't. I keep it in my right front pocket and toss it on whatever table or other surface I'm near (e.g. desktop). I also play guitar, so it sits on amps, stools, bars, etc as well as going in and out of my jeans all day. I've never had a low battery at all, and I watch YouTube all the time in the car without being on a charger, and I use Waze a lot of the time. I had the wi-fi / LTE problem you described on an earlier iOS, but that's fixed. I'm on the latest public iOS (13.2.2).

  42. Anyone else with smaller hands find the max sized phones easy to hold? I've been wanting to switch to the bigger phones

  43. I now got the iPhone 11 pro for 2 weeks and i still don’t have any scratches. I’m i lucky or is it a max problem?

  44. Do you have apple care or the Apple upgrade program? I currently have apple care with my XS max. Do they give replacement device or a new one since they discontinued the xs max

  45. I have the iPhone 11 pro,upgraded from the 7,it was worth it.
    Afterall would you consider the phone being a daily driver ?

  46. I have the iPhone 7 but I want iPhone 11 and I wasn’t sure if I was making the right choice till I watched your videos based on the phone thank you, Green iPhone 11 Is coming to me

  47. Love the fact tha you always give a link to a wallpaper!

  48. 😂 What's your brother iphone color is it green.. Mos people have problems with space Grey 😜😇

  49. I’m the same. Scratches already. 🙁

  50. Who else just comes to check out the wallpaper? Also, i don't have a case for the phone because I like that experience, but I do have a screen protected because I wear jeans so I don't want scratches on that. But the back and sides have been pretty resistant to scratches. Well done iPhone 11 Pro (Max).

  51. Good video Aarron.

  52. Enjoying this beast after upgrading from 6 plus
    Pretty sure I will use this for another 4-5 years for sure ! 😂

  53. I wonder if just resetting your network settings would help? Have you tried that?

  54. I love my iPhone 11. It’s been two months and it’s been great but.. the new camera with the mate finished glass has very small scratch with a case on. But oh well. Still love it 😊

  55. Note 10 screen is better and don't scratch easily. Was looking forward to iPhone but a bit of a let down like iOS 13 hope next year they shake things up. Great video as always

  56. Your videos are great. Really good coverage.
    About switching from wifi to cellular, I had that a LOT in my 7 Plus but only in the last year and a bit, not for the first 2 years I owned it. It would always say “could not activate mobile data network” or something. I recently got a Xs Max and it seems to be fine now.

  57. Many people complaining about back of the iphone pro max getting hot, please can you do testing on that, will be interesting to know what is the problem and what is damage will be ; like battery, hd and effecting on the speed L/U and other,thank you

  58. No RAZR video? These iPhone updates have gotten stale

  59. I’m having problems with the music app where the app crashes and the songs don’t play on iPhone 11 Pro Max

  60. Amazing phone. That’s it

  61. I don’t have any issues

  62. I love the 11 pro Max. I actually snorkeled a video with my phone and it took a great underwater 30 second film. It’s a winner🎸🎸🎸

  63. i have had my 11 pro max for 3 weeks now am loving it the screen is so much better then my old xs max cameras are incredible i was disappointed they scrapped the usb to laptop cable but i have them still so thats ok do you know why they have done this ? i always set up as new when i get a new iphone

  64. Does iPhone 11 display support HDR?

  65. I am experiencing the connection issues too sometimes. not to frequent but it does happen.

  66. Am happy with my 11, I’ve had it for a week as of today. It’s in a case and has a screen protector on so can’t worry about scratches.

  67. Absolutely NO ISSUES at all for me with the 11 pro max.

  68. Love my 11 Pro Max!

  69. Who has the 11?

  70. Mine have heating issue, anyone else with same

  71. whenever u drop any iphone, it always lands on its face..strange ????

  72. I’m a iPhone XS Max user and didn’t see any reason to upgrade . I’ll will be waiting for Apple to perfect their next design. Glad your enjoying your iPhone . Great video as always

  73. This was an awesome upgrade from my iPhone 8

  74. I’ve had my 11 pro and decided fuck the 11 pro for 2 months and went back to my 128gb SE with “checkra1n” installed, size and design speaks volume 👍🏾

  75. Note 10 screen display is far better than the iphone 11 pro

  76. In regards to switching airplane mode on then off. I feel I do this all the time. When I have full signal it still won’t load an app. This only happened since 13.2.2 hadn’t had this before.

  77. Thanks for the wallpaper!!

  78. The whites do have a slight tint to them but i got ust to it, also the screen does scratch easily compared to my last phone the iphone 8

  79. My wife and I got the 11 Max and she has said that her 11 sounds terrible when talking to someone on the phone, compared to her iphone 6. The way she describes it is, people sound like a robot. Her phone sounds like mine but more on the terrible side, but anyway maybe you have some insights on why it would sound differently ?

  80. Not an Apple fan but my pro max has completely changed that. This is THE phone on the market. It’s good at fucking everything all the time.

  81. How about the heating issue or easily warm ?

  82. Zollotech you and me are alike (stubborn)- you said you don’t like screen protectors. Your stubborn like me lol. I’m not charging my phone throughout the day as this is the best battery and why should I? It should last at least a day (which it does) but I don’t understand why charge it during the day? Why not use it as intended. I just charge overnight and that it. I’m paying $1200 for this device so why should I charge it. I get 11-12 hrs screen on in a day and don’t see the point.

  83. No issues for me with my 11Pro.

  84. I put my phone in a Folio case with a screen protector. If you go naked, scratches are inevitable and something you’re going to have to put up with.

  85. My IPhone 11 PRO OLED has this annoying yellow tint. Even When turned off true tune and night shift whites are still yellowish

  86. Just bought the 11 Pro Max but decided to go back to the iPhone 11. Love the Max but don’t love the size. It’s just too big for me. Excited that next years 6.1 inch phones will finally have OLED!

  87. My screen is scratching slightly less than the Max did last year. Scratches are much lighter. Stainless steel is doing better too. My only wish is that the software team would be keeping up with the hardware team now. Most of my issues(nothing major right now) are iOS.

  88. WiFi assist is causing your connectivity issue. Turn it off and when you leave WiFi it’ll jump right to data no problem.

  89. Had the iPhone 11 Pro (non max) 256GB since around early October and no complaints! Only that the battery has been getting slightly worse each update. Oh and I dropped it and scratched the silver bezel 🙁 oh well it’s in a case and I can’t see it now.

  90. Always with the great wallpapers but this one I can’t get.

  91. only problem i have is a tiny bit of dirt INbetween the stainless steel edge

  92. Kindly send me your iPhone 7+

  93. iPhone 11 Pro Max – One Month Later
    iPhone 11 Pro Max – 2 Months Later
    iPhone 11 Pro Max – 3 Months Later
    iPhone 11 Pro Max – 4 Months Later
    iPhone 11 Pro Max – 5 Months Later

    How much are tech channels gonna milk the iphone

  94. Great vid, Aaron! Thanks!
    I, sometimes, get a message that I'm not connected to the Internet but I just click past it and all is good.
    As always, love the vids! 🙂
    EDIT: I haven't experienced this on the latest 13.3 beta.

  95. I got the 512GB Space Gray 11 Pro Max, it’s my main phone mostly because my car only supports Apple CarPlay until an update for Android Auto is released, I love the sound on the 11 Pro Max, but I find that the screen on my Note 10+ is much better and sharper especially when watching movies and YouTube.. This is very noticeable side by side. I also LOVE how the Note 10+ feels in the hand, it’s much more pleasant to hold despite it being larger. The 11 Pro Max is very heavy, I don’t enjoy holding it as much as I do the Note 10+. Overall, having been an iPhone user my entire life, I can honestly say that the Note 10+ is a much better phone. It does a lot more with ease, the ability to download torrents right on the device and play my movies from the torrents, as well as seamlessly transfer files from my PC is priceless. Apple has far too many extremely stupid restrictions that truly hinder the hardcore tech’s experience IMHO.

  96. For some reason whenever i use my camera on 11 pro max it kills every app that i have opened

  97. No scratches on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, just an Apple Silicon case.

  98. Yes the phone scratches easily

  99. I’ve never touched the glass on my XS Max. I put a glass screen protector on the second I took it out of the box

  100. You need a new phone. I don’t have any wifi or lte issues on my iPhone 11 Pro Max on Verizon’s network.

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