IPHONE 11 PRO MAX vs GALAXY NOTE 10+: QUEM LEVA o título de MELHOR CELULAR do ano? | Comparativo

IPHONE 11 PRO MAX vs GALAXY NOTE 10+: QUEM LEVA o título de MELHOR CELULAR do ano? | Comparativo

We’re approaching the end of 2019 and many people still wonder: which was the best phone of this year? TudoCelular chose the iPhone 11 Pro Max as the most complete option the problem is the rather salty price. Is it really the best purchase or does the Galaxy Note 10 Plus offer a better value for the money? This is what you will see in this comparison with TudoCelular.com. Discussing beauty is complicated; some prefer the more rectangular look from the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, while others find the iPhone design more appealing. Let’s be practical: iPhone’s great advantages are being more compact, not having a curved screen at the edges, what end up enhancing the reflections, and its less rectangular design makes it more comfortable to use with one hand; the Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a better screen-to-body ratio, comes with just one camera hole that invades less screen space than iPhone’s giant notch, and has more modern color choices like aura glow with its iridescent effect. The build quality on both is the same – we have a metal glass + back combo on the phones And speaking of the back, the iPhone has a more flashy design, something that didn’t please many people. The holes in the cameras are large and stand out from the rest of the camera space. Samsung decided to bet on something that had already won the public, thus copying the look of the Huawei P30 Pro. Both have liquid resistance, being IP68 certified however, Apple claims its product could be submerged at twice the depth of its rival. and that also survives soda and coffee. But keep in mind that the warranty is very limited regarding liquid damage. None have a P2 headphone jack; the Note 10 Plus has a microSD slot to expand internal storage. Which one takes the best in design? Here we can make our first draw, as each has its advantages. When the Galaxy Note 10 hit the market it was elected the best screen on a phone And so did the new iPhone when arrived stores. The truth is that the OLED panel of both is excellent, whether in color reproduction or brightness level. But we have to agree that the iPhone 11 Pro Max outperforms here – its brightness is superior to its rival, as well as having higher contrast, which makes it more enjoyable when watching content on the screen even under direct sunlight. What about the sound part? Both bring stereo speakers, in fact, the Samsung model has three sound outputs. There is an extra one that sits on top of the device, so it should outperform Apple’s device, right? Despite having only two speakers, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a more powerful and immersive sound. In addition, there is a better balance between mid-bass and treble. Here we give two points to the iPhone for its superior screen and sound. In features, the Apple model does not bring a lot of novelties Out of the box, it comes with iOS 13, which is also available for a dozen Apple models. You will have virtually the same features on any updated iPhone. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus, on the other hand, sports features not found in other Android phones. It comes with the S-Pen, which makes it easy to take notes or even capture pictures from afar, gestures to control the camera are supported as well as scanning objects with its 3D scanner. With the Samsung DeX, you will have a PC desktop when using Android In the biometric part is the Face ID, which is more agile and secure than the facial biometrics of the Galaxy. However, the Samsung model has an under-screen fingerprint reader which turns out to be more practical as it works well even in darker locations – here the Galaxy Note 10 Plus gets a point for being more feature-packed. The iPhone 11 Pro Max debuts the Apple A13 Bionic SoC, the latest available on mobile phones, and as expected, the Apple model is the fastest we’ve tested so far. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is not even the most agile Android that went through tudocelular.com’s benches. In benchmarks, the difference is even bigger, and Apple’s hardware leaves the Exynos “eating dust.” Even the Snapdragon version is also far behind. Another point to consider is that the iOS flows much better than Samsung’s One UI no matter how fast the Note 10 Plus is, at one time or another, it gags. In games both can run all the titles we tested as fast as possible and then the advantage goes to the iPhone 11 Pro Max again, because some games run better on iOS than on Android like Gameloft’s racing games, for example. There is nothing to discuss, the iPhone easily takes one more point for its better performance. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a larger battery, just over 300 mAh of advantage. So it was expected for it to surpass Apple’s device in autonomy, right? Well, once again, Apple shows that iOS is way better optimized than Android. (at least Samsung’s Android). The 11 Pro Max yielded six and a half hours more in our standardized test. getting among the best batteries we had here so far – now the “iPhone has a bad battery life” thing is over, in the past. But what about the recharge time? This was another point where Apple missed the mark previously; the company finally included a more powerful charger in the box which greatly reduced the waiting time. However, here the Galaxy Note 10 Plus takes advantage of spending half the time in the socket. So let’s give each one a point: the iPhone has better autonomy but the Galaxy recharges much faster. In the iPhone we have three lenses, while in the Galaxy there are 4 – Samsung model brings the ToF sensor as a highlight, it works for 3D mapping and adding the augmented reality effect on the photos. Both handsets offer an ultra-wide lens and also a telephoto one. Samsung takes the lead on the wider lens by delivering better quality photos with a finer color balance. Apple’s device loses less quality when using the optical zoom to zoom in on objects. The Galaxy has a more efficient hdr, especially when taking pictures against the light. The iPhone captures greater detail and less noise thanks to Deep Fusion, which debuted with iOS 13.2. At night they both take good pictures, but Apple’s Night Mode is ahead of its rival. Photos not only come out clearer, but the iPhone can preserve details a bit more, especially regarding more distant elements. For the main camera, we give each one a point, as they stand out in different ways. With the front camera both iPhone and Note 10 Plus shoot good images and Samsung has greatly reduced the traditional wax figure effect, but still continues to soften photos to hide skin imperfections. In selfies, the iPhone is better in good light conditions while the Galaxy is better at night. The portrait mode has a better separation regarding the person and the background in Apple’s device In addition, the 11 Pro Max has studio effects. As much as Samsung’s front-facing cam has evolved, the iPhone module is even better for selfies. In videos, the Galaxy takes the lead because of the more efficient dual stabilization system with a very similar overall quality between the two phones. On the front, the iPhone is better, for recording at 4k at 60 fps. Apple also wanted to innovate with its slofie thing, which is an attempt to popularize using the front camera to make slow-motion videos. Samsung has also started to implement something similar in some of its phones. Audio capture excels at both, but the iPhone records with a spatial effect which gives more immersion when using the speakers. In the score here we have then, in videos, the iPhone having a small advantage because of the front camera and also for the higher quality audio. We now get to the part that hurts the most – at least our pockets. Because we are talking about the most advanced cell phones of each brand, they have a very high price, especially here in Brazil. Samsung’s model can already be found around 5,000 reais. Is it expensive? Yes, but not as much as the iPhone, which costs 6,600 reais. It’s a no-brainer: You pay less for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and get a cell phone with four times more storage. Point for the South Korean model for being way cheaper. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is trully the best and beats the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. If you want the best phone of the year, get the Apple model. It is the fastest, it has an excellent battery, its screen and sound impress and it still takes great pictures and videos. However, it costs much more than Samsung’s phone, and for many people, this difference is not worth it. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus Offers More Value for the money and may be a better choice. And if you’ve already made your choice, links with the best prices for either model are in the description below. Please comment down below which model you prefer and the reason why. I’ll wrap up this comparative, a big hug and see you next time!

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