iPhone 11 Pro vs Mi Note 10 Pro: só a câmera segura essa barra que é gostar de Xiaomi? | Comparativo

iPhone 11 Pro vs Mi Note 10 Pro: só a câmera segura essa barra que é gostar de Xiaomi? | Comparativo

A mid-range against a flagship, is it possible? Fans of Chinese Xiaomi think so, while those who enjoy Apple devices may find that nothing comes close to the iPhone 11. But Xiaomi did it differently this time and put absurd 108 MP cameras and flagship prices in one of its recent launches. The Mi Note 10 Pro is a point outside the curve, it is really difficult to put it in just one category. Their cameras are really amazing for an intermediary, but for the rest, can he outperform the iPhone 11 Pro by anything? I hope you are prepared for what comes next because we have prepared a complete comparison between these two cell phones here at TudoCelular.com. These two smartphones are very different in appearance but both have Gorilla Glass-reinforced glass and metal body, stainless steel for the iPhone and aluminum for the Xiaomi. The difference in weight between the two is only 20 grams, the 208 grams of the Mi Note being the largest number. Apple followed a controversial path here and adopted a camera design that earned it the nickname “cooktop” but that has been followed by other brands since its launch. The Mi Note 10 Pro is the same as its simplest variant and presents the order of traffic light cameras with a separate one. The module of the two is well sprung and needs protection. In size, the iPhone 11 Pro is much smaller and thinner than the Mi Note 10 Pro, and for the front camera, Apple insists on the big and notch lake, while Xiaomi opted for a more discreet “U”. Unfortunately, only the apple model has water and dust protection. The Mi Note 10 Pro follows a more curved footprint, including the front with a very different screen from the straighter iPhone 11 Pro. In biometrics, they also differ and while the Mi Note has an optical biometric sensor below the screen Apple completely relied on facial biometrics with Face ID, which even helps explain the wide notch, because there are so many sensors, and Face ID is much faster. On the connection, you choose the proprietary Apple or USB-C lightning that comes on the Xiaomi phone. And there is no possibility of storage expansion in either here, but at least the Mi Note 10 Pro is Dual SIM. In the box you choose if you prefer a silicone case like the one that comes with the Mi Note 10 Pro or headphones with a lightning connection like those on the iPhone 11 Pro case. In details that may be important, the 11 Pro does better, and therefore, the point is his. Leaving this task to the Max model, the iPhone 11 Pro does not bring a giant display like that of the Mi Note 10 Pro. Its 5.8 “against 6.47”, both in full HD definition and 19.5: 9 aspect. Both are OLED and support HDR10. For an intermediary, the Mi Note 10 Pro screen can be compared to that of premium models out there but Apple almost always excels in this regard and brings a vivid HDR, very good for those who consume media. In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 120 Hz touch and screentone that adapts to the ambient light, as well as being brighter than Xiaomi – but because it has that bigger notch and more edges, it loses in screen-to-body ratio The display of the Mi Note 10 Pro includes the DCI-P3 color space, while the iPhone has Dolby Vision certification which, technically, it’s better than HDR10. The Mi Note 10 Pro does not look bad, but the point remains with the iPhone. In this regard, Apple spreads and there is not much we can do. We start with the fact that the iPhone is stereo against the Mi Note’s only mono sound. This actually results in a much higher quality for Apple in external sound, including a better spatial effect. In terms of power, the sound of the Mi Note 10 Pro could be better, but the overall quality is good. In the headphones, Apple sends its earpods with a design already known and imitated, but it is a pity that they have to be lightning connection and Apple doesn’t even send the adapters in the box anymore. Xiaomi bothers even less and, following its own tradition, it doesn’t ship any headphones with the device, even though it is much more expensive like this – at least the quality offered for the other P2 headsets you use is very good. The Mi Note has 24-bit audio support while the iPhone features Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus. For Bluetooth, Xiaomi has Qualcomm’s aptX-HD. Another point for the iPhone 11 Pro. In terms of features, we have here two different systems that dominate the market – iOS and Android. It is very difficult for us to talk about usability here since each system offers its advantages and disadvantages according to the user and are feature-packed. One suggestion I give you is to check out the individual reviews that we did of each one of them on the website tudocelular.com but it is important for us to know here that the Mi Note 10 Pro comes out of the box with the latest version of MIUI, at 11, but Android is still the 9 Pie, no longer being updated and still little optimized on this device, the update is guaranteed, but there is still no date to arrive. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 pro has updates waiting as soon as you take it out of the box, and it can now be taken to the latest version of the system, including, with other upgrades already guaranteed, even more than what we expect for the competitor here, however, the Mi Note 10 Pro also has biometrics by face, which leaves it with more unlock options than the iPhone, although it’s not as secure as the FaceID. It also has infrared, something that Xiaomi users usually like a lot, in addition to FM radio. The two bring NFC and Bluetooth 5.0, and that brings us to the first point of the Mi Note 10 Pro. An intermediary is usually placed in this category mainly because of its hardware set and here it is very difficult to overcome Apple’s fluidity; we have the Snapdragon 730G with 8 GB of RAM for the Mi Note 10 Pro and an Apple A13 Bionic with 4 GB of RAM on the iPhone. The storage is 256 GB respectable for the Mi Note and versions ranging from 64 to 512 GB for the iPhone. And for not bringing a top-of-the-line processor, the Mi Note 10 Pro is almost 20 seconds behind the iPhone in our app launch tests. And in the benchmarks the difference is even more striking; at least here the Pro variant of the Mi Note 10 brings improvements over the simpler model, and more RAM helps to perform better and shut down applications in the background less. In games, the iPhone 11 Pro will run smoothly in maximum graphics any title you want. The Xiaomi phone also runs any game in detail on the stem, since it has the 730G, which is a processor suitable for games – but it may experience some drops in the refresh rate. I couldn’t help but make the point that it wasn’t for the iPhone 11 Pro. And if the battery is important to you, this is the moment when the Mi Note 10 Pro “smashes” the apple phone. It is a fact that since the iPhone XR Apple has improved a lot in this regard, but it is here that, often, intermediaries shine. Starting with the battery size, the Mi Note is no bigger in size for nothing – decent 5260 mAh against 3046 mAh from Apple, and that, plus a more demanding processor on the iPhone, take a longer duration of Xiaomi. Our standardized battery tests took more than 24 hours of direct use on the Mi Note and to overcome this with Apple you need to pick the Max model, a much more expensive one; the screen time also brings a difference of three hours and, although with a lot more battery the Mi Note charges more than half an hour faster than the iPhone because it has a 30-watt charger in the box against an only 18-watt charger next to the iPhone. To compensate, the iPhone 11 Pro delivers Qi wireless charging, which is hard to see on Xiaomi devices. The battery point stays with the Mi Note 10 Pro for many more hours. But then guys, the Mi Note 10 Pro has better cameras or not? The point that should not be that, but, we understand that an intermediary can make spectacular photos and that in some moments it surpasses the rival of this comparison. With a set of no less than five cameras, the Mi Note features a 108 MP wide and 1.7 aperture with laser PDAF, a 20 MP ultra-wide, 12 MP 2x zoom and another 5x zoom with 5 MP plus a 2 MP macro. The Apple set is triple and features a 12 MP wide and 1.8 aperture with PDAF, a 12 MP telephoto and a 12 MP ultra-wide. Only here do we realize that the Mi Note cameras are more versatile, and in what they offer as extra they really outperform. The maximum zoom offered by the iPhone is 10x, while the Mi Note is 50x, with little loss. The macro lens also captures in exceptional detail, and the main one can be compared tops of Apple, Google, Samsung, and others. Your overall score was even higher than that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max on DxOMark, however, in many cases, it doesn’t make better pictures than the iPhone 11 Pro, even more so when we talk about situations of using ultra-wide and dark mode in low light situations. In these cases, Apple shows a much higher quality. We also recommend you check out our camera test that appears here in the white ball to check out the Mi Note 10 Pro in action along with other great photo devices, and confirm our results here: the Mi Note 10 stamps the track, but the point is from the iPhone. For videos, it is again difficult to compete with the iPhone, which is very famous for its high quality in this type of capture. Still, compared to middlemen, the Mi Note 10 Pro does not look bad and outperforms most even more for having optical stabilization in some cameras like the apple cell phone itself. In quality the two reach 4K, but only the iPhone can record at 60 fps in that setting. The focus of the Mi Note is agile, it controls shaking well and does not present exaggerated noise in places with poorer lighting. The iPhone has excellent stabilization and the migration between the different cameras during shooting is almost imperceptible. So, in summary, the iPhone camera really takes the point. In the case of the front, we have a 12 MP sensor and 2.2 aperture on the iPhone, while the Mi Note has 32 MP and 2.0 aperture. You can also check it out in our camera comparison – even with so much power, the Mi Note 10 Pro has problems with the front, try to use portrait mode and it turns off the HDR, bursting the sky in the background. In addition, it also loses a lot of quality in places with less light The quality of the selfies itself is very good, but it does not surpass those of Apple, which can also trip less light, but which in general do a better job. The iPhone is also the only one here that records in 4k in this mode, so the point of the photos goes for the iPhone 11 Pro. With only one of the devices launched here it’s difficult to talk about the national starting price, but worldwide the Xiaomi smartphone arrived cheaper. In Brazil, only the Mi Note 10 arrived, and with a price so steep that it can almost be compared to the R$ 5,500 of the iPhone, reaching R$ 5,000. Imagine if the Pro variant was released here too? In cost-benefit, they are devices of different categories, it is difficult for us to say which is the best; in their own categories they are among the most expensive, despite having their good highlights. In both cases, if what you are looking for is a balance of prices and functions, the recommended ones would be neither. The price should fall further in the coming months in the case of the Mi Note, which as a good intermediary, will have its price reduced. Apple devices, on the other hand, are very difficult to devalue and should remain at high prices for many years, but the Mi Note 10 Pro gets the point here because, in general, it is very good and costs less. As we expected, the iPhone 11 Pro is really a better smartphone than the Mi Note 10 Pro, but what you need to note here is that the Xiaomi phone is different enough for a comparison with the top of the line device. The Mi Note, it has its optimization and sound hiccups, but in general, It is an intermediary who can battle very well against a cell phone above its category, including what is proposed, which is the camera, and comparatively it goes very well on the drums. The iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best devices of 2019 and we expected nothing more than a victory, still, it is extremely expensive, so with the price of the Mi Note 10 here, and in both cases, you can find cheaper smartphones and that offer pretty much the same thing. Did you like to see the Mi Note 10 Pro battle against the iPhone? Do you think these comparisons like that make sense? What else would you like to see fighting here? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the best Deals for these devices in the links that are here in the description. I’ll stick around and see you next time.

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