iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1

100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1

  1. Lowkey the original iphone has a better camera than the iphone 11

  2. Not great full

  3. The iPhone 1 has a better camera than my IPOD lol

  4. the original at 3:20 looks better

  5. honestly, the OG iphone camera is better that my 6s 🤭

  6. 2:43 wow i am impress😮

  7. The iPhone 1 was actually pretty good now imagine if Steve Jobs was still alive the iPhones would be more advanced if jobs would see the new iPhones he would be disappointed I wish Steve Jobs was still alive

  8. I thought it would be a huge difference!

  9. iphone 1 im quacking

  10. If I am honest the quality of the picture is better on the iPhone 1

  11. Honestly the original iPhone takes better pictures than my 6 💀💀

  12. epic viedo hahahahahahahah

  13. thats not the iphone 11 wtf- thats the iphone 11 pro, its the same thing if i showed an ip x in the video and said that it was an ip SE in the title.

  14. When the Camera of the Original iPhone is better than my Camera

  15. I kinder of like the original iPhone

  16. It actually looks good

  17. The iphone 1 slaps

  18. The original is actually pretty good

  19. The original iPhone is better than my tablet camera 😆 (I am a Apple person)

  20. Well, original iPhone's photos weren't as bad as she thinks, well, it is better than my phone.

  21. I really wish that I could have a new phone like the iphone 6 or 7. because I only have the iphone 5. i’ve had it for 3 years and it keeps messing up.

  22. When the first iphone has better camera quality than the latest android 🤣

  23. 3:25 oml memories

  24. Hi

  25. Why it’s trash it actually pretty good lmao

  26. Why does the og iPhone look better then the newest Samsung 😆😂

  27. I was honestly expecting the camera quality to be worse for the original iPhone

  28. lol it's the same camera

  29. Jenna: "this phone looks like I'm in 2007"

    Me: my iPad from 2015 looks like a kindle camera!

  30. Not gonna lie the iphone 1 is not bad

  31. They don’t look bad though.. and we pay hundreds of dollars for this ‘better’ phone when in reality nothing much changed 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s all just a way of making money

  32. 0:26 is literally Instagram girls in a nutshell

  33. There is no iPhone one it starts on iPhone four

  34. There an iPhone 1

  35. what happens when you win thw lottery

  36. 2:49 why do I think the OG iPhone looks way better

  37. Why does the pictures from iPhone 1 look good?

  38. Honestly, the 1 isn't that bad.

  39. Wow

  40. Like for OG iphone

  41. Girl: I look like from 2007.
    Me: Tf what do you expect from a phone that was released in 2007?

  42. Who else couldn’t tell the difference at first

  43. There at pismo beach i think

  44. There is no iPhone one btw

  45. People should stop comparing the newest to the oldest, maybe do one that makes sense and compare the newest to the previous one, Christ… of course the newest phone is going to be better than a 2007 one.

  46. the original IPhone does good in the camera tho 😁

  47. Original iPhone's photos honestly looked more realistic. Just real, no filters and such.

  48. How did u even get the phone

  49. the iphone 1 has a better camera then my iphone 6

  50. 2:49 bro the original iPhone has a better picture there…

  51. Its not even an iphone 1

    Its called iphone 2g

  52. Dang the iPhone 1 photos are nice actually

  53. The camera is not the bad also a difference is, is the volume my aunt has the iPhone 7 and it’s loud and I have the iPhone XR but the volume is louder

  54. This Is Comparing Man Utd To Liverpool

  55. iphone 11 when you take a pic on it has more light but the iphone 1 when you take pic its old it looks like trash
    love your videos just saying thank you

  56. iPhone 1 is so cute

  57. 1:28 u look like trash

  58. IPhone 1 better than an android phone

  59. After I take pictures I like to edit them so they look even cooler lol

  60. Lmfaooo the iphone 1 looks like a bar of dove soap

  61. i still don't understand the difference

  62. The camera is good for the type of phone

  63. The iPhone 1 is taking pretty good photos. Don’t know why she is saying it’s trash.

  64. I don’t even know there was a iPhone one

  65. STaRted fROm thE bOttOM NoW im hErE

  66. Iphone 1 camera is better

  67. she flipped us off

  68. 2:02 remember how crappy the lighting was back then with mobile phones?

  69. Honestly the photos of the iPhone 1 looks good to be the first iPhone of the history 👍👌

  70. 3:35 That man looks really hoy. who is??

  71. On the selfie photo I preferred the original 😂

  72. Wow but the original I phone is still good

  73. I’m fixing the title

    iPhone 11 pro max vs iPhone 1

  74. i think the i phone 1 photos look good

  75. At 2:42 when she is taking the selfie with the original iPhone it kinda looks like she’s flipping someone off, lol

  76. the original iPhone isn't that bad in camera

  77. Guys, there is difference. iPhone original looks normal whereas iPhone 11 pro looks so aesthetically awesome

  78. iPhone 3 and above

  79. Who else reading comments and actaully Love Iphone 1 over iPhone 11 ? Let me know

  80. *it looks like you took this picture in 1999* STFU

  81. In my opinion, the original iPhone isn't that bad. The big differences in the new phones are that they take good pictures at night. That's it.

  82. She’s making sound so bad I mean it’s just darjer

  83. I wonder if there’s still someone that has the iPhone 1

  84. in my opinion the 1 iPhone isn't bad she is just like this because the 11 is brighter

  85. Bitch what?!?!??! except for the lighting and all, iPhone 1s camera is actually amazing

  86. It’s the iphone 2g and iphone 11 pro max you dumby

  87. Og

  88. Honestly the iPhone 1 camera is better than my 8 plus quality

  89. 😘👍🏻

  90. From thé vampire diaries to this shit bruuuh

  91. Ok iPhone elevens are like half a million dollars but iPhone ones are kinda hard too get and there cheap I mean iPhone ones are like almost the same as iPhone elevens but there's three camera's and its a little brighter but like iPhone ones camera's are amazing amazing to

  92. EverythingApplePro MUST do this.

  93. I mean the iPhone 1 isn’t that that THAT bad😅

  94. the iphone 1 camera is better then the new one

  95. I kinda like the iPhone 1 more…

  96. I wish I have an IPhone 1, juts co collect them.

  97. Now that I realize it apple has barely improved their phone camera over 10 years lol

  98. I think the photos taken by iPhone 1 can edit it become brighter and add some filters and so it will similar with the photos taken by iPhone 11 😆

  99. It’s iPhone 2g not iPhone 1

  100. The iPhone 2g’s camera is good until you put it in the dark

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