iPhone 6 Water Test!

iPhone 6 Water Test!

iPhone 6 Water Test! Hey guys Keaton here
with TechSmartt adn today we’re doing an iPhone 6 Water Test as so many of you guys enjoyed
our iPhone 5s Water Test last year. This is the iPhone 6 as it is a lot thinner, a lot
lighter, has kind a new shape and it has a power on/power off button on the right side
instead of the top this year. Looking on the phone we can see an extra row of icons and
a few other characteristics as this does have a 4.7″ display but Apple did release the iPhone
6 Plus which has a 5.5″ display. Without further delay, lets go ahead and get dropping. So
I filled my sink up with some water and am actually going to start a stop watch on this
guy just to see how long it lasts when it is submerged and just get an idea of how long
it can be under water before problems start to occur. So immediately once its submerged
we can actually see air bubbles coming out from the headphone jack and lightning port.
This pretty much means water is going into the phone because when water goes in one place
air has to come out the other. It is just going to
start air bubble for
the next minute or so and then problems might

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Water Test!

  1. iPhone survive

  2. I got a wet phone ad

  3. As soon as I watched this I dropped my phone in the bath 😖

  4. Thats how my phone is now

  5. Polska?

  6. Recharge it

  7. Its like waching a puppy die….😥

  8. Poor Iphone🥺

  9. 2019 anyone? I am here and I just got an iPhone six (don’t judge me, I’m grateful that I got an iPhone at all😄) I just needed to find out if it would last in water

  10. iphone 6

  11. Now its not working anymore
    While me finding a way just to make my cheap phone new 😂😂😂😂

  12. Who would do that to an iPhone 6?

  13. My toddler sis dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet yea it was disgusting but it still works except the volume is still broken

  14. Literally in a hot tub with a iphone 6 on my hands watching this oooooh jesus

  15. Take it out on me

  16. get better now

  17. not good


  19. watching this on my iphone 6 in 2019 lol

  20. хто наш .лайк

  21. Men my iphone 6 fell in water and in 2 seconds its gone☠😇

  22. So it isn't waterproof??

  23. i have a iPhone 6 that fell into a lake, what ports or things that i would need to replace for it to work again??

  24. It seems like phones with headphone jacks are not good with water

  25. Wtf

  26. but it in rice so it safe your iphone like i will do thst

  27. Watching on my iPhone 7 plus

  28. My phone dropped in a toilet and it survived

  29. Don’t try this at home 🛑

  30. Who else is just watching this to see what happens if they drop there phone in water😂

  31. Rip iPhone 6. (- -)

  32. I’m only watching this cause I just dropped mine in the bath

  33. Iphone хуйня😂

  34. This iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s ????

  35. This makes me cringe 🤠😂

  36. dropped mine in water for less than a second and is now dead

  37. I dropped my iPhone 6 (currently using) in the worst place possible.

    the toilet

    Glad it still works though

  38. Yes it’s 2019
    Yes I still have an iPhone 6
    Deal with it

  39. I have the same problem what should I do

  40. My iPhone 6 didn’t last 3 seconds underwater

  41. Who’s watching this on an IPhone 6?

  42. I phone 6 water proof or not

  43. But my fell into the tub really quick and I took it out and it turned off please help

  44. I remember my cousins iPhone 6 fell in water and it wouldn’t work properly and I have the iPhone XR that is waterproof and I made fun of him by putting my phone in water right in front of him then using the phone and saying "ha broke" man I’m nice

  45. i smashed my iphone 6 i had in 4th grade

  46. Am using iphone 6 right here in 2019

  47. Hello is Thad iPhone is repairable ☺️

  48. But my iPhone get stop in 5 sec

  49. No te entendí ni madres no se inglés

    Pero buen video 😉

  50. Bhai kha se late ho itna jigra

  51. *THETS EXSACLY WHAT HAPPEND TO MY PHONE I PUT IT IN A BAG WHIT HOT CHEETOS CHIP AND I CREAM AND THE ICECREAM MELT AND THEN THERE WAS ONLY LIKE 3drops in the phone and 💥 BOOM!! It’s was all black they could not fix it on the apple store or metro pcs or t-mobile
    And now I have my sisters phone witch is a iPhoneXR ♥️♥️♥️♥️🍀🍀but my iPhone6s is dead 📱 R•I•P

  52. What the name of that music app

  53. Who bought iphone 6 lately 2019??

  54. Iphone 6 not wather porobe

  55. Gg

  56. this 4.7 inch disply

  57. Wtf I jumped in a pool and back out and mine fucking Brock from being in the water for not even 10 seconds

  58. I’ve dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet twice 🤦🏻‍♀️😬 but here I am typing on it lol

  59. Fake iPhone

  60. Ну норм)

  61. Бедный телефон

  62. 1 January 2019 i have bought iphone 6

  63. My phone died when im put in water

  64. My iPhone 6 is indistruttibile

  65. him: leaves iphone in water and finally breaks at 45 seconds
    me: is outside in rain and phone suicides

  66. I have iPhone 6 in 2019…

  67. Well I just dropped my iPhone 6 in a puddle for like 3 seconds and I’m wondering if the headphone and lightning port will work

  68. Why would you do that it cost so much you're literally wasting it.

  69. when you dropped your phone in the toilet and it has black dots—

  70. Broke ass iPhone 6 users my phones waterproof 🤡

  71. The iPhone 6 isn't water proof but the iPhone 6s is water proof

  72. Dude why and it's space grey

  73. Poor phone it is breathing for air

  74. It’s wrong bro sa ce voit j’avais un iphone 6 je l’ai fais sans faire exprès dans la piscine meme pas 4 seconde il est mort plus utilisable * PS : are you serious bro

  75. I’m actually sitting here in 2019 with an iPhone 6

  76. I have a iPhone 6 and I’m 9 year old my birthday is coming up

  77. Got iPhone 6 in 2019 that just went in water 2minutes ago

  78. What about testing the phone by giving it to sumone blood

  79. Maybe rice?

  80. Well this is What actually happend to mine..

  81. I'm the only on sub

  82. Try rice.

  83. My pain:

  84. [*]

  85. My iPhone 6 broke withing 5 seconds of being in the water. The screen was glitch ing but my dad managed to dry it out with rice. Thanks Dad xxx

  86. How bout I dropped I dropped my in the bathtub full of water and it still works

  87. Pity on cell

  88. That’s what happens to me yesterday day by accident I dropped in the sink for 30 seconds and it was ok then it started lagging could you put it in rice yes or no

  89. I got my iPhone 6 last year and it will not make it iOS 13 but I am too broke to buy a new one 😂😭

  90. I dropped my phone in water and it was still on and I almost died then I watched this

  91. The phone is water proof but it’s not like actually water proof, your get me?

  92. Ok but like that was a perfectly good phone

  93. Even of it doesn’t stay in the water that long, if there is too much water inside the phone it does the same thing. I dropped my phone in water and it stayed in the water for about 10sec but my screen was completely broken so my phone was pretty much flooded right away and it obviously doesnt work at all anymore… But, im switching to a samsung now so thats a positive lmao

  94. La pianti brutto scemo

  95. this gives me anxiety-

  96. I Can’t afford an iphone and u just put in to water? HAHAHAHAHA its freakin’ hurt.

  97. Im getting a iphone 6 for my birthday

  98. I dropped my iPhone 6s in water and now it won't work

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