iPhone 8 + Apple Watch Series 3 Accessories

iPhone 8 + Apple Watch Series 3 Accessories

Hey guys, how’s it going it’s Justine and happy iPhone 8 launch day, I feel like every time There’s an iPhone launch something goes wrong. I mess up my pre-order. I order the wrong phone. I’m traveling I’m out of town never fails always something. I’m not sure what it is about my luck, but this time I’m traveling for a really fun project. I’ve only gone for a day, which means tomorrow I will be back in town to get to my iPhone, but today is Friday, and I filmed this a few days ago And this is something that I’ve been really looking forward to checking out ever since I saw them at the Apple event these are two Of the new wireless charging bases this one is by Belkin and this one is by Mophie. Not really sure which one I’m going to like more since I got the gold iPhone 8. I got the gold iPhone dock to go with it I was trying to think what case would look best and probably just gonna go back to getting a white case But I thought I would try out this this is the new pink sand iPhone 8 case And I got the pinks and Apple watch band to match of course you got it back to the band with the case Fashion or something the first thing I will unbox. I guess is this iPhone case It’s called the riveting unboxing hold on wait for it I love this color. It’s a really really pretty sort of like a blush pink. I guess you could call it sand pink That’s what they’re calling it pink sand. I’m wondering will this fit on the iPhone 7 yes, the iPhone 8 case fits on the iPhone 7 seems like they made the camera hole just a little bit smaller this looks to Me to be about the same size, so Essentially, I think this case is basically the same So it’s labeled an iPhone 8 case, but you can obviously use it for your iPhone 7 So that is good news, but in the meantime, Back You go little boy. Let’s open up this Apple watch Band see what this looks like on here looks great! Yeah, look at this aesthetic. I also get a question a lot because When people look at my Apple watch it looks like I’m wearing it upside down, but I haven’t flipped because I’m left-handed Newsflash most left-handers, I know where watches on the opposite hand the pink sand on the white ceramic face Yeah, this is beautiful I had such a conflict on which Apple watch ticket I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get the gray ceramic or the white ceramic or a 38 because this is the 42 and it’s pretty big, so we’ll see it’s a very hard decision I had a lot of conflicts I like the bigger screen But I also feel like my wrists are so small that a smaller watch might look a little bit better I’m not sure. Oh boy. So this is a gold dog. Let’s open you up This is a really nice gold color. I’m just hoping that all of these colors do not clash I’m not a hundred percent in love with it. Maybe like 73% Actually in this lighting I’m gonna go with like maybe an 85 percent, so let’s just picture this This is where the iPhone 8 will be Tomorrow they might be late upload, but I will get an unboxing up for you guys. I’m so excited I’m basically going to be hopping off the plane at LAX with my cardigan I’m a Nintendo switch and a dream, or is it my dream in a cardigan a dream and coming on the plane and Miley Cyrus party in the USA party in the USA is Miley Cyrus. That’s what I said With my Nintendo switch and my cardigan No, this isn’t working out I hopped off the plane at LAX with an iPhone 8 in my hand. I’ve got a lot of trash. I’m losing my mind It’s 11:31 p.m.. It is very late, it’s way past my bedtime This is the new Belkin wireless charging pad classic Vulcan style That’s big, It’s a very big pad. So here You’ve got the wireless charging pad disc maybe And and here we’ve got this switch plugs right into the wall Directions guess what you’re not supposed to do put your piece on the mat This key is on the neck keys on the mat. Literally. I can’t charge anything with us yet Except maybe Samsung phone let’s take a look I’ll plug you in! it just looks like a little plate little I’m gonna falling apart with right of your eyes It’s got a nice little group right here That shows you exactly The Way to plug it in so fits nicely to the ground so there won’t be any sort of raised cord when you set it Down on a flat surface there it is Is it on are you on? Yes charging wirelessly the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X both use qi wireless technology so anything else that uses that as well You will be able to charge on these wireless pads mats. Do you prefer mats more or pads? I feel like pads it has a very uncomfortable sound to it now Let’s check out the Mophie wireless charging base And I’ve used a bunch of the Mophie wireless charging things in the past There it is, it seems to be almost the same size, maybe a little bit smaller. Oh, it’s heavy Wait There’s a size comparison I guess at this point it really depends on what color you want I feel like this is definitely very smaller it has a much lower profile a power cable. Just plugs right into the back here This can also be a deciding factor of which cord is longer They seem to be same size. so okay, Good to know. I know what you’re saying Wow oopsies. Oh, but Justine Samsung’s had wireless charging forever, but guess what your messages are green not blue, so here’s the Belkin and here is the Mophie so I kind of think that I like the The Mophie one a little bit more cause it’s a little bit smaller So if you have the sitting down It’s very non intrusive like I probably wouldn’t even know that that was Something that you could put your phone on to charge if I didn’t already know that that’s what it was But this one’s more like one of those USB Coffee cup warmers, so you guys seen those you plug it in you put your coffee on it And it heats your coffee mug up. I mean as a size comparison look at this it’s like a little Squished hockey puck. which one Do you guys think that you like more? Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little unboxing of the things that I decided to get for my new iPhone 8 and my new Apple watch I can’t wait to try this out with my new iPhone Stay tuned because all of my iPhone or Apple watch videos will be out very very shortly as soon as I can film and edit them and post them online you guys will be the first to know about it if you aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel just hit The subscribe button welcome to the family you can also hit the little Bell button That’s a little notification, so you will know exactly what I post a video Well that being said I’m gonna go it is 11:30 p.m.. And just past my bedtime, and I have a flight in the morning And I haven’t packed If you guys have been subscribed for a while, you know this is nothing new and I’m losing my voice, and I’m drinking coffee Geez happy iPhone 8 launch day

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