iPhone 8 Camera Test

iPhone 8 Camera Test

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  1. Thank you guys for watching! Which did you like the best?

  2. My 2019 peeps

  3. Amazing❤️

  4. I have the IPhone 8 64GB Black

  5. I have the IPhone 8 64GB Black cool phone

  6. I’m going to get an iphone 8+ soon but i need to get only €50,- more so dous someone know what i can do? I’m 14 bdw and i live in the Netherlands

  7. How do I get portrait mode on my iPhone 8

  8. In my opinion i like the iphone 8, the iphone 8 plus and the pixel

  9. I have the 8 in gold

  10. My sister got an IPhone 6 and I am really jealous so I made a goal that I want an Iphone 8. I already have 70 dollars and it's going pretty good! Wish me luck.

  11. I am big fan of apple but I like note 8 and s8 camera performance

  12. Hello

  13. I sex you

  14. Huawei p20 pro is much much better. Check this!

  15. Can you make a video of oppo r17 pro unboxing

  16. i loved your vlogs and all your phone review 😊😊😊😊🤳🤳🤳🤳

  17. Wrong title. Its iPhone 8 Plus!

  18. I don't like the iPhone 6+ quality its honestly very glitchy-ish?

  19. Im getting that phone iphone8 plus

  20. Justine this video was so helpful for me , is 2019 and I still have the iPhone 5s , I’m in school so I can’t spend money on buying new phones . Looking at this video I discover that I actually want to replace my iPhone 5s with the iPhone 8 rather that with the iPhone 8 Plus, the camera of the iPhone 8 it seems so much better to my eyes, so thank you so much for this vide your work is incredible and I hope that you can keep doing this for many years ❤️🙌 keep going girl

  21. You are very beautiful ❤

  22. Very good review my friends

  23. i like The Note8 Live Focus and i am so Love Performance Speed the iphone 8 with A11 bionic is kind So much Faster than The Note8 with Sd835, i am really Love too Portrait on this iphone 8 plus so much..!!!

  24. amazing awesoem fantastic from india

  25. please give 1 😦

  26. GIVE ME ONE!!!!

  27. GIVE ME ONE!!!!

  28. GIVE ME ONE!!!!

  29. never was a dull moment all smiles watching this review 😅😍

  30. I phone 8 any best photos app

  31. Bad test

  32. Iphone 8 pluse my favourite

  33. You are very beautiful ♥️♥️😍

  34. could you ake a video of the portrait on the iphone 8 instead of 8 +

  35. Does the IPhone 8 have portrait mode? Back and Front?

  36. i love your voice

  37. I am from brazil

  38. I like to movie

  39. No speaking english😝😂

  40. Hi brazil


  42. I was looking led zeppelin music, I have no idea how I found this amazing video, this girl is so beautiful, I already subscribed to her channel…. now I will look for what I tapped on you tobe app

  43. Hello mam top camera mobile

  44. S8 in the best

  45. Upgrading to the 8 plus next week !!

  46. I'm getting the iPhone 8+so excited

  47. Who finds her iPhone 8 videos so mesmerizing to watch 😂

  48. I love your face because you are so beautiful

  49. And i love iPhone

  50. The slowmo turns a small jump into a big jump

  51. Song 7:30 ?

  52. 8 plus 😻😻😻

  53. Sold

  54. منو عربي هنا؟

  55. Nizee

  56. Now I just want to have it 😩😫😫

  57. Can you upload about iPhone xr camera & video quality.

  58. Is this 8plus?

  59. The iPhone 8 Plus has a super camera 📷

  60. I bet the parents at that park was telling their kids to stay away from them bc of how crazy they were acting but ily ijustine

  61. Every single phone except iPhone 8plus iPhone 8 and Google pixel are like colorblind.. They are so faded-for videos

  62. Damn it, Justine! Whats with the face on that slide god damn it.

  63. I like the iPhone 8 Plus

  64. Get my iPhone 8 Plus rose gold tomorrow 🙂🌈

  65. 240fps is the slowest iPhone can record?

  66. Watching in Iphone 8 plus

  67. Thank you so much for the video

  68. How does she have portrait on a iPhone 8

  69. iphone 8+ is not bad at all but i think it because the nice background and good weather that why it can take nice photoshot

  70. I prefer the Galaxy S8 for photos but I love the iPhone for videos. Phenomenal powerhouse

  71. Does the iPhone 8 have portrAit mode or just iPhone 8 plus

  72. Does the iphone 8 ( not the plus ) have portrait mode? ;-;

  73. Best camera review I ever saw.

  74. Hello

  75. You are so gorgeoussssss 😍😍

  76. Tks for share video of you.
    I have a question: now the best choice option: ip8+ or Xr? Thank you for reply 😍

  77. Why not say that the video is about the iPhone 8 plus camera in the title?

  78. I love how android users have to use the back camera to record their face because they know that front camera quality is hideous

  79. I prefer the iPhone 8 plus shots rather than the others. It just looks much more realistic! I am probably gonna get the iPhone 8! plus.

  80. I like iPhone 8+❤️

  81. Uau

  82. Aye boi apple just stopped selling the iPhone 7 which means the price went down on the 8 which means I’m going to beg my parents for the iPhone 8

  83. Im gonna get the 8 plus in gold 😊

  84. I wanted to have the iPhone 8, but I really want the Portrait mode , but the 8 plus is so big. So now I think I will buy the 8 plus. Is the 8 plus really so big?

  85. Gracias por traducir al español saludos desde mexico 🇲🇽

  86. Iphone 6s camera test Review ?

  87. 6:38 song please?

  88. Can someone please tell me what that wing thing is called plzzzzzzz!!!!!??

  89. Who else is here after unboxing the iphone 13?????

  90. THIS is some quality video! Really enjoyd it and found out everything I wanted to know 🙂

  91. Em lugar com boa iluminação fica ótimo as fotos!

  92. Seeing this video made me realize how much we have evolved during 2 years with smartphones and cameras.

  93. Watching this video in 2019 after the iPhone 11 came out, and just got so nostalgic that I might cry😂

  94. Iphone 8 is a no brainer ✊🏾

  95. 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🌞🌞👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  96. Ok this is random but…..

    Justin is so pretty love her videos alot too ❤

  97. Iphone camera is realistic I am using the competitors product but I admit that iphone camera is way better.

  98. I've benn here from 2019😂

  99. Out of all your boobs are the best

  100. The hair flips were the best part! ❤️

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