iPhone 8 iOS 11 VS Samsung Galaxy s8 edge 2017

iPhone 8 iOS 11 VS Samsung Galaxy s8 edge 2017

28 thoughts on “iPhone 8 iOS 11 VS Samsung Galaxy s8 edge 2017

  1. Iphone victory

  2. iphone is 1080×1920 or 5k display?

  3. Lol it's like every concept video of future iPhones have a version with virtually no side bezels. Apple fans can always dream I guess…

  4. never gonna give you up spotted

  5. i phone 8 hp impian

  6. aguante samsug que es mejor 10 veces que apple jj

  7. 5k?

  8. where is iphone 7

  9. Галакси s8 фигня (так же s7), только s5 nice)))

  10. Ajaja 6gb de ram

  11. sci-fi

  12. i think that the samsung will win

  13. galaxy s8 edge is the best….

  14. Iphone 8?! The 7 didnt even come out yet

  15. this are ugly

  16. Pfft an iPhone with these much features would likely be an iPhone 12, not an iPhone 8 and definitely not an iPhone 7.

  17. Lol 0:04 Never Gonna Give You Up c:

  18. Hope u die

  19. good lie congratulations

  20. I like Samsung since the beginning I didn't even know about iOS and iPhone because we are poor guys.

  21. Are you the CEO of all the smartphone company LOL

  22. How the fuck you guys comparing phones that doesn't exists yet?!

  23. I phone with 50 k👽😜

  24. Samsung galaxy 8 and iPhone 8 are the best

  25. चैनल की सदस्यता लें और पहले के नए और दिलचस्प या हास्यास्पद वीडियो संकलन मिलता है!

  26. Samsung Galaxy 8 !!!!!

  27. Samsung Galaxy 8 !!!!!edge

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