iPhone Filmmaking – The Moment Pro Camera App Tutorial (2019)

iPhone Filmmaking – The Moment Pro Camera App Tutorial (2019)

On this episode of the Piedmont motion picture show I’ve got an updated overview of the moment pro camera app and its new features and that starts right now What’s up guys ryan here with the piemonte Motion Picture Company, thank you so much for joining me today This channel is all about learning and growing as a filmmaker So, please hit that like button, please subscribe if you haven’t already and let’s become better filmmakers together the moment pro camera app has been updated at 3.5 and with that a host of new features have been added aimed at improving the experience for filmmakers and The best new feature in my opinion is the addition of the picture profiles Which will allow you to film in flat or log and allow you to film in a flatter image for more control the color grading process and post So with that, let’s go over the apps interface and we’ll take a look at everything this app has to offer in regards to filmmaking If you’re holding your phone horizontal the first item, you’ll see at the bottom left is the guides button This alternates between a set of guides to help you line up your shots Above that you’ll see the flash button this will turn on and off your phone’s light lamp Right above that you’ll see the toggle for the new picture profiles you can switch between the phone’s default color a Flat profile and the log profile which will give you the flattest image possible Using a flat image will give you more control of the colors in post Above that you can switch your resolution to 4k 720 and 1080 P Right above that you’ll be able to adjust your frame rate and The circle button right above that lets you choose which moment lens you’re using with the app This is mostly just help organize your footage in the camera roll adding info to the metadata So you’ll know which shot use which lens but it comes in most handy when you’re shooting with an anamorphic lens and Right off to the right of this toolbar you’ll see the new audio levels meter This of course helps track whether or not your audio levels are clipping or if they’re not loud enough in The bottom right just of Center you’ll see the new RGB parade and histogram meters. You can toggle between the two meters by tapping These meters will of course help, you know your color and exposure The right tool bar has sliders to adjust shutter speed ISO Exposure Focus And white balance Once you’ve set one of the sliders where you want, you’ll see a little line pop up under the buttons letters This means that the slider has been locked in place just double tap the button heading again to release it to The right of these settings you’ll see a button for the camera roll the settings menu which we’ll come back to in a minute the record button or shutter button the camera facing button, which will flip the camera into selfie mode and back to default and the button to switch from photo to video modes Also here at the top of the interface you’ll see the zoom button which will zoom the image up to two times Remember that you can tap on the screen anywhere to bring up a reticle that will adjust focus and exposure Depending on where you dragged the reticle Double tap this reticle to split it in two and have two separate reticles for exposure and focus Now that we’ve looked at the interface and its features, let’s finish up by looking at the settings The app has the offer. The first setting is a toggle for the 3d shutter button This allows you to half, press the shutter button to lock focus and then fully press it to record an image up next you’ll see a location tagging button a toggle to allow Siri to interact with the app Photo settings and here you can adjust your video format or in-app stabilization You can switch between ntsc and PL formats Under the bitrate setting you’ll be able to increase the quality of your image by setting the bitrate too high Be aware that this will take up more space on your phone’s memory Here you can also toggle on and off the histogram waveforms and the audio level and Finally, there is an option to automatically D squeeze footage shot with the moment and amorphic lens That’s pretty much it for this update guys as you can see This is a big step forward for the moment Pro app and it pretty much has everything You need to start making awesome videos with your phone It’s getting pretty close to filmic Pro in terms of features With that said what would you guys like to see added to the moment pro camera app next let us know in the comments below be sure to check out the moment store for awesome lenses and accessories to use along with the moment app and Be sure to tell them that Ryan from Piemonte motion picture sent you by visiting the moment store using the link in the description below as Always I hope this video has been very beneficial to you. And if it has please consider subscribing and hitting the like button Thanks for coming along on this filmmaking journey with me. I am Ryan and I will see you on the next Piedmont motion picture show

21 thoughts on “iPhone Filmmaking – The Moment Pro Camera App Tutorial (2019)

  1. Moment FAKE log

  2. warn that it is only for ios

  3. What would you guys like to see Moment add to the Pro Camera App next?

  4. in the App Store, i see Moment – Pro Camera + Video (Get) In – App Purchase, what does that men In-App Purchase?

  5. Yup, I agree this seems become like filmicpro

  6. Does it matter if you have a iPhone 6 ? Cause I’m trying g this stuff and I don’t see the things you’re talking about like the 2x zoom

  7. I would add gimbal support for the most popular gimbals.

  8. Haw to install not5pro device

  9. Is there a way to adjust the audio input from either on board mic or add on mic?

  10. Is this for android

  11. My mobile could not support this app…what should i do?

  12. I would like a way to turn down the mic levels for the mics in the camera to zero like filmic pro

  13. Support for gimbals like the Movi, Smooth 4, etc

  14. can we set playback for a slow-motion effect on Moment app ?

  15. Presets and color profiles built into the app !!!!!!!!!

  16. I'm using the Moment app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max using 24fps with LOG and I noticed sometimes it flashes a white frame or two messing up my video clip. I'm using AWB, but it shouldn't just flash white like that.

  17. which moments len suitable with iPhone 11 Pro max?

  18. I am VERY new to the app. Don't know too much on the major settings, so for someone like me, what are some settings that I can keep to use the video . Not looking for pro video use. Not a pro at all. Do you have an instructional video for newbes?

  19. Hi all check out my video shot using moment camera opp and edited with lumafusion

  20. Hi does anyone know what level of iso starts to produce noise in iPhone 11 pro??

  21. Can you manually control the log profile like shadows etc, same with filmic pro app?

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