iPhone Ringtone not working Easy Fix

Hello Guys and Girls its ‘Lurgs’ here and
today the iPhone ringtone has stopped working. So you paid your money to Apple
and they’ve said oh thanks very much for your money and it’s been working and
then after a couple of weeks or maybe you’ve done an Apple update, the
Ringtone has stopped working. So I’ll just show you what’s happening, so select
[Settings] then [Sounds] and this is the Ringtone that my partner has bought, this is not
my phone by the way because I would not buy Kylie Minogue! So all we’re getting
is a [Bing Sound]. Well we don’t want a Bing-Bing-Bing do we as we can get that
for free so what you actually need to do to sort this out is not ring up Apple or
try and reinstall it and pay more money. You just literally need to do a Restart,
so this is this kind of a soft reboot of the iPhone which clears the Memory. So
what you do is you hold the [Power] button in until it says ‘Power off’ but don’t
power off. Now just hold the [Home] button down just hold it down, hold it down, hold it. And there we go it’s just kind of done a small RESET of itself so now if
we go back to [Settings] and we go to [Sounds] and we go back to Kylie and then
press it see what happens… Job done nice one. Right, now need to download some Beastie Boys or Foo Fighters or Morrissey or anything else
like that. So hopefully that’s helped somebody out there. That is the End.
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