iPhone SE 2 – DANGER Spring 2020

iPhone SE 2 – DANGER Spring 2020

Presentation of iPhone SE 2 and iPad Pro canceled! The American corporation Apple has canceled
the March presentation of the iPhone SE 2 smartphone and iPad Pro tablet. Apple has canceled the presentation of the
new iPhone SE 2 smartphone, also known as the iPhone 9, as well as the iPad Pro tablet. The event scheduled for the current month
had to be canceled for two reasons. Firstly, because of the outbreak of the coronavirus-caused
disease COVID-19, the corporation had problems with the supply of components for smartphones. Secondly, the authorities of the California
district of Santa Clara, where Apple’s headquarters is located and was due to make a presentation,
have banned the organization of public events. At the presentation of the iPhone SE 2 and
iPad Pro, at least a thousand people were expected to attend. As a result of the cancellation, the corporation
can arrange an online broadcast of the premiere, or simply publish a press release with information
about new devices. Due to the current ban, the summer presentation
and annual Apple WWDC 2020 conference may also be canceled. WWDC is one of the world’s largest events
for developers, which steadily gathers up to six thousand guests.

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