iPhone SE 2 – Price March 2020

iPhone SE 2 – Price March 2020

Little is known so far. Insiders are confident that the successor
to SE will receive the most powerful Apple A13 Bionic processor to date – the same chipset
is in the latest iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. But the RAM will be smaller, only 3 GB (versus
4 GB for “pro”). Manufacturers clearly decided to save on internal
memory. According to insiders, Apple will introduce
smartphones in two configurations: with 64 and 128 GB of space. Naturally, expanding the storage with a flash
drive will not work. As for the camera, here, too, without any
surprises. Most likely, it will be a single sensor with
a resolution of 12 megapixels. The 7 megapixel front camera is also single,
and even without TrueDepth technology – Face ID will not be supported (as well as creating
an animoji). Extra chips!
iPhone 9 should support protection against water and dust according to the IP67 standard
– it can be kept for half an hour under water at a depth of up to a meter. And insiders talk about the presence of wireless
charging. It sounds believable, because the smartphone
will have a glass back panel. How much is it and when will it be released? Well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo is confident
that the new model with 64 GB of memory on board will be sold in the US for $ 399. The same price for iPhone SE in 2016. But you need to understand that gadgets come
with a large margin, so the first time the device will probably be given for $ 400 (the
official SE price at the start of sales was $ 500). But with the release of the device on the
market, not everything is clear. The presentation should take place on March
30 or 31, and the start of sales is scheduled for April 3 – this was assured by insiders
close to the supply chain. However, coronavirus can affect Cupertin’s
plans. Due to the epidemic in China, Apple may postpone
the release of iPhone 9, because suppliers do not have time to start mass production
on time. The company has already sent an official statement
to its investors, where it reported a slowdown in the operation of plants in connection with
the outbreak of the virus. Therefore, even if the “nine” is announced
on time, it can appear on the shelves only after a month or even later.

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