iPhone SE iOS 12.1.1

iPhone SE iOS 12.1.1

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iOS 12.1.1 is released and this update consist of almost 300mbs on iPhone SE and if you are
on developer beta just go ahead in settings. Just let me show you. So first of all open settings and tap on general
and just scroll down and search profiles and delete your developer beta or public beta
profile and after that restart your phone open settings agai. and tap on general again
and search software update and you will get the update and that update consists of more
than 2gbs so now let’s find out what’s new in this update. Now Apple makes the FaceTime more convenient
by adding the capture button on left hand side and you can take pictures by just tapping
on it and for this feature both of the devices are running on iOS 12.1.1 and you can just
switch between cameras front and back camera by tapping that flip button oh it’s not
working oh so you can just flip cameras by tapping on that button so it’s very convenient
so Apple is now very working on the functions very well now if you see this button on iOS
12.1. This voice over and dictation button so it
has a grey type background but now it has white background which looks more clean and
vibrant so that’s new and now dictation and voiceover works more accurate now let
me show you let me just tap on the button what are you doing right now so as you can
see it’s more accurate and faster so if you use this feature it’s now more accurate
and faster so thumbs up to Apple for making it more better now in terms of performance
this device is very smooth and fluid no hanging or lagging issues but my WiFi is not working
properly because I’m updating my fortnite on laptop so that’s totally sucks the whole
speed of WiFi so but still device smoot and some areas you can see my device is not loading
because of WiFi in some apps online apps are not working very fast now due to the WiFi
so just understand it so the performance on this device is very fluid so thumbs up to
Apple for making it more speedy update by update but I wish they make the battery life
more optimized too in this update so just let me show you the Geekbench score let’s
start the test so I will come back later in few minutes so these are the scores as you
can see 2520 and 4394 now let me just show you the 12.1 scores 2560 and 4496 so slightly
decrease in both scores but still the performance is top notch I have no issues regarding performance
I have just issues regarding battery life so now let me just show you the compute scores
and I will come back later so these are the scores 10839 so not a huge improvement but
still a slightly decrease in scores so let me just show you the previous scores so let
me just show you the previous scores so as you can see a slightly decrease in GPU performance
but still the performance is ok no issues I faced until right now but if you want the
battery test stay tuned I will upload the video very soon maybe tomorrow so subscribe
to my channel don’t forget to comment if you have any question or if you have any suggestion
regarding my videos so let me know in the comment section below and we finally reached
192 subscribers so subscribed to my channel so until next time until the battery test

9 thoughts on “iPhone SE iOS 12.1.1

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