iPhone SE iOS 12.2 BETA 2 Released

iPhone SE iOS 12.2 BETA 2 Released

What’s up friends welcome to 9to5 Tech iOS
12.2 Beta 2 was released and this update consist of 256.6 MBs on iPhone SE and the update size
depends on your device so let’s find out what’s new in this update on IPhone SE. So guys this is a very weird issue in iOS
12.2 Beta 2 the image preview is correct but the information inside the image is wrong
I edited this text as iOS 12.2 Beta 2 in Beta 1 but beta 2 it’s showing me the previous
image not the present image so what you guys think about this bug so the editor it shows
the correct information but the image showing to the wrong text so just let me TAP done
and after tapping on done it shows me the correct information so what’s causing this
issue I don’t know. Here is one more bug in iOS 12 2 beta 2 instead
of current date and time it’s showing me how much my device charged right now even my device
is not on charging so it’s prevent the current date and time to show up so hope Apple fox
this soon. The airplay or music streaming icon on the
top of music app is now changed and now giving you this beautiful animation instead of the
still animation so hope you guys like it. These are the current Geekbenck scores of
ios 12.2 beta 2 2550 and 4457 so pretty much identical not a huge differnce with previous
scores and pubg battery drain test will be release
really soon so stay tuned but I still don’t like this bug please Apple fix this in the
next update hope you guys like the video and don’t forget to subscribe like and Share and
I will catch you in the next one until next time peace

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  1. So what do you like new or old version?

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