iPhone SE – Snooze Edition?

iPhone SE – Snooze Edition?

100 thoughts on “iPhone SE – Snooze Edition?

  1. Omg please can I a iPhone se in black pleaaaaase

  2. I’ve had mine for 2 years and counting and still haven’t seen a reason to upgrade. Yeah my battery level is 84% but it still functions for what I need it to do.

  3. bro u have so much iphone can i get one iphone se plzz

  4. Ha watching on a 5s be like😎

  5. “Dog years cat years and tech years, tech years is a persons lifetime”


  6. Apple make same shit every time and idiots continue to buy it

  7. I need an SE because the screen is HUGE on the 7 plus.

  8. Honestly I just have it cause I’m poor😐

  9. idiot jewreviewer. not everyone wants a fucking 6.5inch phone

  10. I know this was an old vid, but to anyone who sees this, honestly the best phone apple has made. The iPhone 6 bends and has a terrible battery, iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, 8 is glass back, and x has no home button. Pretty soon there’s gonna be no screen

  11. Even unbox theraby louis uses Samsung..all phone experts use android

  12. You were so wrong just like you were wrong about the xr.

  13. Anyone 2019 iPhone XR or Xs/Xs max

  14. iPhone SE=Stupid edition😂

  15. I couldn’t tell in the thumbnail if he was dissappointed or just asleep lmao

  16. iPhone 5s was the best iPhone ever created

  17. I have the 7 in pakistan and i love it

  18. I have a se

  19. Anyone 2019???????????

  20. Worst part about it is that it's an apple product.

  21. Hello


  23. Im using Xs but i really want to use it too

  24. 2019 and the se it’s still a good phone

  25. Best phone I've ever owned! Sure I would love a bigger screen from time to time but the Chasis is solid and the insides were excellent for the time of release by apple standards 🙂

  26. I’ve had an iPhone SE for a year now, and it’s still working just as good as when I bought it. I love it and never plan on getting another phone.

  27. Shitty I phone no u can't fool me buddy no u can't

  28. Watching an iPhone SE on an iPhone 6S

  29. Can i have one

  30. YouTube :

    2016 : nope
    2017 : nope
    2018 : nope
    2019 : Hey ! Let’s recommend this video to this guy !

  31. U want to sell this mobile

  32. 🤠🤠🤠

  33. Give me 1se because iam your big fan

  34. I have the iPhone SE

  35. Big phone is for losers who sit around all day watching porn

  36. Bruh he needs to show us his stash of phones😂.

  37. And i still useing in on 2019….

  38. im getting one in thursday !

  39. It has iPhone 6s insides.

  40. How far we've come.

  41. Lew Send Me An I Phone SE💓

  42. Unfortunately I still use an iPhone 5S (hoping to get an iPhone 8) but I could easily tell people it’s an SE

  43. It's 2019 and I'm watching this video on iPhone SE.
    Yes I'm not rich !!!

  44. Im slightly addicted to watch phone reviews

  45. I got an SE to try an iPhone after whole life of Android. Its great little speedy phone and next will be 8!!

  46. Actually surprised that they made this for $400. There is no way Apple can compete 2019 with $400 mid ranges out today.

  47. Hi 2019

  48. When iPhone costs 399…. That won't happen again

  49. How long did they last 1 minute or 2 before they ran out of battery like every other iPhone and did they brake after dropping them on a soft bed that is iPhone for you Touch ID don’t work on any apple product

  50. 50% of the vid was lew talking

  51. Hopefully the next se 2 or small iPhone will be like latest iPhone 11 and above

  52. Who else got this recommended in mid 2019?

  53. WHY YOUTUBE Recommended This After 3 Years!! XD IPHONE 11 Comes Up And He Was Unboxing IPHONE SE.. LOLZ

  54. Watching this with my iPhone SE

  55. Been trying to buy it (never had a iPhone before)for the past 5 years….still can't afford it…. Sad…

  56. SE is still a good phone even in 2019 as backup it's perfect, I'm fed up Everytime I drive my car ,my Galaxy S10 won't fit in my jean or trouser pocket so have to mount it in a holder ,where as the old SE fits perfectly and does nearly everything the S10 does.

  57. If it aint broke dont fix it, just putting on ios13.

  58. Later then buys 100 se's for jenga

  59. Do you have an extra iPhone se? Mind just broke. Dropped it in the ocean 🙁

  60. I am here from the future to tell you that in 2019 a phone with 3 cameras came out

  61. Who is watching after release of iphonw 11 bionic A13 and ios 13 with a bug with pubg

  62. my mom still calls them 5se even tho i said its se many times

  63. 2-4 years is more like a humans entire life in smartphone years


  65. So who is here after iPhone 11

  66. Wow watching this on the iPhone se when the iPhone 11 is out feels weird

  67. but can it run doom?

    Actually I guess it could with emulators

  68. I should have watch this before buying one

  69. I have a se lol

  70. Watched on my iPhone 11 pro max

  71. Watching this in 2019 in my iPhone SE 😐

  72. Hmmm that is very educational

  73. who is here after the 11s r released?

  74. me literally still here after iPhone 11 .
    my broke ass can relate 😌

  75. We gonna see the next SE next year, hopefully 👏

  76. You're not hating lol pls dude you're always hating on Apple😅 some people just don't give a f**k about specs or sizes. Some people prefer smaller phones.

  77. Who watching after the 11?

  78. Who's Watching After Release Of iphone 11?

  79. classic design

  80. Who's here after the iPhone SE 2 rumors?

  81. Who else watched this video in October 2019

  82. In the future Apple will make a portable stove

  83. I’m watching this on an iPhone se

  84. Please give me a iPhone se
    My address
    165/B Duvegoda iththapana Sri Lanka.

  85. Y don't u give 1 of these to me pleassssssseee , I don't have a good phone, pls I beg u!!!!

  86. I have one and I love it

  87. Who’s watching after iPhone 11 is out

  88. I still use the iPhone SE in 2019

  89. Who watch this video after release of iPhone 11 pro max

  90. “Apple products are too expensive!!”

    Apple makes a cheaper phone:
    “OMG this is BORING”

  91. You just hate iPhones

  92. Almost 2020 and this is still the best designed, tough, reliable iphone still…

    Just bought an SE to get that IOS experience and its got IOS 13 np

    I stopped buying Apple since the 5s cause the frames were too damn weak, and now all phones need cases cause they are are all glass

    This is the last phone i had that i was comfortable without a case.

  93. F.Y.I youtube…
    Your recommendations a
    Are getting very out of hand
    Seriously?! You're drunk again?!

  94. Wish I should have Iphone SE 😭 Can you give me one.. Can I have it? The space gray..😢 I am currently using a lolipop android..now.. and it slowly running..

  95. Wonder what he does with allllll these phones

  96. I wonder what he does with all these phones after he unboxed them!

  97. Me

  98. I dont even remember the iphone SE

  99. Can u pass one to me😙

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