iPhone SE2 Predictions 2020

iPhone SE2   Predictions 2020

Min-Chi Kuo is of the opinion that the iPhone
SE2 2020 will have chopped edges and rounded corners. The novelty will not repeat iPhone 4 in everything. The only thing that iPhone SE2 can adopt from
the old man is the design of the metal frame. Still, iPhone 4 is still considered the most
beautiful device in the history of the company. The second forecast is chopped faces. This decision partly contradicts the idea
that the iPhone SE2 will be similar to the representative of the fourth series, but it
is not worth it to completely eliminate it, according to the expert. It’s too early to discount the appearance
of another camera on the iPhone SE2. Also, a recess in the display intended for
the face recognition system will remain in place. In iPhone SE2, it may become smaller, but
it certainly will not disappear. No less attention in 2020 will go to device
screens. According to experts, part of the iPhone SE2
lineup will run on organic light emitting diodes (OLED) (now the technology is used
in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max). In addition, it is predicted that the iPhone
SE2 features virtual reality and a 3D camera. According to Min-Chi Kuo, Apple will introduce
more new products in 2020 than usual. It is important to note that this is due not
only to the presence of flagship models and budget devices among the company’s products. On the nose, 5G yield to the masses. It is highly likely that the Yabloko will
present mobile devices as supporting fifth-generation cellular communications. It is assumed that among the new products
will be the largest iPhone in the history of the company. The diagonal of its display will be 6.7 inches. Budget options will save the screen in 6.1
and 5.4 inches.

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