iPhone : Setting a static IP address for wireless network

hello, everybody today we setup static ip address for iPhone click “Settings” select “Wi-Fi” to enter details about Wifi settings Here we are connecting to wifi network named “NETVN” Notice the symbol ( i ) on the right of the wifi network name you want to connect click on the icon ( i ) select “Configure IP” Manual we enter the ip address you want Subnet Mask: Router: Click “Save” to save the settings Next is to install a static DNS address Cofigure DNS Manual Add Server Enter your DNS address here Click “Save” to save the settings Please review the installed ip addresses Click ” Join this Network ” Connect to Wifi network named NETVN Enter the correct wifi password 12345678 Click ” Join ” to connect wait a moment You have successfully connected to wifi network named NETVN with successful ip address setting Thank you for watching If you feel good, Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe Thanks for your comments for videos by commenting below

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