iPhone Thermal Camera!

iPhone Thermal Camera!

100 thoughts on “iPhone Thermal Camera!

  1. Swatch: the official timepiece of Squatch Watch.

  2. The decade has been so kind to her.

  3. Use it to see who is farting

  4. 8:56 idiot

  5. When applepro releases his new "rebelcase" will you feature them in your future videos, I watch all of your videos also big fan of applepro

  6. Check out the Cat smartphone S60/S61. They have this camera built into the phone itself. First phones ever with the FLIR built in. I had one and I definitely recommend it if you want low budget thermal imaging without the need to use up your phones charging port or charge an external camera addon

  7. This could’ve gone so bad if she had to fart 😂😂

  8. Not a medal but lots of publicity for you and for the thermal imaging company if you find Sasquatch. Remember to take a team of hunters to bring it back alive.


  10. U can see ghost at night…👹

  11. LOL!!!!!!!

  12. "I can't find a knife"
    Because your crew hid them for their own safety

  13. Can you make a playlist of all of your camera reviews/unboxings/first impressions?

  14. Also check out the CAT S61 rugged smartphone. 👍

  15. 0:35 walk up to a card terminal in a shop and point the camera at it. That's why people should use apple pay 🤣🤣

  16. Cool! I meant hot!

  17. Justine… I need your phone case asap

  18. Can you give me a iPad pro 😊

  19. Justine you have one of the most beautiful noses out there in the world! You remind me of one of my x-eses. The most precious.

  20. are you coming to the Olympic Peninsula to look for Sasquatch? Let us know and we'll meet you at Starbucks.

  21. That is a cool feature! Our military helicopters in San Diego used FLIR.

  22. To anyone who can help. About 3 months ago I got an Apple Music gift code for 3 months until April4th. And my friend have me a new apple music code for 4 other months (expires feb29th) Should I cancel my current code before entering the new one or just type in without any further or due?

  23. Massage parlour 😜

  24. interesting. Do you have the same for android ❓

  25. Fun

  26. Dog is 78 degrees, justine sees the line from the crosshair and thinks the dog is 178 degrees. lol

  27. I’ve been requesting a new episode Sasquatch watch for years.

  28. If you have any Apple watches you don’t want I will take them lol

  29. I still remember Justine's Big foot/Sasquatch video she did with Jenna Marbles.

  30. Justine did you buy this to identify corona cases ????

  31. I just saw how much it is on Amazon. $700??????? Woah 😨

  32. Justine looks absolutely horrifying in the right
    side of the thumbnail 🤣😂

  33. Didn't anyone tell you big foot wears NIKES ?

  34. Practical usage: we were checking the reheating of forages with thermal cameras like this. Dairy nutrition ftw. 🙂

  35. I have used one of their thermal camera for the iphone. They are very cool.

  36. You could use this to see if someone has a crush on you.

  37. I think you’re having just a little bit too much fun with that camera🤣😂🔥🔥

  38. You should look for people's fart lol

  39. Been there, done that…

  40. Firefighters could use this thermal camera – just incase you are still thinking of a use!! 😂👍

  41. So Please i Really Want To See Your Youtube Video about galaxy S20 unboxing And Review your sistet has good enough but i am really want From This Channel🙏🙏🙏

  42. Apple is over long time ago… See the world Today, around 300 dolars you can buy a device 3 times the specs of any iphone, people look for quality, reliability, practically, price and performance today, not for just a useless Logo😉

  43. Thermodynamics have never looked so good!

    That shot of the the hot vs cold coffee going through your throat really tripped me up. 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Maybe not a medal, but you will definitely be registered in the Sasquatch Spotting Archives hahaha

  45. We use those for working on electronics and electrical panels. Not sure about the phone model, however.

  46. Awesome vlog


  48. ERLLLLLLLY😲😲😲😮😮😮🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

  49. Hello how are you

  50. Зачем все это

  51. S r b
    Dose it see through walls/…no it works well enough

  52. Kooool 👌

  53. has anyone ever told you that you look like that one girl from aly and aj

  54. So this is how deepfried images are made

  55. The starbucks part is so fun to watch

  56. Does it work on apple

  57. think that this year Apple will remove the model number of the latest iPhones as they have done with the iPad. This Year's iPhones will be called iPhone Mini, iPhone, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. The full names to avoid them being confused with 2021 iPhones will be iPhone Mini 2020, iPhone 2020, iPhone Pro 2020 and iPhone Pro Max 2020.

  58. You can use it to see if someone has a fever.

  59. Hey Ijustine, you should review the AIR PIX from AIrSelfie! I think it would be really cool if you did!

  60. I’m convinced Justine can fit an entire apple in her horse mouth

  61. 37 Parker Boston ma

  62. iPhone plus 8 red Loany

  63. si iPhone

  64. Hi. Have you considered that you are wasting your time, your platform and your influence? What if you worked for something ETERNAL and SOMEONE eternal instead?
    Matthew 6:33

  65. I have to ask where's TEMI remember that robot?

  66. Question Do you have Tiktok?

  67. Could you please tell me a good camera to buy under $300

  68. Or $500

  69. Cool – can see the sick people at a safe distance, now waiting for the zombie game app so you avoid sick people.

    Gamifying health care – well it could happen soon.

    Be healthy, prepare for the worst and murphy's law will always make your life better than you think and less stressful. Best wishes and health to every one of you all and above all – don't panic as panic solves nothing ever and is very bad for your health.

  70. Did anyone know plainrock124?

  71. she's upset because nobody's marrying her

  72. I kid you not for some reason the thermal of Justine sometimes makes her look like Amy from TBBT. 😂

  73. please could you make a video on how to use Flimora Go

  74. Please reply me huge fan of you i am 12 year old girl who want to vlogg and how to make your girst video

  75. Predator vision

  76. great video

  77. can you do a review on zamz pods??

  78. Justine has an amazing ability to turn something super boring into a very interesting one. She sells.

  79. Why no more Nintendo switch videos?

  80. Congrats for blue belt! Amazing woman, OSS.

  81. New meaning for a hot dogs

  82. 7:53 best way to cause your tooth enamel to from micro cracks, especially if you suffer from sensitive teeth (already have some cracks)

  83. Didn't iJustine have once a video series of her playing Dead Space? Where are those videos?

  84. Every one know how hot u are u don't need any thermal cameras to show it to us

  85. I would LOVE to see an Animal Crossing New Horizons video! 🙂

  86. Justine! My public library was selling your book for $0.10, it’s in prime condition, almost brand new! Such a steal. Kinda sad no one wanted to check it out but I’m so excited to read it!


  88. I use celcius degrees , why couldn't you put on the screen how many it is?

  89. Waiting For Next Video……………

  90. Blast from the past. JustinTV, with everyone wearing cameras on their heads 24/7 .

  91. justine do a video of the very first samsung.

  92. Hope you return to Sequim sooooon to the Olympic Peninsula to look for Sasquatch, check in at Starbucks.

  93. @ijustine I saw a ad with part of your AirPod pro video, I was just wondering if they used your video without your permission?

  94. Cool

  95. 💗💗💗Hey Justine, I love your lipgloss, which one is it?💗💗💗

  96. 😍

  97. 6:37 “Oh wow that is super cool” says him, in a not at all excited voice

  98. Wowee!

  99. Can I use the Thermal Mode to scan for People with a Higher than normal temperature(Covid-19)??

  100. Justine’s house is beyond beautiful. Omg. I literally want to move in ❤️❤️❤️

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