iPhone vs Vice Bend Test! How To Kill Siri – Fail

iPhone vs Vice Bend Test! How To Kill Siri – Fail

Hello internet people We Are BAAACK! Welcome to The Fun Side This is our second video and this is the first episode of our destruction series we have big plans for destruction videos so if you like give us a thumbs up share it, comment, subscribe, whatever… Sorry and that’s an iphone riging now you know… i hate all Apple products
not just the iphone imacs, iphones, i…shits don’t say that… they are beautiful and reliable and valuable.. expensive is the right word and complicated and the thing i hate the most about them is Siri… Siri is the worst noo she’s nice she’s useless, always misunderstanding and she wont say that she loves me when i ask her Do you love me Siri? I’m not allowed to You see? she’s worse than a real girlfriend, at least they lie to me you’re a moron no i’m not and since i hate her so much i’ve decided to kill her don’t you dare yees i will and to do so we are now going to our little workshop were we have some very advanced tools to do the job let’s go and here we are with our futuristic tools so i’ve trapped Siri in a vice and slowly begun to kill her you are so mean! yeeees despicable me
ha ha ha ha ha you see? nooo
stop it! no way she has to die you see? daaa bshhhh.. you see?
explosion! now she’s dead are you sure? yeah… she lives noooo… how can it be?
she exploded! that’s becouse you are useless… even at killing a phone well.. pretty impressive to be honest but i will try again soon If you enjoied this video please share it like it and subscribe to our channel yes there should be a button up here, down there or even down there and so…
a very very big thank you for watching see you soon and have a nice day! i hatehh… noo just stopit stoppit stopitt so, i….. so, if y… a very very big thank you for watching And hav…
S…. See you next time and have a nice day! big thank you for watching and have… See you soon… and have a nice day!

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  2. Hahaha….

  3. You should crash an iPhone 7!

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