iphone Xって水中でも顔認証でロック解除できるんですか!?

Bubbles… [Opening] Hey guys, I’m Silk from Fischer’s! I’m Ndaho! S) iPhone 10
N) I always thought it was iphone batsu (X) S) That sounds like there’s nothing left. We both reserved it I tapped the reserved button so much on the day when it was selling yup… I felt like I was the fastest person to reserve it My phone still not yet come, but Ndaho’s already came so let’s play with it Silk’s iphone is really wrecked My phone is legendary N) Really, I’ve never seen such a wrecked iphone As you can see, it’s a disaster It absolutely needs maintenance When the battery is fully charged and I unplug the charger, it’s out of battery.(30% chance) N) Wow… Yayy! Goodmorningg… and then he goes good night It’s Higurashi Neruo… Even if I don’t touch the screen with glitch, it gets touched As for phone calls, I’m not able to hang up. Since my iphone do not function properly, I want to change a new one, and it will come soon, I guess Now here it goes! N) Im so happy I guess there is a water proof for emergency N)Yup S)There’s no home button so
N)Wait, they don’t have it? S)There’s no home button
N)Then how do you open it? N)Do you say Hoi?
S)Hoi!??!?! S)You think saying Hoi is=to Home button? it’s waterproof, and there’s the new Face ID function! So, you can open it with your face I mean… that sound wrong N) Are you a racoon?LOL N) Oh, so the user face is the password!
S) Yup If it doesn’t open then this phone it would be very rude Judging people on their appearances… of course dude, it’s face ID. N) So it’s doing its work…
S) Yeah it does what it’s supposed to LOL S) I wanna do something. I want to unlock this phone underwater I wanna know if it’s possible to unlock it even you are in water N) That sounds fun, I wonder if it works. I think it would wok S) Well if it’s underwater, our face shape might change so N) Aaaah like light rafaction? S) It’s REFRACTION! S) You know how faces get kinda wide underwater?
N) Yup S) Or that it looks warped S) Our faces might change in water so I wonder if it can be unlocked And you know, people look ugly in water Well, yah there’s not many handsome face in water well, there’s not that many cute and handsome faces once it’s in the water, right? Rather than making a weird face, I think opening your eye in water is much uglier I guess that is right Q.Will it actually work? S) Let’s open it
N) Ok! N) Yay can I open it? S) Since theres face ID you can change your face into an emoji, like a cat or dog. And it moves like your face. N)Wow!! Dude, be careful. It might slip open!
IT MIGHT SLIP OPEN!!! OMG there’s no iphone in it!!! You opened it in the wrong direction This is the top box, and this is the bottom box. I’m opening it~ *Phone slips out* I told you!! I’m opening it~ oh wow so luxurious it’s so shiny! [Knock, knock] It’s all glass.
S) wow, how can you do that to your phone so easily Why did you start tapping it?
Do you work for an insurance company? Oh my gosh the camera is so cool theres two cameras attached what kind of camera is it? inside camera and outside camera? LOL how did the inside camera go on the outside of the phone what is your logic with inside and outside Oh wow it’s saying hello It’s says here about face ID S) Face ID recognizes your face and is used for things like unlocking your phone and to authenticate payments. N) You can pay with your face?! S) it doesn’t mean that money comes out from your face N) Did I buy it in white? S) How should I know what color scheme you picked N) Oh, it turned on! It turned on! S) Something about quick start came up Now Ndaho can sign up with his face Continue. S) You gonna do a weird face? What are you doing? Oh it’s like scanning in 3D oh wowww S) can I save my face too? dude, then you will be able to open it Welcome to the iPhone~ do you perhaps not have fingerprints? so if I put this in front of my face, it will unlock ok, let’s try it opened wait, already? it open so fast! I’m turn the screen off, turn it on, and it opens. wowww it opened See? Isn’t that amazing? So fast! that’s so awesome let me try it with a weird face oh, it cant open [laughing] It looks like a Dragon Radar please look around slowly to save your face ID I won’t listen to your instructions!! ohhh it’s unlocked! I saved mine with weird face so I think I can open this with a weird face yay! let’s try using the moving emoji thing It’s called animoji It uses the camera to adjust the emoji to your face, and it moves. wow this is so cool this is so funny I’m recording. Oh, I only have 10 seconds. my chin is itchy… I’m a caaaat!!! my chin is itchy… I’m a caaaat!!! so annoying my chin is itchy… I’m a caaaat!!! no you’re not!! you are a dog!! … I’m a caaaat!!! no you aren’t!! *Smirk* I’m not a dog HMMMM How old are you? Huh? I’m asking you “How old are you?” Huh?? How old are you in dog years? Why should I tell you, dumbass?
Who do you think you are? You want food? Food? What food? Jerky Jerky!? Just kidding. Umm I’ll give you jerky. Jerky Mmmm…Jerky! I’m Seven You’re seven? That was a bit surprising. Huh? Sorry, I actually don’t have jerky. *Laugh* 7-year-old-dog-chan.. Hmm? No, not you. I’m mad. What do you want me to do then? Work it out yourself. What if I said I’ll buy you jerky? Jerky!? Have you seen me at the pharmacy? There’s a fox like this on the “find the differences” posters. no, not you *Inaudible screaming* *Inaudible screaming x2* *Concerning inaudible screaming* *Laugh* long time no see!! Is time for water testing . Here we go. Wait, wait, wait! *Laughter* Scary!! 3… 2… 1! Eh!? Is it okay? It’s okay!! Amazing!! I was so scared waitwaitwaitwait nooooooo!! lets try it whats happening? looks like it’s not open how is it? its not opening last chance ok? how is it?! … doesn’t open!! A, It can’t be opened under water OMG Is it broken?! going under water made my phone have more button

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